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That Day, We will seal over their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their feet will testify about what they used to earn. (36:65)

And they will say to their skins, "Why have you testified against us?" They will say, "We were made to speak by Allah, who has made everything speak;(41:21)

Sufyan Sohag
Sufyan Sohag6 months ago

Sheikh Mansoor Al Salmi is a favorite person... ❤️🥀
Love & respect from Bangladesh ❤️

Samira Riffi
Samira Riffi23 days ago

Ma shaa Allah tabarakallah

Sehrish Khan
Sehrish Khan6 months ago

Kazi Hasib
Kazi Hasib6 months ago

Allah humma maghfirli...🤲

Ariful Alam Masud
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Ridhwana A Ibrahim
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Bek Biz
Bek Biz6 months ago

ماشاء الله

Chosen General
Chosen General6 months ago

Allahu Akbar

Al-rahman Ma-yeng
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Sadzily II
Sadzily II5 days ago

Ya Allah nikmat nya.. telinga aku mendengar kan nya.. Allahu akbar