Godzilla Vs. Kong

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Posted 7 months ago in TV & Movies

Will McFadden 7 months ago

Saw it in the theater today, great movie. Yes Godzilla did win. Some parts I predicted and knew how it was going to end. But still the fight scenes 馃挭馃憤

Helena X Daniels 7 months ago

Godzilla technically won the fight , the human characters had to shock kong back to life to help godzilla against mechagodzilla

MajorKnight Maina 7 months ago

Godzilla was really aggressive in this movie that it scared me. My heart literally bled for Kong multiple times in this movie. That being said, Kong is still the MVP of this film. Monke went up against monsters more powerful than him but he not only held his own but also had solid wins over them. He also never submitted to Godzilla. Mad Respect for Kong

Adedayo Oluronke Tunmibi 5 months ago

I really loved the movie team Godzilla

兀賲 賲丨賲丿 5 months ago

Godzilla king of the monsters is the Best