DarkDynastyK9s - Raiden sharpening his tools ⚒️...

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Raiden sharpening his tools ⚒️

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Alisha Lunn
Alisha Lunn4 months ago

Amazing Raiden. He’s going to be something when he’s done training. 🐶🐶🐶 🤩

Lashonda Jackson
Lashonda Jackson4 months ago

Wow raiden so big now I think the last time I saw him was 9 weeks old playing with siblings

Chezza Chez
Chezza Chez4 months ago

Wow Raiden is getting big fast marlon looking epic ❤️❤️

Jason Steele
Jason Steele4 months ago

my phone did that once... just had to change some setting

Jill Dhuyvetter
Jill Dhuyvetter4 months ago

He is just so beautifull but then again all of them are 😋🤗😍💯

Jessica Young
Jessica Young4 months ago

I see another "Ace" in him I really do. He's gonna be great!

Renee Ferreira
Renee Ferreira4 months ago

Hey Raider and Marlon❤️ doing some training

Alisha Lunn
Alisha Lunn4 months ago

He’s really into his training. He looks to be having a blast

Carolyn Williams
Carolyn Williams4 months ago

Hey Marlon and Sir RAIDEN, where's KONG Jr?

Sally Hanson
Sally Hanson4 months ago

Love watching this stage of training!