VIDEO: Great white shark comes within inches of fisherman off Pinellas coast, chomps on boat motor

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WOW! A group of people fishing off the coast of Pinellas County had a very close encounter with a great white shark yesterday.

Posted 9 months ago in Animals & Pets

Gretchen Cooper 9 months ago

I was on the boat and he was very friendly - think of a puppy just coming up so curious to play ! No more jumping in the water for us to cool off in our future offshore 😂

Betsy Shillinglaw 9 months ago

glad they did not Torture or try to catch it. Photos are good . Thank you for caring...

Jennifer Scarbrough 9 months ago

Shark just curious to see what’s going on . Shark was relaxed and chill. Beautiful shark though . Great video

Lisa Wisneski Dahn 9 months ago

I think this shows him as a fairly gentle, but curious and hungry fish. He was test tasting the engines to see if they were food, he certainly wasn't in attack mode

Mark Danner 9 months ago

Awesome sighting! Looks closer to 12 feet than 18.

Christine Larson Baylis 9 months ago

Well there was in the movie 😂 I know we do get some great whites but as a rule no. Nothing to worry about like in Florida!

Steve Hitt 9 months ago

I remember back in the early 1970’s, a 33’ Gulfstar came racing back into Tampa Bay, the marine patrol pulled him over because of his wake. The guy claimed a shark nearly as big as his boat had attacked his boat. The officer didn’t believe him until he saw the teeth marks on his transom.

Todd Harrison 9 months ago

He’s a “player” according to the sharkman. Watch the incredible video of sharkman swimming with massive great whites off coast of S Africa. Was a 60 min episode Incredible to watch. Betcha they could’ve jumped in swam with him. According to sharkman just don’t break eye contact with him and then the hard part. Keep your heart rate down. Promise y’all if you watch the awesome YouTube video this guy makes the cage divers look like pre-k pu***es. They are most curious and they eyes are sapphire colored. Watch the video. He is a curious player. Not a killer At that moment!

Betty Wilson 9 months ago

There you go Rick and Dillon, no more jumping off the boat. 🦈🦈🦈

Donna Fuentes 9 months ago

Isn't training great whites to come up close to humans a bad thing?