How Does a 200-Year-Old Practice Dilute Your Vote?

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If you thought voters picked the politicians, think again. Sometimes, politicians in the United States are able to choose voters using a 200-year-old...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Zhang Winston 12 months ago

What surprises me is that still many US citizens don't have an ID and that in some states they allowed to vote w/o ID. In Europe for example almost everyone has an ID regardless whether you are rich or poor. It's mandatory to have one. Also you are not allowed to vote w/o an ID.

Tom Talbott 1 year ago

Here in California Democrats gerrymand usually to their advantage. It works for them.

Kenneth Beasley 1 year ago

and it has been LEGAL for 200 years ... elections have consequences and you can draw the lines so long as it does not use illegal means

and she is a LIAR when she said that if they are BLACK the district can be drawn to reduce their influences and that she should KNOW is ILLEGAL and if she does not she is not equipped to have an opinion on any of this

Roseann Boodhoo 12 months ago

Americans can do it!!! Make democracy happen 👌🤲

Wil Gibson 12 months ago

Go for a proportional representation system. Stop the corruption.

Benjamin Wathen 12 months ago

This corrupt president and his enablers must be voted out !! 2020

Arild Tony Lyngstadås 1 year ago

Vote Blue America 💙🇺🇸

Ed N Gar 1 year ago

Sooo, California and New York and Chicago and all the left state have been doing this too, nice info

Cormac Mckay 1 year ago

So-called representative democracy

Bushin Jutsu 1 year ago

Cry me a river you bunch of losers