Kicking Mustang - Three things make a good airsoft event....

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Three things make a good airsoft event. 1/ Great field 2/ Well organised 3/ Honest & enthusiastic community who are there for a good gun fight. Without...

Posted 11 months ago

Dan Shaw 11 months ago

Great to have the footage too proving he did hit and even better to upload it showing he did and the great spirit that followed. People are quick to post about their bad experiences but not so much for posting about the good ones!

Darryl Bonnici 11 months ago

That is a great example of how airsoft should be played! Having fun and politely saying in his perspective he hit you, and i would say if you hadnt accepted, he wouldnt have persuaded about it. But great sportsmanship from both of you!

Jared Weaver 11 months ago

You need to come play at rift airsoft (the village ) , good site and nice friendly staff and player !

Frank Figueroa 11 months ago

Good on you Mustang keep the game honest, great content as always!!!

Andy Raw 11 months ago

It was a k98 Short .... Rifle Produced in West germany


George Proctor 11 months ago

Kicking Mustang Top bloke it would be an honour to fight beside you Brother ✊🏻
Shame there are many others who wouldn’t have such nobility 😔
Seemed like that little exchange made that guys day too 😁👌🏻

Shaun Burton 11 months ago

Proper honest player there, 99% of the people that come through pheonix are the same :) goods lads all around

Josh Firby 9 months ago

I’ve never done airsoft

Mark Bensinger 11 months ago

Sportsmanship matters.👍

Míceal Maguire 11 months ago

Totally agree. As a site owner the dishonest play is a headache. All sites have it. Sadly many players seem to not care. Any ideas or other methods sites use to combat it? (excuse the pun) lol