1950s Fashion

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Jasmine Chiswell
Come with me for a tour of my 1950s closet. so here we are inside the closet. I collect a lot of dresses tops and shoes. I absolutely love shoes you guys hats and scarfs. So here's some of my dresses. This one is my favorite because it's by the same designer that designs for Marilyn Monroe. As you guys know, I love that I put them with all my outfits. Here's some 1950s original hats and these are the funniest knock offs. ever. I keep these drawers full of my tops, my shorts, my skirts and my capris. I love collecting lots of colors, a quick and easy 60s hairstyle. You're gonna need some bobby pins a back combing a normal hairbrush and hair, and I take your normal hair brush and brush your hair. Now, you're gonna take your back combing brush and it's gonna start back combing your hair. So your section is gonna be just behind your back and then now we're gonna take the back section and start. Once you've got the back, you're gonna start taking the front sections and putting it all in together. And it should look like so you can either leave this back down or you can put it up and then to get this part just put a little curl in it and there you go. Oh and don't forget this.

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