Oh Long Johnson x The Kiffness (Talking Cat Live Looping Reggae Remix)

The Kiffness • 3 months ago   44.2K     3K  •  340.8K Views
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Oh Long Johnson x The Kiffness (Talking Cat Live Looping Reggae Remix) 🐱 🎵

Posted 3 months ago in Music & Audio
The Kiffness
The Kiffness3 months ago

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/4efpoO5PWps

mp3 / wav download: https://bit.ly/kifflongjohnson

Arth Llorenz Flores
Arth Llorenz Flores3 months ago

Oh Long Johnson was a classic. I knew it since I was a kid. Though this is a bit different, still a masterpiece 🤣

Sheys Atease
Sheys Atease3 months ago

oh long Johnson is such a classic! a little different from what's in my head, still a great piece

Anael Pearson-Tremblay
Anael Pearson-Tremblay3 months ago

OMG YES YES YES YES!!!! Finally this cat gets his mix!!! Man when an old meme comes back to life 😂

Beatrice Roberts
Beatrice Roberts3 months ago

I must be honest, but I love your cat and dog videos the best.

Brad Krause
Brad Krause3 months ago

I know it must take a while to catch those moments with your kitts, I just bet if you went to where the alley cats are, you could produce some more of your awesome beats!!🐈🐈‍⬛👍😄

KC Focht
KC Focht3 months ago

Live looping, as well? Nice, man. 👌 This is so great, haha!

Paige Simpson
Paige Simpson3 months ago

I appreciate your talents and sharing it with everyone to enjoy. Your videos are the best!

Teresa Reeves-Gilmer
Teresa Reeves-Gilmer3 months ago

So happy I found you and your talented imagination. I sing along with your creations. Music is actually damn good. Peace to you kiddo.

Penny Jaffray
Penny Jaffray3 months ago

You're a genius! Absolutely love all your brilliant creations but this reggae one is stunning. Long, long, long may you continue making your special magic Mr Kiffness.