Cuomo: 'COVID is the Grinch!'

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⚕️ "COVID IS THE GRINCH!" Gov. Cuomo tried to lighten the mood with a bit of music and singing at his coronavirus briefing today, but had a serious...

Posted 11 months ago in Social Issues

Robert Pounds 10 months ago

So CNN and MSNBC is not bouncing them on making fun of the Covid? Treating people like little kids demonstrating by using cartoon characters? Cuomo and Fauci trying for a Emmy with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro playing their parts? Why even show these losers. Fauci is now tainted because he is getting political

Michele Cross 11 months ago

Stop acting you don't even care about ny only filling your pockets and giving your brother a tv show you all are a joke

Bonnie Jones 11 months ago

He is a baffling idiot

Pam Summers 11 months ago

Cuomo is a murderer!

Marcie Anne Constable 11 months ago

It's more likely people will get the flu or a cold more then Covid dureing winter season and Trump is the brunch couse he is still trying to steal votes

Jane Ann Hadley Phillips 11 months ago

No - Cuomo is the Grinch. Looks just like him.

Jody Reece 11 months ago

As the lies continue.

JoHanna Grönroos 10 months ago

Meanwhile at the Cuomo house ....🎉🎄💩😈

Annmarie Gordon 11 months ago

He's in bill gates pocket he need to STOP this pretending BS.

Tim Weatherwax 11 months ago

Cuomo is the grinch