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Guys again little Dulaney Now they've worked on the outside There's no wanna hit just screen's not gonna catch a look at the gas from Russia Big Strides. They've got three or four players that can really break out and go 80 and they've sucked up a little bit of push up and then the first on the board this weekend Good try Well placed out flank crack one way. They got it coming back the other way too Happy with Usually defense systems work pretty well, but they just got the both and women's Tuscan teams like to welcome our viewers around the world especially Shine current home watching this opening match Linda Olsen Natasha's mother is always with us with a single from And two vices with us as well great to have you with us Good evening score for sure like and then they will give them a quite a bit of confidence and the deep again but they did too far considering there's no breeze She's really gonna put a meat behind that one just let it roll over So awesome I really came to get on with things here Chunk of the campaign is real veterans A little play might be involved in everything shapes for the kicks up goes into Delaney The new comes as well They've turned the diver legally Rolling away that split second the sevens match Melody Lee to chunk is a touch for come in She tries to get through the gap. She ain't the fastest, but she's done well pop it into the hands of takes a tackle at the same time. She takes the ball and good tracking defense on the inside I'm crying looking to get all the things and get some tries on the board It will possibly incomes key here is to Straight extra blanket When I did the physical flight is probably one they really looking out for because the planet gets on the gas She can really cause the feature some concern but it's not often you see pushing people around and indeed tied it there and gets it on the ground Melody Leaf flicks it away This is Dan Chung Takes on Manny drives sideways Be good match up those two out there How much are they gonna miss the place of someone like this weekend Well interesting that in Korea Simmons played the bulk of the tournament and the Fords Bush in a way and it wasn't until later in the tournament that we got to see some strong when they play the water of the Max It's interesting loan Hong Kong has gone here with their heart team Saw it for the cycling game Swimming really really wanna try and match the pace of the moment where they wanna try it Yes Is your classic showing around feet that loan It's over the top awesome phone playing some advantage since you wanted to silver tries to get over the top and tries to straighten With a little swim and she's done well what a good finish from China so strike back and they've been threatening for the first five or six minutes and they'll be happy to get some runs on the board here today in the heat time to get some water on sick and trying to series for a lot more effective when they went straight in much more direct line at them I mean you wouldn't say that she's lightning quick. She's a glue plant It's a good looking car It's valuable two points from playing They're very much a glue plan that can have those sort of players in quite the numbers of the players that will get your animal just make tackles Don't cover meters stiffing up the fences They're not out there Attack is the lord's say potential but it's a team with a very very hard work is going along and she's made a mess of it too Women are getting some real beef behind these kicks. I wrote on the hood up will get another shot It was a good conversion so they pulled up to seven Let's see the choice to leave Simmons Homecoming is being replaced with Jessica to the team for this tour experience This is good for just going up. The guts got a hands on that. She's like a wheel clamp She does the job and goes quickly trying to look down this flank for Melody Lee number that well, they get into the half now who is always on hand looking for that valuable school name with the better footwork taking down the new Jack knifing again, she's a busy body at the moment and sheep Melody Lee short ball on the inside to our young Good Consistent stuff Good continuity would awesome eating with a first touch You can't take it and plain advantage since the referee. Luckily I'll give another crack here Well, I like How are you In concert with turn Look at that little face Just close quarter stuff down the trampoline orando do fundo né Trying to start around joking and they've read that well to the feet it's about them feeling out there that soft time seven I got on the bus with these two teams this morning coming to the Stadium It was a battle for the year waves. They both had The boom box is going pretty mercury for one local favorites down. The other was all going out to each other and it's a pretty enough rugby to get things underway This very hot conditions Seven all here it's Teach them Looking for new Vermont for all the teams here Really good. Stop in China for a number of years and I'm surprised that seeing those kids along they grind them just think this may not quite be a full regulation pitch It would have been given the all clear for the competition this weekend, but I think if we step out you might be making a beat as well Yeah, if you think we're doing a good job we're available for weekend gigs Welcome to Dave Dillon and Japan Good having you with us Yes Judas behaving himself as usual The corner David I will turn the corner Oh he's gonna blink here Let's go 20 points in two weeks ago two trolleys, five convictions. She's up there with 20 points for Simmons She gets us back on the way again finds the grass and she's still from that might have got a mean bounce and look at that for a tackle Holy smokes Nam come in ready. Look at book Ready lock tomorrow's pipe up Put it back in the dead ball water chase from them well Headlining tonight Fishing trip tomorrow is gracious meat Now she's giving home conga chance straight into the second half expect to shove here from 50 front row It's solid gets cold at the base gets in the way to also it's not what she needed I saw the scrubs is the now and in front of it surely should over here Easiest try it that she lever Score and they take the early lead in the second half but put that down to them man with the big tackle Isn't as good as the chase that comes after it is the Closing moments of cones probably like take the lead It's a tremendous change You know being the case at all his life vest at a couple of years with the Kenyan men's Sevens team on the HSBC Seriously, they've got good people involved Within it's a real consistent restock trailing by five conversion really missed two minutes into the second half Go back to the keep pedaling for you might say it's hard to say really second or third spot we got in this group We do have China and Malaysia coming up next China the team to beat right so this is a homecoming game targeted by the game. They need to win to try take second spot but get off the spot tries to go quickly really trying to keep the tempo up here at late to get some good passes Put a nice one out in front of chunk cuts back inside two players names on the inside also phones right there wasn't expecting it. She had an open trial on too and they bombed the tri perhaps there and they had a better pick on the inside the runner up the lane for awesome and this came in a bit hot Scoring opportunity One of the teams that can really hurt you from a long way out Get on the outside of your new shop In Delano One of the great shot of the struggle on the side really going for it and I've done it again I mean it's great work from the Hong Kong front row in front of it decides to give it to the skipper thorn and straightens up and hits for the price gets those powerful legs going on hand his shame shame sees the post She reach out No great tackle That's really good defense. You gotta say it Terrific on the lawn and desperation from a little broader than that They just tryna use the numbers beats gets harder on the color and goes in for try number three shames look good in that last couple of minutes Pender is back now there's a bit of a buffer for Hong Kong You know they're trying to play first You've picked it up before but he's only called team powers the strength on it Defenders getting hands on showing tremendous man Tune in It's kinda at the extras but that could be enough to see them home here in this opening match of 40 He's gonna bounce it one out That's judged boy Not well. Judge brother Lincoln defense giving that one a chance to do what I walk and do just just over a minute remaining two schools. The difference It's a briefly This thing is that the right people it doesn't care Put the ball under the arm. They're not getting their lawn working out Can she get up Sorry it's stiff. Any channel just come on the field and she's been given a bit of a gift fit on a botched lineup and she showed some good strength Finally to get across the line Try number four Look at this. It's gone Badly wrong It's a terrible boy Chain is just the conviction itself but there safety channels on the move that ball the moment that came out of the hand Great great anticipation This time they do Minister restarted had enough Now they'll be getting from Malaysia later in the day Run away here in Hong Kong have defeated shoreline Easy work of them after conceding the first trip and coaching crew recently happy with that stuff I think they came out with a brief and they got straight on task and obviously they gave away the fish try, but they battled back Maybe a depth they plan a little bit more 20. - 37 sets little bit flattering towards the shoreline made the bold steaks. They were made to pay towards to pretty much tries for confident performance by Hong Kong straight on into match two here and it's gonna be China the hosts now we looking for pic performance against newcomers malaysia for the cloud and i can quite and the final last week of two weeks ago but look at for in my language skipped for world four lane number seventeen kg eco top try score five tries to execute and she is at the centre of everything the last word last two it's really did like the look of place what number twelve is a season and also city amina ah Very good-looking unit they've got a lot to learn on the series but did we saw them two weeks ago grow throughout the tournament It's great seeing a new team here certainly is they bring a new flavor They bring a new look and show well balayage lot to play the game and it's pretty clear. They love to give the ball about a year It's entertaining stuff passing was being pretty crisp but they just show our willingness to try and take that answer Lawn one would Which one we'll tell you Seasons under their belts at this level Malaysia could be a very very difficult team for lots of even Hong Kong to deal with if they can keep on the on the curve So number 12 is up She was very industrious too weeks ago as well as six North Hana She's on the Beach right now, but those two in particular they know only one way they were able to supported by players like Frazier Claris Emily Chu also grew throughout the tournament and number four but China, where they've got some real stars across the side Free I got from Japan China must really fancy themselves as contenders to Battle with Japan wouldn't some of these matches and get themselves prepared for the Olympic qualify November ninth and tenth Here they go straight from the kick they pierced through It's young faith One to beat to the beat puts them on the wrong foot and how about that from young faith faith It wasn't a straight running She had plenty of work to do and she's getting a little less on that and paying attention Troy of the series and well just the way she runs with the ball Look at this the balance the smooth wrong foot chewed up and also as recovery as he's on And ladies and gentlemen look forward to a lot more of that this weekend Restarts are always difficult for these new teams That's one part of the game I struggle to get to grips with not just the women but the men as well This is 12 and it's going off the chest of Ping So tip for a bit of respite for Malaysia Be the first scrum of this match right in the Middle of the field It's a very hard field It's very fun It is literally a belief table Grass Cheer with the feet little fumbled there. She tried to deliver it with the tackle nicely play slope This is Amber Bananas They really trying to get it up There's really good counter racking putting pressure on it Forcing the fumble at the base It's never gonna be easy against team China go at you for 40 minutes Attack every rack It's terrible Okay Bye Alright Steve Play with a real clinical precision is the conversion just not quite up to the mic but I've got some real fun laser getting a little taste of it right now 2016 Olympics in Brazil and one silver It comes again his debate Oh she's done well to get on the right track driver most shine all the bravery Ping with the ball coming up the mother Malaysians. This is good to nation stuff from Malaysia. They're not giving up going in gang tangling China skip again mailing gets when you go out on the outside is shoe in Dublin around That's a good price again Just patient stuff the Malaysians They just keep their head use the width of the field and broke them out wide for try number three give an ocean of both of you know so i am back on the answer of me that's interesting to see the eight it say that if one and channel gone out of the charge ah unless the eight to spending some medical Is she coming across the table to them They would look like the above hunting pretty hard for the biggest point differentials I can get That's three tries Key for Charlie really will be if I can put it together against Japan, they were beaten in the Cup final 19 points to 52 weeks ago Three points to one certainly got the ability to beat Japan who operators Fantastic final and there's a little mistake from the restock Yeah Nicely waited Yeah The top two teams really up faster at the start putting that exactly where they want Well, it's another shit pieces I mean it's simple. It is and in any format Really regular Union Go for the shot It's a bit loose It's bounced into the hands of all she can do really well at downtown, but it's only going to Ping beats. The first one tries to beat the second his huge one to beat Look at the size and pace of this athlete taking down gets back up and goes away Miss Lena tries to get her and look at that pure numbers in the end Yang goes in for her third first half Hetrick and goodness me A new name on the block here with the big powerful in the Middle good and even storming away and the prison survived place the ball sit back to the feet play on and let's knock out punches really when you've got someone they can draw in for the fenders live in still get free enough to play the ball Go go. Go You gonna ruin problem only the feeling time and activist in the great wall of their work cared from the soil and done it performance in the space of for china gang fair with the head trick They are well up here against Malaysia and this match game 240 Well drinks You guys again Good job Get it first when i say class Good So here we go Second half getting underway showing up dominant with the four tries in the first half You've done well tune in one around Sure it looks up to take on Take a look The heck tricker Yang turned it over here. Come on the front foot Look at the gas here from Wang. When you keep your eyes out for her as well she showed a clean pure Hills there Nice swift to finish that one off She's also a new to us on the series and seven series. There it is What a finish So we've seen number one and you come up with the big carry this wing when you seen her in previous seasons but good penetration So straight into the second half with a nearly Troy Alright, baby Let's drop calls from freestyle It's it's a bad mistake from Malaysia under pressure again Now there she goes again wearing when you throws a beautiful pass out wide to shoe and she brings it around. They're looking sharp China the confidence, the crisp passing and just taking that line on It looks pretty ominous for everybody else Four tries in the series It's getting up there itself in Malaysia Looking a bit like the rabbit in the headlights it's just coming in from Angles steep and fast and without any lit up at all China seem to be just falling spice, but they created a dangerous running and then experience the fence defense and shape of it just collapsing being beaten possibly a bit too brittle and unfortunately for Malaysia they've got the best seat in the House to watch this Chinese theme at the moment China absolutely flying This is Christina Hendricks Get to first run of the weekend Very hot down there probably no nothing other. These two teams is not used to Especially Malaysia they got right trying to catch the Malaysians napping They nearly do there as is luckily on she's Voted another Detroit temporarily up to the 10 -minute Mark now 30 The Malaysians are preparing for some more substitutions Bitch Fine Sit looking to get that out quick and they win a free kick and get on to the front foot now through Amber Bananas Jack debt doing that over here comes shoes sushi like the look of it. It's coming on and look at the interplay here Yang shoe around the outside and they really are all nice She's lifted too light and from behind comes as nails here and that boys and girls is the main lesson Never give up Okay don't you love seeing that the underdogs just giving it as much as I can when they tried in 30 - Just poetry of ice look at that Look at that Brought to the bittering ladies and gentlemen and until someone's putting on the ground and the whistles going off, it's A small victory for Malaysia but an important one for the morale of the team certainly of the players may not reach the competition because I don't think Charles will be making that mistake again but Mentally you've got to stay sharp Free chicken camps every point counts Fine He knows what my laser can turn up for the end of the punch It could be something special With the food she gets across it at the base by who you It's an ugly situation to try and get out of this as he takes it to the ground Relentless pressure on defense by showing up on my Cup for the box truck Now they get another chance here with the scrub feed You can see on the field is number six as one of the styles from two weeks ago We didn't see her in this crowd Nope She was at work You can tryna through who you Trust to put you under the post good attempt to the jacket but just getting it off his feet Sushi get size big legs gone and she's gonna be a handful for anyone. This weekend Two carries two big runs and picks up a meat pie Goodness mate She's got something about it She soup That she looked delighted be careful She looks all business. He's nice to be out there pas Genuine straight weapon for China And already biking He preaches felt and tournament Haven't kicked a lot of their conversions 30 -, nine, just a two conversion seven tries. Usually you would see chin kicking goals which is off the field right now They decided to kick it deep cuz there's no sweeper back there Now it's a foot race and Malaysian signed up the flyers Look at that coming back and swooping on it and one fell swoop that's beautifully done from Lou and she gives it to wearing when you and she's gonna run a second and held was that from Lou tracking back puts it up on the belts turn around Beat run and put yang away really good stuff from China Awesome appreciate creative assistant experience. We've sort of mentioned in the past had numbers up there but mamas that hadn't really numbered up if you know what I mean and that's basic stuff for China to bring it back in claim the phone point up She looks very impressive wing when you with a second trial it another very well-balanced looking run up just really gliding along They do convert that one so they bring up the 40 - That one can't get across the 10 so on the hood of Malaysia with the last chance here I didn't finish dead. Last two weeks ago, they managed to Singapore for bottom spot which is good going for the newcomers Well get into their work these bigger teams China won a 50 point up This is shoe shall young getting on the outside gets bundled into touch when she gets the ball away It's coming from everywhere Red and yellow shirts Surely the Malaysians are gonna buckle here It's a bounce pass here he goes again and I do like to look along the way she runs reaches out and rather Hungry sleep knocks it down but she's another one with a real aggressive stall about it and we've seen three or four players emerge in this game. We're ready for China outside of 10 K in May Limb and We finished We're gonna finish the game here It is a trying to fix Alright I'll put you wrong I thought she knocked it on over the line but the referee is giving it so two tries to do So it's just a one sit up the other one and the conversion from Mount Water. They're gonna know the most difficult one Now they die That is 50 points here she goes. Look at that good core from the officials. They got that one right You won So China out of the blocks warning shot across the Bell teams like to paint Kazakhstan You're on here boys and girls 50 - one Malaysia spanked in their opening game. They would have learned a few lessons along the way maker on the ground from China Isn't everybody is online stamp when I'm sad, he I'm taking on putting on a fan of Charlene Riley Soju talent cuz it stands beaten in the third and fourth two weeks ago by Hong Kong Thailand beating in the fifth and sixth play off Yeah Yeah Yeah That's a great tassel. We've seen over the years especially last year but here they come get their act together Definitely capable of being in the top teams playing in the Cup final in 2018 against Japan were beaten But they have got the goods they are without caught a chick who was injured two weeks ago, but plenty of experience here you have a Baker in five is new to the team, but prospering crushed by backed by ever There's some names, but from the title team very impressive last two weeks ago would say one day they are real go getters tenacious not the biggest team One of the biggest defensive lines around from Japan is a referee and this car could be a close game Well let's try that's the case It's been great to see last week the improvement in Thailand but all that will be no longer a secret Kazakhstan just to see how they operate and I hate him Go away Go away Pretty tough athletes like the team is the pledge takes one straight from the referee Yellow cab didn't even flinch They would have a Red cap and 15, so we've been gone Attacking the heat God yourself Alina Oscar Alba was also one of the stars from last week She's in number 33 tries two weeks ago three conversions for good measure line on the half way I've got the liver and they win it easily and they set off on their way back to by ever It's a bit scruffy, but they're trying to get it was three minutes by ever straightening Coming in from P M S and I went to the fence We were talking about one of the best defensive slides around Finishing up fifth last week But on that Circuit for a few years now it looks like they're going through rebuilding stage but any of our names in it Two very well established seven swords I'll leave the link up meters short of halfway Hits the target is a long one out there to a point and here's the speed stop water line from Santa that is as good alone as you'll ever see across the universe from the Scram they've gone and there was just delightful to watch be careful You're a great ball Great timing absolutely electrifying into the gap See the streets they put on the stand defense Street the passing and we got slots the flat boom What a great ball and every one of those extended defenders and pretty much put the heels on the ground There's a guy takes the meat of the recording Charlene What a beauty but the child right बंदा resource and cry choice channel just before us but that's up there was contender try of the morning so far That's all I'm putting everyone on notice I don't want to record that they won the ball it tu peux le droit Which way they try and play up cuz it's done star striker defenders And when they try to get you have a backup tryouts shoulder it better off trying to get the guts Three Again and in concert over the top She's a real veteran in the side and again the past is gone behind Bitcoin No, that's what she said that was Alena escarole Sorry I just a little bit a little bit out of sorts of the moment stand It's kind of just not flying as it could be no scrub Scrub scrub some great potential here for the convention To be operating very very well you don't have to say this is like conditions Yes, it's very unlikely extend like I would say this humidity right at the extreme of Asia Okay Totally many days cooler than this Good division from countries like Thailand employing legends like I can bull up one of the black sevens sevens players play makeup along with thumb over the years Two dynamic players teams like unions like toilet and getting these big names involved approach Also coaches like a paraline here this weekend Feeling it's encouraging that they're getting involved and just wrapped up the Middle really fun of the inspiration to do that That's just kidding these names First half but they've turned it over Kazakhstan looking to get on the board cushy by ever Yeah it's really not about this hand but if a smoothing run from October again, the ball hits the grass We're going backwards here Put that down the toilet They hear over the halfway line This bet five on two here. Look at the yellow shirts lining up This is Patricia and getting on the outside is P M at BMW at scores Tile and Sick and Troy and that's an industrious finish to beat a good defense there and five or six yellow shirts. They're showing the eagerness of the side to get on the plate Terrific try to toilet and they've done well transform good skills there Look at that Extend the fence An absolute tennis coming down the right-hand side in front of the country position Totally looking right at home here at the Miami in the driver's seat Conversions a lot of the mind will go to the break light That's a good strong lead for this toy team development Cave Their improvement cave still happening Would you call this an upset if they went on to win I don't know after the fist tournament in Korea and we gonna fish look at this team has a hundred percent Shit at all they've obviously been working very very hard on these skills Catch pass The tackling is we always know it's always been the devil's on the tackle Kazakhstan maybe we just sing Maybe we're just seeing them come off It could extend Maybe it's time to introduce some new blood These two teams finished fourth and fifth in Korea so perhaps unsurprising that it was gonna be a close one Right back cuz they're very shy to add new plans to the score Some of these names been around for four years I've been involved with Asia Coventry They have introduced players like ask her over last week We've also got new players this weekend even over and you have a back is back in the squad first time. We've seen it on this season and there she is Now they are trailing talent here and this would be an amazing achievement for talent puts them in the frame and nearly win the restart It's well restock really putting the mints on them With the ball Excellent planning kit is extend Sky Blue trying to get on the outside now to ask her over here she is and she's been mocked up well by look they're really working down the short side back into escarole over the tackles Keep coming note cuz extend prepared to show they can go wide as well This is pick up steps off the lift Look at the pressure coming through from the toy. Tech is the yellow shirt This is She gets there and gets the big engine over the top and no daylight This is coming up They're very close now surely back to Brava is gonna put her head down and she does a big head clash and goodness me it's not for the squeamish Look at that There's a face of business Tough tough tough athletes cuz women the toy really Absolutely flip the lawn and got meat on the lawn is the conversion missus and all my other points. Look at this now that just boom And the toy players I think together would have been here wait but talk about having your shoulders on Whoa What a shot Sorry They've given themselves a shot hit still five minutes remaining and the found some grass that cushy on the ground It doesn't look good Sure. What happened here She's the skipper Medics around It's a good restock Another good lawn and length It's coach Pop off doesn't wanna be losing another star after losing chick last week Oh yup Classic me in the back Oh well Robin's racing as they say and Toys up better problem and You expose your back to an on-coming contender Technique was correct for the Tide player Just ended up being pretty uncomfortable Here we go So this is after one leg excluding today 10 K E rehab and the new job with from Charlotte all on five each were seen already The Chinese going for a hat-trick in their own faith faith back in the action now Hopefully by this year, she looks fun good hat running from rock on the pole and totally night They score next really in a comfortable position Four minutes remaining One Cup final last year Over in Hong Kong we're beating 1912 was a close match when they've got the 18 on the field and got their head screwed on There is good as anyone Toby comes through and tries to put pressure on it. It's exactly what she does She is very efficient that the breakdown she's ruthless She's strong and look at this fasting out goes over and support of liver again. She gives the ball up to ask her She's lost it forward And would have expect the debt for Melena Ask she was rock solid in Korea could tackle how she took the Wall Are they had working Thailand and defense He's too on that particular run up Look at that typing tackle I don't know where they come from where they seem to have someone there at the right time man defend that law targets to her for many rupees the trial on here is summer The toy tech and shit They got the attention of the defense and defenses not sitting back and letting these players of any time and space. They wanna get up there and disrupt the passing game as much as they can Let's go It's stunning to see variations on the passing down the fish The fish try short ball back on the inside and career. We seeing a lots of really good long passing ball in front of the player That won't help It's going over the back to the war Horse sits off this back line if they could get one here, they desperately need one here Good defense for defense never sent text the next player as well and deals with her across the sideline takes on half the Kazakhstan team into spectators them to the boundary brilliant defense just when they were gonna get around the outside There she goes She tackles automatic She flex it up takes the next one Get some help there from 10 point as well Like worker bees So just over a minute remaining totally know Hurry Sweat coming off these players Super hot down there P M at takes it nicely Will they try and school in here We're just trying to play the clock down for a What a famous victory It would be a very good victory. They've given away the penalty, though he's a chance for Kazakhstan final 30 seconds. I need to keep the composure Here's your liver Want to catch you over There's a finish up pops up into his hands and looking for space but the tie yellow shirts are there and again Cushy ever has been hammered again sick and tired. She's going down and I watched it On the hood up this is gonna be a scrum feed They're already high five in Maryland. They gotta get this out though Kazakhstan come at them in the scrum. Surely top work here Isn't it look at some of the body language coming off the Kazakhstan players having 40 minutes of the weekend It's pretty tough going brushes on That's what we expected just lamping down Tryna get it over the line No get a boot on it now they might have a chance and they do so and they would not have expected that case extent they've been defeated here by toiling 12 points to five and it's really rattled pull See there with the other team's Japan and Singapore and that is a great team effort for talent Good progress showing that well a terrific terrific one Possibly even an historic win as well and Really that's exactly what causes extend didn't made I wanna be focused on him I'm not always coming up from on behind them and Charlie and launched it in tank from the Middle of the pack And if it was a great A way down the road toilet is just joined them Okay, we're back with the fourth and final match of the opening day here in Olympic Stadium two of the Asian seven Series It's Japan against Singapore heavyweights against the minnows neck at number one the Queen of Asian Rugby Hanukkah assuming leading try scorer with fire Look at for a seven and three. They really have fire pair across their entire 12 and they Rootless and efficient work as well Singapore campaign in a way. They took the wooden spoon last week units two get to start She didn't stop many games in Korea and got some pace and number five And Japan while they're also featuring Leo on five tries as well as Hanukkah and they skip Yummy leading point scorer in the series 30 - nine points after just one leg, Nakamura leads Singapore will have their work cut out for them here I gotta get a very rigorous workout from this Japanese saw it I will show them no mercy from Hong Kong Patrick Quake is our referee I'm already struggling Before the first whistle probably all that touch, the referees were playing earlier on There's some fantastic touch. Wasn't there showcase great example of the game He's a rodent leading point scorer of the series and her restarts. I wanted her features and look at that board and it's well taken by Singapore, though Really got some stuff from them They gotta be brave here That was get taken down by Nick and of course she's gonna turn you over like an Apple turn over on the front foot looks for the two girls and blue gear while they are dangerous assuming and goes back Good pressure coming through from Singapore he goes around It was at four with Colorado nearly two years a hamstring leaning down for that one It will be a first set piece after one minute Singapore in scrub Player for Singapore Victoria And they would have talked about the scrub or week the first scrimmage against Japan in their pool Two with the feet I know it's gonna come on And it does and it's ugly and they get it out, though through two they've done well to survive that one takes it up involved in the tackle She makes another one That's the thing about these Japanese plants They've all got a massive work right Not the biggest or the fastest team around, but certainly the Beast Fantastic my an absolutely Dream to watch and for kids and touches looking for a team to I don't know I guess model yourself from terms of the way that I played the game plan. I'm gonna be brought up. They just got such a good way. I'll be out of the way they approach the game and look at this evening score Japan siding through yes with the score was from the Scram ran across the defense Asked some questions six during the series. She now takes the top spot and what a better way Between her chin KU from China Maybe it's a new job from here she goes gets on the outside of all drugs are off They're on the board I'm not sure was in the squad two weeks ago She's back now Can't get under that one and she probably would like to fields it gives it to own Look how the much smaller plan that gets underneath as Patina Colo just going in low and driving up his years with the ball put that one down to her running at the line now and with the big Fed up front Kasasa pops it up to Irani You may hear with the finish prospering from the strong work from Tommy cuz try number two Japan fourth of the series and she's another one to keep your eye on she'll appear anywhere Hey, it's terrific player You know I made an immediate impact Think the fist time we sort of Japan I placed in that role that we say used to sing like playing the link Plant key attack play makeup General Bandit in terms of defender you've just gotta keep it on. Look at that great eats plants around the way already Oh what a face the troops and gets on the outside. She's not gonna be outdone by Crusasa She goes in for her six trained Well, she's only turn their arms out that long but they seem to be a more long It's about timing He seems to have a watch this one It's a great Bowl and it's just the big stuff Oh I'm dying for getting the better the blistering pace on the outside just in case you're worried it's fun to watch. Isn't it and she's always got a small after the score said mom's dead If you're worried about your little girl playing rugby the big deal playing against it It's a great advocate for the smaller player. Isn't it just an absolute toilet And keep smiling the extras It's 20 - One million. She's made a first mistake of the game I didn't get her last one That one as well so Singapore with a chance to get in the Japanese half United Church Gets it to Victoria Samantha and they won a penalty Go quick T off tries to see something down the Middle Slams it from behind The territory is getting involved looks up to source to keep it all. Corrode is busy on the ball there. She's gonna win it Referee Caught right there as you speak from a world-class referee Japan now looking to go 80 Coast to Coast Colorado Amanda owns not gonna have her own pay. You also imperative Colo has gone 80 meters there and you just can't take your eyes off them put that down to turnover back on the 20 - two, she Clamps on Let's try number four for Japan Heavens above Look at this and you know it's hot because this Really sprint doesn't it It's just a really fast run That's a long long way from Charlie Charlie Oh my God bacon. Just having Tom Prince's father dummy and go yourself So you may occur with the ball They're making her conversion as easy. Can she get the reach that right? That one looks much better straight down the Middle neck of the rugby machine gets after it Hey guys Good work from them Singapore very difficult to deal with it Look at the big League pump from Calgary Again can't quite get away from the last tech on hand Looking for some note cutting back inside Rio she wants to get back on top of the things There is a jewel going on here between Rio Hanukkah assume something to watch over this weekend Second try this match I think that's seven for the series Good build up work once more It's always someone there just beat the one tackle and she's on her way They've really got the fins working this morning Japan It's half time It's five converted tries to melt Big hug from Japan 30 - Five million. Look at that Would you couldn't scratch his face Seven minutes 30. - five points And that's how they say Singapore doing anything wrong because they're not really giving a chance to do anything There was a small phase of play where they went directly at the Japanese flooded the channel and protecting guide and cleared away at the moment Japan got the ball they spread wide and then the space in It is for righteously out there, ladies and gentlemen I am the team is doing their absolute best to stay as cool as they can. They may be a little bit of pre cooling going on for some of these thoughts And I'll tell you what when you see the Singapore athletes look like they smell hearing the hate You know it's hot You know it's gonna be very very hot indeed because it doesn't lead up single pool match Feeling tough customer to be playing any sort of outdoor team sport and the singer pouring environment It can be absolutely well devastating The hate is he saw it prepare to return for the second half Japan well in control Singapore Not gonna eat Brave And should be willing to get themselves into a bingo Look at the legwork of she looks on far today. She's out of the blocks in game One was a massive carries good leg drive again. Look at these passes out in front patio Lolo final pass out to her She scored four in one match last week but she's Before she was slowing down there to wait for the roof to catch up but she nails it and she didn't get many opportunities to weeks ago. But in one game she started, she scored four so let's fight for her straight from the kickoff and how good was it wide sweet passing Well, it's a whole Mark of the better teams They can move the ball in the space with some real authority This kid you know baby face decision School for tries in Korea and made it look very very, very simple indeed Put pinch right balance really hit for the gap. She had a fall on the lawn But you know, we have some teams have defense coaches attack coaches you know Scram coaches I think Japan has got a friend coach cuz I thought we're seeing five or six of these players already They must have a max the shortest times in the gut but they know where to put it and when to put it and we threw it again there from Cuba outstanding look at the sweet coming of Patrick Can I go He's doing the count there. He's under pressure He's under pressure By the look of things we said to run a long way after this six draws he's painting and puffing Japanese athlete lonely standing i covered is having trouble with a reach that that way of thing it's on like us to work on for her she is very important japanese outfit Worked your way in two seasons ago She's part of the furniture out spin on the World Series with the side He comes sing a poor Good to see them just throwing themselves at this. This is all up to the tenth good clear out as reasonably fast ball across the face there and the defendants come in Look there trying to get over but he is not happy with it That's good work from Singapore Little bit of continuity plans coming on to the ball and they go the same way He's going again gets lifted by positive Cola and gets thrown out There's nothing There's nothing easy about Oh that's possibly not the line. You want to be running near straight onto the shoulder and up and over the sideline here we go Whoops Yup Control The tank Certainly wasn't unsafe. It look pretty brutal but I've been a bit of a hit on the back so I think there was too much in there Look at that from a strange ally Throat love he goes Chunk singer Pore get some runs on the board for the first goal this weekend on another big tip from Colorado and she gets in makes another one making a real piece of herself here Chan fires it across the chunk that was a good tackle coming in again This chance she gets real busy She's a bit of a work horse for a single port We go the direct route Change there again That one is going into the hands of Suzuki who's on the field but she was also it perhaps is Patrick Clark got a call from the AR brother looks good This is Lola Belt it to the Grand boy Colorado She wins the ball daylight for hips going back Not she's made three or four massive tackles Japanese Lawn and take care I don't know it seems strange to say Singapore offering a 32 The Japanese Troy line But they're up to you if they go under the hood of the year maybe they can just swim their way. They might be the only way and it's not gonna help a lot of Victoria cheap look at that table Scratch me It's hard to get around them How to go through them You need to put on a rolling mall goes low On the 20 - two Japan whites, they try something different. Is this a good tactic? They found some grasses at dogie bounce and I think it's who's back there. She takes it diffuses the situation so interesting variation there from Singapore. Realizing they weren't gonna get much changed out Well, the good thing about the Singapore is that with the ball in hand and appeared of a tank stopped the school board moving anyway the very latest Thank him World of incremental gains the ability to hold Japan damn beer into the punch on the line and attacked them heads off to Singapore scrum here from Singapore Look at the Japanese Just get the legs Got mash them back I have another fee Two minutes left just a one try in the second half Crunch similar to the feet Sit again and now it's coming some gets into why this could work pump set up the journey it can get a good boy hiran aware of the struggle to win a pack change day monsoon That's a blow for Singapore Good defense from Japan We're proud of the lawn Japan it's just nice. It's not gonna be very It's not gonna be many easy violence against to paint It doesn't appear to be that many when they play Here comes to pan in the Toronto break up through here she goes again The killer Troy score There's another contender for leading try scorer number two for her They broken out from 80 meters Blitz Singapore's That's very soldiers trying for the Singaporean battled away for most half and they look down the field It's hard to finish as yet another try to China try number seven Kick off Troy, convicted by Stephen Conversions for her 40 -, nine who does gone Singapore's have been scored here. Singapore keep toiling after the hooter and that's magnanimous he goes up and she pop it up Who's on hand It's my Hara and she needs to store his in the right place at the right time she goes in for try number seriously. He came steaming on it face She's got a nose for the bullshit On the child that I want the motivation is here for with this She's just simply score points and win games and rugby or she might be getting some hello Kittie points well something because I've never seen anything like it She's playing the title of maybe 20 minutes And there we have it That's a big win so we switch on it with the big winner and against Malaysia, Japan here Look at that terrific sportsmanship After the whistle Heavens above So that's amazing Yeah. They're on their way. So any upset really that perhaps extend in the first round going down the toilet and Hong Kong, Japan China all have in their way Japan and Thailand top the pool after one round and it's gonna be an interesting match later on Japan toilet Come with the game They've stepped it up since two weeks ago in China Big win against Malaysia Hong Kong getting With four tries and they talk pulled be standing here after just one hot sticky round standby as we waiting for a switch to the men's draw it's gonna be China versus the Philippines In this pool be match And what can we expect from this match Jeremy Well the volcano invite a couple of changes to the squad on the way in Dorson one of the key players from last year they came back from injury so talk that he may be ready for the third tournament when we go to but look at these guys. Number 10 loaded up and we're gonna have great mate number one Bing coming off the bench this some mountain that's mean is a favorite of the crowd wherever he goes and from the Philippines Look out for guys like Tim Barry Gibb They really do have some speed pace in their big physical players perhaps not happy with their fifth standing two weeks ago in Korea after coming third in the series 2018 from Hong Kong Referees Matthew Roda So what he might not be making this trip after being bitten by his own dog on Friday and being hospitalized good dog What a good dog It's one of those poodles all the vicious things out they referred but he's here with us today is China with the first mistake straight ahead on the fault Well, there should be a close game indeed For the pains with the correct now coming in showing these with little players in motion is trying to the side He's not having a Luke Smith belts out Yeah Into the hands of Nick Watt Ron gets on the whistle sits Already this game in the first minute teams getting a hand on the ball. It's been played thousand miles an hour on the change There's no other better looking at wide Who's that It's the high-touch big blue Getting himself involved no doubt because some may him shortly and trying to look like the guys out Now he is one of the absolute danger for China Keep your eyes out for him Change most of the volcanos usually just coming back to their own They're able to keep the corners well marked here Smith He's actually qualified for this Philippine team Against the trial on is that work it out buried but the Chuck Berry over trying to get him on the wrong side Legally so you can't check barrier around like that particular place to go and let regardless Keep those comments coming on the Facebook feed. If you joining us from the Philippines Hello if you're joining us on Facebook feed and China let us know which you're using quickly before June tied is up at the back His hand and he sees coming in Philippines defensive if it's looking sharp so I found trying to hold this one up They got big, strong man and we've seen these sorts of tussle before it's an unsightly part of the game but also quite a music is match scoots away scares along the floor two in the past year to Lulu it's just humbled Good to see the pig knees going Well that's a pretty good bench up really early on for the pains. They just got the way they I play they've got a little bit of the X Factor a bit unpredictable certainly probably a little bit more fleas driven then the 20 sold Chinese sword much like the women's team just remorseless they match on the advantage to find for this Chinese National program that really do You're scratching your head Some very very, very big, strong mean Chinese National program Luke Smith goes quick off. The Mark is a stickler for those things It looks sick and highest point score in the series Now look here at Nick Robertson It's a good bit of work tries to free up the ball for the runners They hold them down just over the 10 meter on his Tommy Gilbert spots He goes pass my joke and it's not easy to do It's a great way to work for Tommy Gilbert. He put on a bit of footwork This space off the market Well I found that quite surprising did tell me I would discussing his former the brand last night on the buffet and he seems to be pretty happy with the way things are going well wouldn't real spring in the step there track. Maybe that's gonna be the key to some of these speeds. This they do love it good on the foot He was first breakfast Two 6:30 AM first orders He was down there so he's obviously Johnny's food There's nothing like the call of Imitation Bacon Grant You know that they've been a bit hard on the breakfast So first try on the board here after a bit of a tussle in this first half So it's look smooth just getting there The stuff we stretching his belt He's back after absence to Coach Korea He's down there This Jandals There must be hot on the track in front of wearing the Jandals Good hands from it's my song Didn't see the base of it in Korea China will be hoping you can expect himself Hearing off. Now goes to the high holds on them cuz he's a hard man to get you guys knows One way There's a good tackle from Gilbert Falls down the big man Shane Shane Advantage Property crime Serious couple of seasons now Don't avoid is up there with the best I did that came up with a goal in mind Here's what about that One referee He's gonna give me. The penalty trial was pinned in his back for the corner and he got colored and there'll be a cat with it too Was it dear idea Philippians made to pay twice here. I think that's be too happy to be at this They were holding a feeling good grip on this game free rolling and she's a slice of cheese Nick Robinson and the man from the football club is it Is it number 70? No No, you got one minute to go and take a seat in the shade after we sprayed from the management Good game Shaping up But it doesn't fall in China and that was well basically abstracted from scoring by Robinson The head tackle look at the action is he looks back in towards the heavens And I'm pretty sure that Nick Robinson will not know this but there was a panicky football club connection between him and referee Matt Rodin go on his brother Diesel Robin played fullback for the football club Senior means that senior ones. I think they were cool those coaches In the name of the memory I mean like cold Diesel had a brother who grew up to be a referee and now he's referring a plot from PVC Here we go It's just some slightly useful information Yup Six shades. They mostly useless I'm sure let's keep the viewers and throwed on the Facebook feed Get through a halftime break My friend Your comments coming on the Facebook feed. It's good having you with us plenty of volcanoes fans on here of course Come on the volcanoes Learn Join the Chuck Berry comment Pastors, 50 -, one to Dave and all the staff go go. Go. Thanks for being with us opening the second half now China with death penalty Philippians with a man and China looked a strike here. His big look. I gotta look out for him gets on the bounce out the pick at the back but look at the enthusiasm for the defense. I know that it's important to have some good hustle from robert great one is to be putting the best four nine two one and it's a really can i get up early course but she can not be travelling both to ever we seen gave the momentum Just waiting for Charlie to break out of the box I can certainly do that if they want to 65 China Todd hit Here they go then join us through New Jim just from putting himself and earning himself a penalty Anyone for Philippines He just seem to get ahead of his feet This is good straightening by Luke Smith gives it on the board of Berry very smooth gravels and gets there and over in the corner It's ready With just six players on the field Philippines, the volcanoes have struck back here very important First try the series for Rita and what an important one Well let's go to priest the doorbell of this Chinese National team Now someone answer the call Perry losing his footing. It's hard to understand it. Say fear me out there and run up Well I'm convinced his kids got electrifying pace but he's at the labor score Tonight White is 19 points, then he was pulling it on the buffet last night Under the watchful eye of former Black Fish 58 and we can play make it To see the polar pints of politically on his plate last night Unbelievable It's good seeing the great man and hearing some stories and showing some houses expecting to be here at this one and they lead by three conversion No good Any time left for both these sides Come on Look at that bit of trickery there There's a half step Lucian This is really across the face He goes Luna he's gonna beat the first man every time but Nick Robertson is back on the field He had two minutes to think about things He's on hand to show Lulu to the buffet Here is Luke is excitement machines we saw some get now my friend is a national here since changes the Have you a bit more swiftness coming on there but more Peace for China Philippines defense holding up here just trying to pick em down in their own 20 and another look at that interesting bit of trickery there. This is usually win up to half way to clear out going on there from Lehigh Philippines really struggling to hold on here genera matching down field Now here is Luna He's looking for contact. He will give it to you sprawling behind his Bury Beach three does Lehigh wanna correct look at that from usually win straightening the shin and he goes through and it is devastating from China They sure I showed everything they've got their big man fast man Good passing and just very good finishing in the end Give any place to get the conversion from Stretch Lady at the 400 and. He does 40 - seven Finishing moments that Troy come through Many of the body language on the other side of the ball. The Philippines the volcano starting just to move over a little bit of Lisa G Interesting group isn't it We've got home calling the U A E in this group as well Any one of those teams teeth would just say you pull of death indeed and look at the line tearing up. They now trail by four We've got just over two minutes They're gonna have a scrub now not looking very good and he's back playing on one knee I think his little running with no motive lifetime feeling well exactly top of the palms take it my wife is coming outside that's because the blue for the places when and is His way into the next What's the play maker They have gained a bit of beef Two minutes left the Philippines They need a Troy They need it soon China will go for the big shot here I got a massive strong front row but With Hernandez big men themselves The sweat just pouring off these fellows That's so hot down there. It's very humid It's harder than career two weeks ago This is Joella the Castro with the bolt They go for the quick feet They had to get it next month Look Smith right up Robertson is sorry and he's a good ball on the inside to Smith hits Rotten in the face and look at this It is back It's the cash stroke and Didn't get himself isolated. He just tore off down the Middle of it right up to Smith out there to Robinson a minute remaining hit crucial environments for the Philippines This is a big match in this pool could decide second spot already on day one The Castro reaches out big temporary goes over and he has the presence of mind to bring it around and used up a couple more seconds And that could be the ball game volcano erupting well courage but he needs to have that extra scoop of Brown rice and I think it's great wonders on this game Look at that for a finish Talk about excitement go to heavens above Oh there would have been people fans in the Philippines almost falling off of the States where they saw that Mister King Sorry, he's lifted Range just one point the margin Who to go So here's a hair-raising couple of final moments here Smith whatchu gonna do drills it low backwards. Definitely Beck was in forward come China and that's big gap on the eight feet tall The penalty And look that streaming down the field Now there's one more blue Jersey They do them the footwork from Shane He's one of the stars of this Chinese saw He made that look so easy Tired defense and that's cruel for the volcanoes but China sticking to task Conversion is good to talk about getting out of a child to go the app for free I don't think if you're winning back the types to Korea you might see the Philippines felt in a very similar fashion. In the last one We came to give up for this tournament and again very much in the same way as we saw the ball knocked out of his hands China 20, - One, the Philippines 15 and Match of the day for sure that one game number five here today Game five or 40 condolences to the volcanoes. Fans were straight into game six Hong Kong runners up two weeks ago against new comers United Arab Emirates making up the other side of this pool and Hong Kong made some changes They brought with them Alex McQueen and let Reef Morrison who have worked their way in Starting seven sit Bryan on the bench. There's another name and then the usual suspects for Hong Kong The U, A E where we saw two weeks ago they've got some big men Some would say unusually big and they've got about four feet Born players look out for the tuna and one of the leading trade scores in this competition Is Suck Nissan with six tries in Korea as the teams come out so he's one of the players to look out for he's in two but they do have big men Don't they get a little bit of egg roll They keep the heads together They could be a lot of these teams Well it's gonna be a real taste of the Fitness and conditioning tonight the UAE whenever they come from a pretty hot part of the world. They don't get me wrong but this hate and then this plank sevens in conditions like these and they have got some grilled physical specimens U A scores Nice out in Jersey Two want to look out for will catch you from anywhere Jane John from Korea also She is our referee from Japan as we get underway potential banana skin here for Hong Kong This is Russ Welcome to everybody joining us on the Facebook feed here with your form the UAE or Hong Kong Good to have you with us and here goes the danger man Nice out Tackle from Coverdell Good early passage from the UAE Just slipping Matthew Richards It's a very strong run from this big man Tuna good leg drive boats far as it away entry, Stevenson gets the pass There is danger Mouse himself You can scoop down the sideline with hardly any room He's been bundled out so Hong Kong with her in the first 60 seconds of U A E position From this law do you can't sharing his right hand up against the sideline on the other side of the field Leon collaborate with the beautiful long pass Jamie Hood decides to go downtown this week that's tracking across for this He comes U K and he's been shed back there and you does well but that's good work from Andrew Simple oh good pick up Look at Hong Kong here comes Matthew Richard Now and in front not gonna catch him will attempt to big pass legal with the big swing in and he can't just launch it and Red flag raised U A E well they're not here to make up the numbers they met Richards with a good finish Talk about Indian stuff. It's not really What do you wanna be playing in this heat but look at that. Great Chase and Jamie Hood now It might be feeling particularly happy to be out of the way into that tackle could do look very nearly done it too Great try from UAE Well played seven points Conversion Good Selena Paraline Gibson with a comment Awesome Trimex Thanks for joining us Selena And a quick apology to try screw up his nephew rich. It's not Matthew Richards Conversion is good at seven Coverdell takes that one on one knee gets the arm going into Andrew Simple From Cox's first Chance we hooks up with Lee Jones one of the veterans in the side Here's another one. You can shrink and another Jamie Hood covered out They've all been around for some time next Wood wood looking for the purse Richards takes him on the tackle a little bit hard wood wants to get almost things For which they covered would would just trying to figure out what to do and it's a good challenge from U A E lucky, not to win that Look at the big frame of night boats. There grabs hold of wood like a Red door Straightens goes and it's a good ticker from nice out He got around the outside of him but got the arm swinging and just launched the ball so first real chance to Hong Kong fizzles out Keep working Come here quickly can like sit on the task Changed just a little quite protecting the ball Here we go It's fair enough to Simply covered from Hong Kong Simple gets it out quick and Stevenson far as it across the nice out they change Look for the Jack clear mister storming lifted alone Trying to get the arms free Pick One or two over couple of minutes left in this first half To show you, she doesn't have 11 leg can do to a new team like that They've seen it with a couple of teams they come in. It takes them a legal to start to find out what they're good at what it's all about 歴史 史て キマネソ んなチ ンプ や直 ね こ ジ ンー しっかり 宙る けで ええ ス ブす ゲに け So I grew up with a bit of footwear That's nice big tackle coming in What would I think You know one of the play makers takes on the lawn Bowling two hands Patient work Lee joins stepson 12 piece. The third with the past foot now is now on in front of him when it comes back at him Does the tuna with a good tackle Got a finger on him pulls him down Woodward now looking for the playmakers his Web puts on a touch of goose gets taken with a reasonably high shot into the last minute now hong kong who want to score here good kids a show want to like you can't take it then what happened the one is in our pronunciation is not coming so well to offended point u me can be finished the half hit these three times a greater holkar odd even you i with the same important facts of the time is really put the space And the sort of the team Just reading the expression from He's a veteran of this homecoming sword and he looks pretty ripped up He's pretty can't get brought into this Prop Kevin Instantly one of the hard performance for homecoming be interesting Well there it is We had a little guy he didn't suck. You saw nice out realize the gate was shot and they shut this half out Seven U, A E against Kong There'll be no alarm bells ringing in the Hong Kong camp yet but for everybody watching from the UAE Be on the edge of their seats Hong Kong favorite seed for this group Don't forget to follow us on the old Facebook at Asia dot Reg beat keep up with the state of play videos highlights interviews photos and we're also in Asia Live Instagram and finally we're on Twitter at Ray Asia Rugby What is going on board for by sides at the Olympic Stadium opened in 2010, which is two years after the Olympics Jett. But you've got some insight on why it's called an Olympic Stadium when it was an Olympic year Yes. Well viewers will be pleased tonight that the use of the term Olympic refers modern designation for the particular speak of the venue as opposed to being actually used for an Olympic Therefore we're sitting in an Olympic Stadium a Stadium which the OCC is deemed usable for these standards Well, it's a glorious Stadium. Isn't it It's it's got the running track around it Will you just can't go around Willy-nilly faring the wood on stuff ground You know I think that's probably what the problem is It's been given a good guy He didn't do it must be as well White standards completely seen some faith It's a beautiful piece of tooth out there as well very flat and hard and stinking hot about three hours dry from Hong Kong and that's how long it took us to drive up yesterday a lot of teams having challenges getting here There's no airport There's an airport. It's been hours drive away Otherwise I give one is having a lovely time here at the Joe International Stadium Two 2019 Asian Rugby seven series Russ Dunkel little Chip and it's nicely taken by Ralph Morrison who's on the field. He's been out of Rugby for some time Jack Nicholas on and nine as well Coach Paul John is running. Some changes could do lead looks out to Ray Morrison. He puts on a bit of a ghost the fresh legs. He pops it up and what a start to the second half Come out of the blocks and the replacements have made the difference Jack Nibble Raf Marzen And that will give them a little bit of comfort Right This time at the University proud of that he was a pretty big talent He already represented Hong Kong at the seasons is a youngster and his routine into the Hong Kong program. It's a pretty big tuck as far as the locals it can seem Continuing on hand to school He's a man of action The Beach time growing talent so I think probably ever purchased He's old Zip He's got cold springs in his legs It's a number of play makers out there for Congress with with the restock Jamie Harden do leave They can all get something going nothing tomorrow It's been out with an AC joint problem for about six months Happy to be back in the squad Here's Alex McQueen I can't paint her as well. I gets absolutely belted after he's made the pass and he goes right Morrison again There's no one in front And what an impact he's made two tries in two minutes in the second half, the young man reporting for justifying his spot this week to the selected The space well now it's queen running the ball back creating space wood for great verse and he doesn't look that fast doesn't but he's definitely quickly She looked at the spruce trying to take off spread word Lift off It's a homecoming of regular way into the lead here for the first time Wave guys but deeper the Storm McQueen Times run well and checks into Stevenson his own side Now appreciate guys back on the U A E to make something and that's not gonna help Conor Kennedy with the cuff up there right under this post most and this will give corner Grand chance Said Brian comes on for Hong Kong five It's gonna go into with Wildwood Jack Neil Alex McLean to the right This is the sort of situation never wouldn't mind having a crack at the line Nice sell there in the background with his hands on his shorts up Jack Noble Would would have a chance to boats about what they might be doing later after this match pressure barbecue bring your plate looks phenomenal comes around. The blind looks to hook up with the rest takes on the Red line gets monster say Brian. The new man on he's very elusive and the tackle it and there is Jack nibble a wrinkles over from close and I did it Right in the end but it's good to fence initially from the UAE first in the series for the flyer Jack There he is Let's see what Jay Z we'll be making a number of fans pretty happy to be event Questionable techniques we come back and plan to the heavy traffic I wanted to make a statement. Look at this from rest. We want to beauty of the left foot never looked like missing It's an absolute cracker from Russell Now they've created a little bit of breathing space Waves under that one with a pitching which queen gets it back with his left hand Morrison looking for his head trick It's taken by Ashley Williams and all of the Johnson Nibbles Look There's a hand on that he can't do that he she motto's right there is check you'll ever crack again trust to get the short ball to put Morrison for his hat-trick in I'm sure if that was knocked down or not don't but I think it's a U, A E feed He's So everyone getting to run for Hong Kong early in the tournament and just a miscommunication. There is One player was chopping back in and here's a chance in the last minute for Hong Kong to underline This performance started out a bit well bleed down the half with you look at this side He got stalls right rest. We see Braun it's really changing. The gap here is Web looks puts in a big Wall run out to Alex McQueen and with the youngsters in the veterans like that McQueen see that one first try the series first game of the series for him placing his brother Tom He was in the team two weeks ago He finished off with a fourth draw The Sandy Bay man received it with a beautiful person. You see from Web the Footy club man and what a pass. It was not much work to do for Alex McQueen Stain just gives him a little hurry up for being a bit of a shock Water again It's not far off the Mark Skills White And the penalty as well so that it's for they fell plate on Alex McQueen And shot the door Yeah no interest in anymore points. They're happy with that 20 - 27 After initial scale U A E shine that they're improving with every game. run the way here. It's 20. - 27 Hong Kong over the United Arab Emirates. Well, that's a good We sort of Hong Kong The U, A E didn't sort of quietly into the night. They stuck it to them and let's be honest, they held the First half we'll play Okay here we go It's gonna be South Korea versus this should be a beauty from the Olympic Stadium in China You know food around Robin Mitch today on the men's side of the draw These two teams Will be desperately trying to win this game Other them could take out the pool look out for Jen, Jungman and 71 of the leading try scorer in the tournament Big Jenks, young men and three He's a danger man leads back in 500 Cocoa is back with us in number eight He was absent but some talent on the bench to Kim Novak one of the Big 15 stars and some big players here look at that number is three Dance Diane Kevin Dixie And we also so please like share and on the bench to convert just got some very good choice They got some really prolific killer players. You can just go from anywhere Both these sides have very speedy players probably got quicker players than other teams like China and Hong Kong even Japan This is a big game. First stop for these two sides did certainly is I can only think that Korea gonna be right up against the Wall on this occasion. The task is will be feeling at home here in the hate and the fast track and They've got some fast year if they wanna call it We know we have water. They can really made it. But Christian is South Korea Hold onto the ball and take it straight at them and they got the size. They've got the strength to blow the doors off this better Michael Caine style So this is a pool amench Morgan White from Hong Kong and up and coming young referee from the society Just still Hong Kong beat U A E 20 - 27 We still tryna beat Philippines 20 - 115 no walkovers today so far and you can expect the close run here. He's prolific life boat will get us underway Korea assault that can play some damaging savings once they get their mojo This is Kevin Dixon here in number seven East is a himself Duke doesn't trust to win that hundred coconut making a piece of himself straight away Don't you Diane The three spaces this lock horns early It's Jen Jones man out there in seven they looked probably donate Charlene straight up just gets it away his denture day and again they taken the loan on Lincoln is just pass it back and forth across the field. But coach Matthew Lee got them asking questions of the line already They're up to half right now That's a big run Tackle from one Continuity from the managing to hold onto the sports still in their own half is to lean up It's a one -on-. One Jang song might be beaten and finally they work it back. Good tackle from Career now looking to get to the Coca Cola and that one 's called forward just in front of the ball. So that's just a little bit lazy. They were looking for Jane Jon Ward and they're gonna have to now look after the Scrum instead of chicken period of defense for I saw the first two minutes krishna a few pench teach the source of the stream food really give the taste is something it up join so many kids to the same they get a quickly show lanka off take care This beautiful from Janita Duchaine and you can't coach that that's sort of making something out of nothing in this two Korean sprawl out on the floor and back plate and they've been rewarded for some enterprising opening plan. This first three minutes that is dynamite outside Get the channels open Talk about rapid The team didn't have the happiest trips stuck on a two and a half hours waiting to share the road The city teamed up and at least an ideal state which have in fact have something to doing right performance okay और आपसे vinod one from the rishta forty hindu parking area this is to look Draw number two is it no Oh great tackle from Jang song man that he's an athlete this man and for all money I thought was in He's pulled off a beauty At the Bank I lost some of you. Boo It really was about was that James had to turn that he was involved in the tackle is the bull screwed to tune and he did it He's a big man, but he's very quick here. They are looking for Jana Jones There is Jane looking Lee Young decides to take off gives it to Jenkins gets it back again Good into play from these two Jane Jon Manley is electrifying when he go the way he's been matched for speed or Kevin Dixon so i thought i'll say can be known as this is big wrong in join look at their kim called me nothing everybody started it's an idea made effect myself korea And they must have been 15 passes. That's a beauty And the debate with it as well say the task is near the end of six plus the economy of leading a Troy guy The even Stevens They're running and the three or four minutes Well let's disappear At the core for the swing out over the shoulder Gentleman Sorry Selena Bernard is in the pocket texted one full players committed to that his genital Troy score That's good defensive work from many can't work it back up to the running to Jackson Minute and a half They try to get away. It's like an electric bill Good shot It's at the Korean Now I got this down for a minute Oh huge shower and go from Lee's Young Bae bounce pass to Kim Goldman Coca-Cola Now he's got some skills. This big man It's Tommy goes to Grant shovels it back to Kim Jong man He's up against a couple of Koreans here on the ground. The other shrink and didn't mean Just a big forward and he's just he needed to angle back and feel Pretty easy defensive if they write it easy for the show You might be down to a back to a full coverage in the players they lead They've had the work had extra hard There is the anchor up by two probably wanna make something out of this Rizzo Coconut. There is like an octopus They're looking just to get the bull into this electrifying runners Long does well, there is cold out of the lawn, but he eventually makes the tackle. That's good work from him getting on the outside as the speech to Jason and he skinned Cocoa out there as well as Kim Grown Man and he's got some guests too They've got six or seven electrifying runners and they finished with a trial after the shooter the task is getting around The balance of the Trump stand and give them a guaranteed extra tea Charlene and command of this game against Korea No two ways about it And the view is on the Facebook feed with the comments there. They're happy with that 12 tries to one in the first half Of course the Rugby Sevens series moves to Colombo two weeks from now See you there You look at the placings two weeks ago in Korea Shrinking is finished fifth beating the Philippines in the fifth sixth playoff South Korea Losing the third and fourth battle against China to take four spot China and third Hong Kong losing to Japan and the Cup final The series really is All about seatings for the Olympic qualifiers innocent a chance for now standing s of the series will sort of two so it's the chance to country in the seven series call of us which will be held in february in children and require and interesting you move for ipl while seven series qualification prices normally attempt down to home convent but they do To take two legs leading into that decide who will actually compete in the qualifying tournament that will be based on the outcome of the tournaments in chili and at the back half of February soap Big expense bills for those stores did well. They got a competitor's ground. There's absolutely no two ways about it Are you available I think just checked my daughter to see exactly how available I am say hello Maybe even Not gonna be waiting for the wine What a face to it will be his coconut as we get underway and the second half to Kim who's on a night The trailing by a couple of schools already and that's a little bit sloppy. They've got away with it He goes Jang song men went to beat and he trips himself up It's a little for the final defender. This seen A hundred and 15 kilos of Jang song man Korean beef running at the areas again We've seen a few people tripping over today is the five gets it back again We've seen a much more patient effort from the Koreans already this week is they give away the penalty They're willing to work their way down the field He goes to dealership scored one already. He's got snips out of tackle He bounces back to his feet but he can't get em and it's official blow this 45 grands back wresting the hands Knees back, light destroying. Isn't it At the top of the game conditions here are very, very difficult and all I think we're saying just well suited These temperatures the Tuscan and so the only reason they're winning obviously but it's energy shipping. We tryna change these mean you're ready Ready already can run a lot of the ones You gotta try it Check them plus degrees 80 plus minutes If you can't get the ball that's one of the things that the Tuscan have done very very well Friendly Attacked but they keep holding the ball I put a gap here on the Korea They're gonna be next to school sharing some good face plates some good continuity and struggling to get their fast many way. They're up against a very fast team indeed going in hard as Kim Jong Minute the ball there as he wanna have held on Starting to get the ball back with the tackle Jason Good thing. They got hold of him early He's like very slightly Korean out They've got full minutes. They have time they need to school three times Here's Jane Jonathan James Sharman The big man will try to bump him off He's very powerful but they're looking after him Gang tackled Riza comes in It's a great tackle day in around the ankles You can't run without the leagues Most fathers would tell their kids James Sharman again they get high on him It's not usually the best option on the big man They bring him down Kim Jong man struggling to get anything out of the strength and defense It's an all new defensive lineup Coach Matthew Lee has been working hard on the two weeks off big hit him and takes him Struggling to get an inch. Yeah Looking for an opening lead over the top things are getting heavy three minutes remaining They're looking for one individual to blow this open here. He is Joe That's the only way he knows. That's what he's there for but it spilled out the back Look at Korea He comes from they're blowing them open Just fantastic patient defense looking for their opportunity and Kevin Dixon of this and again they've turned over career back in the half just wondering what happened there Showing the shots at the back plate on the back field of the diamond because career lights string across the Park What is gonna be an emphatic win for the Tuscan takes another step towards being it's just the performance of the cases the addiction so just major reason different looking solanki and so it was seen in different two weeks ago If any sing 12 minutes or so, but I just love so much sharper on defense and they look blistering once they get the ball They really didn't look very impressive and career and they wound up fifth I look like top four contenders for sure this weekend only day and the moment they look very much the way they're confidence driven theme that we know that it can be risky and Stevens You have all the confidence in the world but if they're leaves you well You're in real trouble it's been a head of state Florida again but I don't have to worry about getting the away and nothing's going careers right Little unfortunate fumbled the restock trying to play this game out with a minute to go No hurry but I'm sure the Koreans fucking hurry. All that this one is long gone Look lighter down schedule today Career will be up against Japan in the final match up today. Game 16 and it's gonna be a blood bath of career. Can't pick themselves up will play Chinese Taipei It's the bottom seat with this wind shall have in the very least look like at least so up second spot After this match with Japan Chinese Taipei Farm round of men's games in the first round the clock here really push your butt goes quick köy köy Which is interesting? Isn't it seems like investing and you know black China is investing in Olympic coaches that Korea they're investing in hosting the Olympic qualifiers play still yet to play the servants. We know they probably could have had a decent coach that knows his way around the picture So Korea they've been pumped by very very good indeed and that's it Already match up later today Korea, Japan 20 -, eight points to five That is a little bit of Will be returning to the women's side of the draw Please stay with us Japan Here we go in game eight today on the opening day of the second leg of the seven Series, Japan powerhouses of Asian Rugby are up against Chinese type Bahamas against minnows you'd expect and winning the Cup and career two weeks ago This is a solid looking to build momentum for Tokyo next year So a team up Skipper at five Look out for Also on the bench players like to look at who is serving a suspension lotty to care and look at Chinese type Well one poll way in number five We've always liked mister Wang He's a gutsy young player but also a last week a few other players started to emerge from the squad to keep your eyes on It's a young side and the main goal in this series is probably just to retain their place at the elite level They're up against it They took the wooden spoon in career two weeks together lost the seventh and eighth playoff with United Arab Emirates The new players on the block nearly stayed out of relegation in 2018 Malaysia It was it went down and here is Japan Notably missing like zero king so you can second again with the score we not sure fusion been registered over deal as one of the best class will be seven s Alright Ready Rio is with the ball in hand And as usual there isn't a ground you've got to in the world are not fine Japanese expats They are terrific supporters of this side sevens and 15 here today and it's great to see The leading score 30 - four points out of Nearly mistakes Chinese talk paint Look to look at the size difference in these two front rows is one must worry about 80 kilos up against and gets to carry So achiever in effect, they want a big so they not work from them This is one of the players to watch. He's dancing down the soil line great running from Utah He really wasn't impressive career and he started fast year He's not afraid Do not be scared to play the big guns and let's see what Chinese top bringing today institute nehal want she way of eleven start production back and so there look so now Play on Sean talk They must love plan against Japan. It's there's nothing to lose as their chance to ever go and he goes and she is gonna break them open for the first try of the game And it took one minute 40. - After that, I'm like Japan good stop boy Chinese exciting to see them playing with a bit of freedom and a bit of wood but in the end this position of the ball And Japanese saw pretty breathless Alright round spot to get back on the inside and they just got on the gate Successful convention ladies even though It's a young fellow with a bit of responsibility on their shoulders It's not longer şimdi hayır işte istiyor There's a mismatch in size down there in some spots inside the defenders with a reach of a good 30 cent of hitters more So a team up he was outstanding in Korea Let's go to Hendrick in South Korea Semi finals but look at this You got a feel for full Sun way chin Yeah you see he's trying to chase them one of the fish names If you picked an Asian short sweet with stain would be pretty much. The first cable ring not successful 12 the score but we've seen this Japanese method of packing up a big boy at bat went to create some space on the other Show them working Tandem sweet dreams and to carry that they follow through games and career a couple of weeks ago they split the field just give us the fences or something to worry about on either side and then you've got some of these great playmakers The fright Well things like that just happen regularly regular each think ground Yeah. Big First, we've seen of him on the series this year I'm not sure what fun way thought he was doing there. He tore out took on three Japanese defenders with no one inside about 30 meters from his own side He got easily turned over Well, it's obviously the audience is going He does all the audience Sometimes it's a good idea Sometimes it's not such a good idea This is the end of playing Getting disposition ninteen new day in after for half minutes the gift pack is the again it carry from him for the schools are gonna show it forward Look at that The inside Bowl is you gonna go in for number two Ohio two quick dries to the big front row having a good time out there The Chinese Taipei they just can't get their hands on the ball from the restarts and you got me This must be 30 kilos heavier than their opponents Conversion is missed This looks like the man who's taking up the mantle trying to fill the big boots of soccer Chinese able to get there but they've done Chinese coach by Nathan Major five or six seasons ago it looked like Chinese took were getting in on the investment of quality coaches Pretty lasted one season So a team goes in for the big hit I can't pull it off Johnny's after looking to take some of the second half They decided to go to the top There's no one backed in spite of a foot race and Chinese get the bounce, but I think he's rolled forward That's unfortunate enterprising work from Chinese type but they're in the half trailing by Japan 20 - Just to such a Tardy and classy outfit Japan See the way they operate behind the scenes at the team hotel Operate well together, there's obviously a good feeling amongst the group Coming up Strong face that performances like this 20 - four points to know what that means is Chinese pay a bunny but up against the class size and strength of the agent I really found it tough to hang on Join us Please come with us on this magnificent journey to the games Rugby on Facebook and I thought Rigby on Instagram picture thousand wads and get some great wig being done live as the handle on Instagram They did some terrific work behind the scenes in the digital team and I will be on Twitter at Rugby Mister Justin and Grant will reply to you later tonight but let Santa really is not Alright. It's the last thing I do before bed every night is like check the rugby Twitter account Chicken on the Barbie Chicken for Chuck Norris Chuck Norris Happy to be here Happy to see them here making some good noise cuz I'm holding the bottle and you don't see that enough No tells around sporting events like used to I mean look at that flagrant use of the Bird lady wanna be congratulated As long as it hasn't been on the bar couple of years Hawking of Line Chinese Get us underway Front of this small but growing crowd Here comes to pan breaking out of it from under the ranch sticks motor fresh legs. He's gonna go A hundred Coast to Coast They tried to get him but they weren't He has got wheels trying number five That's enough to get your coffee looks like got some hard work and Beautiful wife and field running Well it's clear to see someone chasing night Forcing the issue 20 - one points. I have to say Children along with their really think they had a second gear at the Diamond It is absolutely perfect Look at that one and you see that Chase from Chinese Taipei he's forced Japan outward and they've missed a conversion so he can put that down to two points to Josh and Shane It doesn't matter though because Japan have the bulb and they gonna leak another one here They're one just opened up I don't try to Instead of the series looked up and saw a lot of along there and fancy his chances Well you look like all the way to the lawn Unfortunately, you've got themselves in a pretty sticky spot Is Japan prepared to roll up that one 's gonna bit longer? He has some Chinese master Oh look at that Y'all She he gets in the road and he goes a hattrick. The big man cohort and isn't a good scene forward school This It's a wonderful time of the world Look at that sweeps on the past and always the the fourth draw is the prison six o three points here to all to points before against the recovery healthy with regards after this the story that i need a very Japan with three stuff What we say Well, they taste they push They're gonna go after it Once again there's a bit of aerial volleyball there and they only get it here we go There's one debate There's plenty of runners with the tech timed it well Yeah, she heard himself yet beş Cannot take the field In this game he's serving a few minutes suspension for High-tech un nom Totally need him at this point They're in a tough group Chinese talk pipe resourceful languages before looking really good in Korea Very tough and dude Come to pan again far and wide thought he was gonna get full it and she try perhaps just a little bit too far ahead of him Three minutes left in the game The reason Japan entirely threatened at all really Begin for Japanese rugby just six days away from the big dance Magnificent What a great game to be right to be alive The mixture of games Tremendous Please speak to take the lights and the wilds Talk to you Creates rainfall and the nation's in this region We're starting to see the potential parentheses may be in the future It's funny Generally half Fast-moving look at quickly. They got up Profit made relatively lost Free critic chain There's gonna hear at a place that he's done it on a day like tonight Absolutely remarkable like just This is the really it's lighting the game Change your position What do you want them I'm watching that for Japan fortunate for Charlie's if they can just keep control of this ball for the next 20 or chickens or the pain and the hassle and the fury dissipate They'll be straight under the roof into the shade into the cool I believe you touch a polyp His pitches to raft of small battery operated fans just to make the shift in the standard a little bit more credible Well, each team has got their own box this year with the air conditioning along the corporate level On the same level as the country so they don't have to sit out in the heat they do with other stadiums probably down in that Change the sheets Term is up on the clock This is from Fizzles out towards the end Yes and fizzling Craig calls it tune in Japan got their first match under their belt and they're gonna have two tough games coming up Wanna get wanna get to Korea career later today Chinese going to place your Lincoln 40 - one points to Japan reminding everybody who the Let's have a look at the graphic standing standing after one around shoreline very impressive and they wanna have a career and Japan well you know you'd expect them to probably put 50 or 60 on Chinese toy pay manage 40 - one. So they've got the full compliment three points each as a Japan facing Korea at the end of today and Game 16 Hong Kong with Dear One China looking pretty good against the Philippines It's pretty close game night So really tight pull China favorites to take sick and steak and just looking back to the women's standings before we switch back to the Mattress Japan and Thailand Thailand with the the winner of a Kazakhstan perhaps the eyebrow razor earlier today and pull beat China were convincing Against Malaysia, Hong Kong must win 20 - 27. They are the two front runners and we are going straight back into the women's side of the draw. Everybody, it's gonna be short versus Malaysia on the opening day of League Two of the Sticky proposition. I think Malaysia for Lincoln obviously the Lady Tuscan you'd probably back them if you're gonna put a dollar on but Malaysia but we've seen they've got some real plaque and some real food Don't forget the plant that ran down. The Chinese Troy score disrupted the Troy lots of spaces seven Delaney It's a new job number 12 a new shop Some very devastating finishes and in the Malaysian so look out for number six as he's number 12 as he's running. The show is July from four and friend Patrick Walker is back to referee this fixture Sorry one more game each of these teams today get out of the heat Go through the post match protocols as you freeze up Claris gets things underway Malaysia that you interest at this level we are related twenty eighteen series 20 - two points to seven by in Malaysia beaten 50 - six in a Hey guys Delaney nice awesome come on to the same place of korea figure up last we got a bit singapore two weeks ago demonstration avoid bottom spot boy go then after something where china earlier Hope to see Malaysia expressing themselves a little more freely against They also were a little disappointed, probably with their performance against the whole car Just scored the first try It's Delaney she gets on the outside No that would be a good battle He was a time line verses as 12 two genuine speedsters big hit coming in from Madelina It's a new job It's an awkward wine They're losing 20 meters that one Gets it gets monster and the ball was just sitting there This is City Fatima good hand off beautiful bull So as is and one of the danger players is on hand to finish that one and that is really good work by the Malaysians and that's what we start to see from this young sword terrific finish Yeah. Great school from Malaysia Look at this the 10 great Carrie here from 50 Mile and then a good flight and they do have the pace to check the Tuscan outward It's just a matter of They've got the attacking game to school the points and the medication they do not out of the Woods against blanket It's picked an immediate reprisal from a Lady Tuscan giving any of it or just to be with money A very good school Yeah Sort of stuff. Isn't it One of the good thing about what they've been up to you is Grogan's for Lincoln New Janelle tries to get on the outside of Troy score as he cannot and they've done well again as having a blinding start to this match Schools destroy puts in a big hit Now, she's gonna play hooker in the scrum It's the same here What the attitude of the Lady Tuscan is gonna be they're gonna have to get after this This is the path that concerns me that school for break and play a lot of things can what can I construct and here we go over the top It's a foot race Oh man They didn't go on straight We could have been watching a real guy there Yeah. There's the yellow head gear One of the spaces she wouldn't have liked any guest chasing that About the bull beat her over the sidelines Two and a half minutes remaining in this first half trying to get the ball to distract players have done their homework Looks like they're gonna try and consistent lining up Yes they are and it's going over the back to City Fatima bounce pass back to Emily He taught his up looks up three Green and White shirt has a great clear out from his goodness. Me she is a real star of the side It's not the biggest plan it this guy is a hundred percent That's a bit hard surely Elena gets monster Patrick doesn't seem here they go again stretch as he's as he's hands on the outside and clinically done by the yellow caps they go in for Troy number two, he gets a belt around the head for a really superb finish gold tops This is a boiler over brewing some of my concerns Can I construction play each? They can look at this passing ladies and gentlemen And then a clean sheet heels for the lawn Yeah Yeah Yeah Very encouraging stuff Ladies are looking to convince the team With the two they lead to charges to know Lady Tuscan Brain trust to get himself together I need some leadership on the field This is what I love about this tournament is at the bottom half of each tournament especially the woman's You see these teams that making such great ground game in three seasons ago Easy beats for everybody Last year. They finished fifth out of eight beating Thailand and every fifth six playoffs and now here they are under the pump against Malaysia really is fantastic Awesome Good While the test is to keep hold of that bull different then Just a trap the ball on the ground with one hand and use your body effectively to keep the bull protected Confidently painting then they chase even it's not friendly for anybody In the country position, you'll be hitting the night ladies and gentlemen the Grant Message Sorry Relief across the universe The hood is gone My laser They fancy some more Why not they've looked dangerous every time I go to as he's as he's in outside Delena she gets the bounce. She gets the score What a Troy and I didn't think anyone would have the wheels on Delano But they show they've got a kicking game after the hood up and they just go up another few notches in a restorations don't night Well I think they've been busy The Lady Tuscan here through just a very Of a tank Look at this touch here That is an absolute beauty and just wonderfully finished good. Tackling the invite the defender but just not enough Malaysia all the of the have right futures treat us to done what half so rupees and fifteen points to know i'll i'll be task is both from malaysia is very really step in the media to any of the presence they have just one the first of all right be social media ladies and gentlemen please followers and Support Asian right at Facebook Let's say you can follow us there And then of course on Instagram so popular around the planet Let's see some rugby shots from where you live I used to live on Instagram And then as well as their on Twitter for the old dad perhaps at right behind the handle seeing the wishlist through who's gonna win this game. Maybe you wanna tell us it will be all is plus. We've got great change happening at the moment on the comment section of the live feed on Facebook We're in store for a pretty good-looking half a foot here This is an interesting game and here we go That's a tongue Rugby shirt from that's for all of I coach the under Simmons last season and he he's one of mine You better get down there and make sure he's registered what a moment he's followed me He's one of my biggest fans and how about that tongue? Strong club from Hong Kong Japanese supporters at least is he comes straight from many Rugby training still got his kids on these two are getting on well whatever different different vibe up there more than getting on very nicely looks to things they say the islands I can't believe it The Vortex elite Love rugby Say what you see at the Liberty put it upside down but I'm one of those people that can read things up so damn cuz you're a bat Stop Batman Something like that This has been inspiring so far from this young Malaysian side had a chat with city fats as they came in and look at the sleeping over the tech Miss Lena goodness me Look at that Come on It's great strength The tiles are up now and they've put of water in the coaches in there Keep doing what you're doing He goes on again tries to beat Julian what a match up between those two fantastic as he's this is sorry now of the story i think they give they like the services they got the cap solder minus four only what sana kit it's like a jumps on her don't show they can get away And yes I was having a chat to city seemed just delighted that I would know who named to be at a point around and she was just so happy that they were getting their time and run the TV and their friends and family are watching and they seem like a happy bunch on the way in this morning And if you can't do anything more than just enjoy your right beyond and have fun and that's the very least you should aim for It's a time for being serious and more rose but he account what can they put together? I need three scores He goes a new shot She goes through that gap and finally they get it to the dangerous swing up and this is a reminder to Malaysia We're not done yet and we can go the full length of the field fifth drive the series. She's right up there with Chin K and Hanukkah Look at this gets on the outside of Roseanne And she's really well balanced runners and she notice finished from here under the post too so One thing that might be the way that both of these teams are attacking is that Your link it have Great teenager foreign gaps and go through them The laser at the moment are attacking games They're almost forcing them which is it's a different way of doing it and it shows the difference in the mindset of the way that you are approaching the game Malaysian playing with some real confidence at the moment you know they sing half gaps that they think they can turn into full gaps in in this game on three occasions have been absolutely wrong They keep coming at Shoreline Look at the stepping inside. Support from as lean up Good luck Bull. That's good to speed is city regardless for the big word when she gets absolutely mounted It's a fear tackle Oh good work to get the ball out Miss Lina swooping in Miss Lena After getting the passed away she is working hard It's tremendous weight right but see the moment isn't she working hard scampering around looking for some spice up against Roseanne and she finishes and that's Troy number four and what a build up the passes are sticking The support is always there Her first tried the series and this is a real eye opener did well It's absolutely superb play they've done Work down the country touch line and that's ended up with that finish and it's been finished too which is the excellent thing about it If used with the huge skill they've used the play they've used the vase of this There's gonna be a few catching panels here watching this Malaysian saw in the starting the fourth half of top agents Stevens and there's gonna be some real concerns because of these ladies can start a farm a laser Then things are gonna get very very hot in the kitchen We saw tile in earlier with the defeat of Kazakhstan that raised a few eyebrows but Here we see another making their wipe clean up with the tackle She's really a great song Married gets it away Since you wanna here she goes She finished again from here Goodness. Me across comes as he pulls down what a tremendous chase they tip and go quick Can they get blue shirts behind the ball They try to hold it up They tryna muscle into the post Can they get underneath the ball Patrick Cox right there and says they have what a recovery absolutely remarkable What a run from a new shop but she was mowed down by Then the good defensive work to force the knock on again. It was as he's down there Getting up in the face Two toys a try saving tackle and now she gets in the road and causes the mishap She's had a storm up Look at that Well that's next level stuff isn't it you know when you come in at the bottom ring and you just trying to get your personal running and patterns of playing defense and then to pull out a skill from the next level holding someone up over the field once they're on the ground Wow it's young players taking a bit of a knock and I think they're gonna do the right thing in Just bring it right up Running here and do you wanna achieve stomach goes back towards the ball there for me, she says I'm not leaving this shape Official Well that's going on I think she's all good. Might let's go on a holding nothing you know when you talk to the gills, he never thought he really cure wants to see out this What would be a famous victory for them She wants to be there deserves to be the attorney She gets the ball away on the floor and they get the toe on it relieved the pressure into the final minute Now it's all over really Well, you ask if we've seen a bit of an upset I think this might be really an upset straight on the top performance stand was pretty powerful fish right It did raise eyebrows, but this is Malaysia taking on an experience for Lincoln side and really Blend them And they want more coming up to the hood and now he gives the fake shiny She toes it through Russians after it landed Delaney's put under all sorts out there against these youngsters she gets to her feet Delaney comes back at it the sounds and the penalty conceded Wanna do here that they wanna try and stay in touch on a school board They need the points on your idea idea and the pressure stays on right to the final hood of the final whistle The shorelines have been blindsided here by Malaysia and a superb Fort Troy performance four very good toys and new shot for shot with the one if it Couldn't get away this space and that is one of the most inspiring sets of 40 minutes. We've seen on the series this year. Well done Malaysia Charlene I'm sure they'll be back well The lady Tossie is looked at after that possibly broughtly so Middle school at all Well that's fascinating 20 points to five Malaysia's stand up We could have a real real good old tournament here from top to bottom But there's no time for wrist here comes a big pull match It's gonna be the host China against Hong Kong the special administrative region of China in this pool match here day one League two and China They're absolutely on fire earlier today Smashing Malaysia 50 - six No Hong Kong got the water over shrinkers eventually 20. - 27. Gotta say that China look good. This is gonna be a tough game for Hong Well that's should be a real tea sterling for the Hong Kong sword and they need it They want it That's why they've come here to China Well look the numbers might be stacked in their favor This one sword. You don't wanna slip up against it's Hong Kong cuz they will take you look out for six young faith face. She's got a hattrick in the area game 10 K E and number seven leading try scorer Maker extraordinaire Cocaptain Melody Lee Olsen Thorn for Hong Kong and then there's some real regular names and then come in chunks And also a sprinkling of new players like Jessica Eden, Stephanie Chan Amber Jana And this will be the match Ultimately you think to decide First and second spot although Hong Kong really have to play Malaysia tomorrow we saw that they have got something good going as gets underway goes deep the Sun in the arm It's a good take by mailing mailing and they're on the front foot already Look at the weave running from Pink taken down by our young and I've got the good wide passing going on already too Here it goes This is the massive gap opens up before her and just in Seconds into this match they've stunning Homecoming here and we saw in the early match Look out for number 10 You win. They got some very good runners Try the series for her You know I'm gonna stop for homecoming China confidence on the ball and he got the ball in the space and they finished it well I think your faith lift their previous game feeling like they're living pretty hard but they started this game exactly the same way. Look at that straight through the gap even again it was just open field Clinical staff by China His 10 K E with the restock Look at that. That's a beauty Really, that's what you want you forward to be asking for that every time they face secured on the ground It takes it to the ground Jessica with the tackled it yet may link It's top It does the Virginia's new Yang Just greetings. Looking busy He goes try score Check by Allston Thorn Newly pink Now gets it away You can't take. It also comes through Lamps are opposite Pink goes down the tough channel yet my link The skipper back on the inside the wing. When you there's another player scored two tries earlier some great runners carriers We're having to work hard here on defense made a number of tackles already at the back with Yang Faith Faith Pink The lawn come up quick so she steps off her right Face after face China good patients May link takes on Melody Lee. The two skipper came together And it's a big ugly. They finally turn it over his chant Trump little bit of a seatbelt tackle gun on it from New York His time to remind straight before getting accosted A ton of phases in Hong Kong doing well to stick with it or even China that I think three minutes is really put on call on the heels just the way they getting a bit of a business China absolutely hammering Hong Kong back on the channel They can see some. Yeah, it's being made baked They might be continue a little bit of ground but in the end Closing the income defense a lot of problems Showing up to get the border man there Little bit of miscommunication so they've given it away quite cheaply It's difficult scrum though lots of pressure coming in from the Chinese front row Putin is full of chat yet my leg blocks it out They go such a good sit Peace He's young faith faith Yo yo yo Amen Again the captain takes on She pulls it down Good work from the little plate Awesome thorns. There surely is gonna win that Yes she sits off now The smallest players on the pitch but She feels no player and it's going backwards as well. It's I'm totally put it down to Chinese pressure Jones at the back has a look up They're really jammed up against the line and that's unfortunate That's good. Pressure points frustrated five minutes in in their camp and their own pain feeling the pressure of the year. But She's gonna major either getting absolutely smothered boy This Chinese team at the moment China's foreign Pistons given those school but comprehensive performance Yeah Look at the footwork from Yang Faith Faith Three tries in the opening game straight out the Scrum kiss Kiss. Bang. Bang off the right foot twice and that's a very good finish. Isn't it Wrong footing everybody Well just sweeping a homecoming assault here and this is a real message to you Japan and Kazakhstan and other teams in the top four As performing in high and they came to put on a shirt While the Olympics does something to you Deep down below And look at this look at this from the sprint. oh she guys to the racist wing when you score the braces earlier against Malaysia and she has got placed upon as well They have got threats all across the Park She is a glory that she glides in for Troy number three Laughter with a jet engine Michigan Defense holding off but really just pretty much paints screen doing a pretty good job to keep her away from the polls and some play down the back play in the moment is the teams go to the break I think it might be Melody Lee which is gonna be a real consent to the Hong Kong squad One of the hottest ever seen and you're not being around some real problems Shauna dominating here at The Vitamin Facebook we're on Instagram World-class images at Asia Live Bend If Twitter is your thing get us there at Asia Rugby I think Hong Kong they do well to play so hard usually top four teams but it's been a while since I've had some pace Eggy puns lift you notice Most of these other teams have out now speeds one. Maybe it's Florence Simmons I think it's definitely gonna be part of the formula going forward place has been one of work, right? It's been one of just tenacity and in many ways they typify. I think the way that Ground from time to time they get exposed for not having some major storm weapons for so long was Sort of the key to some of these success, but even then they had to be putting the space and give them the opportunities to school which more often than not. She did be interesting to see where they did this new talent from, but they shouldn't had success in age group level As if you're the sports and thinking Hong Kong they can pick from as well Greetings to Daniel Channel the general manager of Singapore Rugby joining us on the Facebook feed for my Singapore International himself right having you with us and that's China here already up 1990 half time They've just got the gas They've got the wood on Hong Kong at the moment They're coming at them in waves This is Julie Pink Here's the floor wing when you on a short ball chin K E that can't put her away for Troy it but don't matter cuz Yang faith face on scene and another head trick for her Sorry two for this game three in the last I'm getting ahead of myself She is in the right place at the right time but two tacklers every time to bring down the Chinese plans and it's just opening up Hong Kong through the Middle and that word I remember one of the first tournaments involved with Sevens 2015 Hong Kong went on to win the Cup that day they first and only Cup victory beating China in the final after beating Japan in the semi-final Some of those players still around awesome thorn debut in the event and since then I think it's more of a case of everybody else catching up as women's rugby especially Simmons has developed so much in that four years you Shauna bringing in someone like been calling highest point score ever on the seventh Circuit as Hong Kong tries to go quick The investment in women's rugby has been significant and it's the way to go themselves also investing heavily in their program We got a lot of racket bullet coaching the tie woman's team This guy at the four You could certainly character to bring on the field Alright that's it great and look at that name. Mistakes. Ladies make mistakes It's mailing the skipper She's removed the tape around her is Seems to whisper type going What a line there Over the back and well I don't think I would like to been standing on that trail on screwing off against Yoann mailing She looks like someone who wouldn't think twice about your damn chin gets right under it but hooks it I've seen some close matches over the years between these two swords, but now we see China I really have elevated themselves Named takes that one on the fourth our young takes it into contact and look at how China working on defense there Shoe shall with the bull tries to do something different and she's hearing off after this It's got the legs guy puts the pressure on Sorry. It's definitely chin who's on the field Fresh legs Appreciate that she's trying to do something new but China now with the ball and he goes chin Cheese Sorry, number one. The big forward It's called two tries early today as well and it's agonizing for Hong Kong Stephanie Chin starts at chased all the way back She's running a couple hundred meters there It's too cheap She was very impressive very powerful athlete and dude So as the high-risk fly isn't it The guy is wrong They have to get back in town Stiffly channel If it going and that's toughness 10 after creating the attacking play there's 10 got on the gas trying to get back and cover a team that's very much the homecoming character you know that's the kind of toughness that Quite scary when they've got front row that can guess everyone on the outside as well China it doesn't make you feel good. Doesn't the restocks not good Jessica? How they're on a 12 Come in get their hands on the bulk Clode belt as is on and three see much of it Look at her over the ball Yang shoot two of them just getting busy Alright put the hand on the ground or look just great. It looks up straightens She shouldn't be intimidated by this Red line Getting each other's road Now, we want to try to do something It's going a little bit frantic from Hong Kong to tryna wrap the speed up a little bit Jessica. How is something different that little shimmy through She's done noise Can't she get the bounce here she's overrun it mailing Has it for China We see Hong Kong willing to try something different Nearly came off Could tackle from Annette Young It's good good period of play here but they don't have the ball but look at the tag is going at the law and look at the game and 15 almost a rugby League star Now a tempt to stay alive with the ball just put it down here she goes again looking for contact She's loving it work out there China now up against the Troy line They could go from here and they will go from here and no one 's gonna stop Greetings after it but I think shoe is gonna be caught great chased by eating on hand great support from who you she didn't give up She has prospered from the efforts here Coast to Coast China good work from Jessica Reed but they ran out of numbers and that's destroying for Hong Kong They are all over the Park ticket from Eden Jumping, she's got on the needs to dig in and put on the yards, but it's still coming back and making that tackle China just operating on a different level of the environment On a very different level 40 - three points to know referee Hashimoto calls us 140 - five Now that may raise a few eyebrows But China is the second big win of the day Hong Kong kept zero That's probably the hardest affect to swallow from Monahan and his team. They didn't look really like scoring in that game and Chinese defense was We're up next Thailand, Singapore Good opportunity now for Around the world Take a look at the tornado tank We've been talking the map a lot She actually hoping we'd put the bumpers on them Stranger things have happened Coming up ladies and gentlemen and thank probably standing in the tunnel and waiting for the gun. The Women's seven series Thailand playing Singapore Thailand already with one win under the belt probably in history when I retire P M at Butts just names the air to watch as an opponent Number 12 for Singapore units at Steven Samantha number eight Excuse me number nine Like some of the more players to Singapore and they struggled early Against Japan Singapore and it doesn't get any easier and let's start with the drill for them as the ladies of the Kingdom Thailand i have pain one of the things that really impressed ah Last three tournaments The other one but a big taste here in front of Singapore is like get ready To take off Secure now will they break it out of the Park That's the question Please be fast time to get up and the toilet wanna give them too much time on range because It's gonna be pretty hard still maintain the board Try to channel it one That's what we're told that one came in like a rocket return To bring down the Singapore's attack tackle them type of take it One loves it back Looking for some runners taken by Singapore. That's good to feed right way by Singapore's driving defense by Singapore Let's put them on their back foot Thailand will have to try it Right at the corner it's a trip to the top which is an immediate admission that they've lost any real ideas about how to get through the lawn they need to reset and touching But wanted to remain The guy for the line in Thailand and they go for the five pointer of the game Singapore chunks of real stubbornness and defense and all of it late Hit by Toilet PMS With the school just around on the outside in the end something up prices up and taking care of That's looking for The unsuccessful refer you back to halfway readiness We're getting ready to start it off once again Reach up and it's not gonna be easy The smoke the hand like that That's a try They just sweeping and pressure the points Out of this Singaporean saw it sick and try the photos land Strong convention ladies and gentlemen That was good You know I got a funny feeling デ を この こ こ 意見とえ ールイ 僕 のち 焼 たズベー 今日 きず ワでそ の とパ か う し あら そ 前ブ 日 って それ ポチと もんな 正式 と し した シ をア る もう The hand Singapore's on the front foot It's good to see you It's true Moves the ball boy The hands on the outside of Change coming back You know she moves at all as well looking for someone to try and breach the line here if they can't find someone to breach the line Moving forward on the Bowl it should trouble for Singapore following through his teeth that makes the tackle on board We have right here Toilet heaven to cover up if they can scratch Well she just flows in like my soul does one of the excuse me the tunnel swimming me nights revision for lawful um And believe you may ladies and gentlemen frame from Thomas applied individuals individuals of their mind You gotta just gotta watch out for them We wake up in the reach down here The plants stand Singapore to see it Feed units two balls back in Singapore trying to move up from their own line there In the end probably anything you can't do with it which is to put it on the tie and get it down and that's a good chance also from number six Pull chain did everything right there for the full fury It's clear wig Secure the bull side They're disruptive Charging forward with the ball I believe it Toilet from one side to the other was the cat place with Toronto scored sprint IT Bank single pool looking stretch down water if they move it out what to space One debate and takes on units and pizza for the trial in the half and Thailand stretch you out to a 19 later Singapore They kick the can It's passing in the end just became the Singaporean defense the end of the way It was I think with that single pool is finest consistently one of the top performance he comes to convince the team It was quick off the foot and there's plenty of fun on it and take to the break with a very handy laid 19 points to know this ladies Charity Those lungs up with plenty of oxygen That's a good evening half for Thailand and Singapore They've shined well I put under the pressure a little bit nearby Singapore's early start faster They defeated Stanley forced Thailand to put the foot on the ball and see into their way slowly, but surely totally been able to exit themselves upon the game take control And now it's pretty comfortably 19 points ahead Singapore on the other hand having real difficulty just extending their quarter Tom's are tough for the Singapore tank Is toilet look like they really starting to make the away deep down into the top four of this draw already with Kazakhstan behind them They'll put Singapore behind them They look like they're really good eyes on the prize It's totally in team Still it's not having it could be a gamer, two halves, ladies and gentlemen In fact it is it's exactly what it is Singapore's side getting back to the mic Performances today happy performance against Kazakhstan only commendable but this is a pantry that triumph Malaysia over the lady Test is going down Some patient to play the game She's gonna talk It's called the grass You wanna turn the pool She won't be really excited about it for the week from it Yeah run run Take people and I think she might enjoy that just as much he's running with the ball Shoulders of Stein Number four, if you like вот шаг к ней еще и вот сюда I don't think they have to go out there and bust a move Slowly rolling up the Singapore's inside is Take your seat Number one Wait With the pool and the horse they should as well One of the gals from number nine This is great work by Thailand The family outside player He gives it back in to The number 10 but sign up and the penalty for Singapore of it started really up right with some confidence now this team for the Thailand Trying to make every half an absolute wanna Singapore lose control of the ball Peanut and clients Charlene try well that was just a matter of going to tanning cleaning up the bodies and one of the Ultimately takes the four corners but look at the uncovered the Troy here or maybe we won't get to have a look at Perhaps we will We can't tell but believe you may there was some heavy clearance going on in there for the lights up Go pick somebody up through the cast them on Sunday I think about it. Be the team score well and with six punch they will not for only each of us we and the rest bed stalin clear ply they reach that there is no my box singapore the early it make him with singapore about few there the forest land He comes takes a dig on the outside of the heat of a single pore play Actually, it comes back Singapore's White water tackle boy number five retired They just lighting here at the Bank of Thailand Singapore Finally up and over the 20 - two all my half and using them as Is your shit up literally for rate Releasing is the cool And with a little under two minutes left 20 - six points to know pretty much seen. To our land Showing some real dominant in this game Favorites, it's gotta be a good old Next example. I think between toilet in Hong Kong on this particular form they get across each other this weekend You can expect to see some real sparks flying Catch It's time for seeking Tom as well will be feeling like rolling as they did in the acting game I don't know Grab the front dangerously close to the song moves right across the field to chicken up here. It goes on the outside This is your League and touch. There isn't There was it's a quick play by Singapore. This is bright stuff Play Trump wants to get a hold on to it It's lost forward Position Thailand will get one more crack at it I can take it into the corner if I wanna take for lawn like it It will be the tenth and run say Thailand look to roll the dice One ball in the space not even a showing gauge. It's glide through the gap and scores to Thailand 30 - one point to know with the gum and I think that's pretty much the full stop on this All of the directly seven Series Lake from China Thailand defeating Singapore and convincing fashion 50 - three points Well I told her took another one for the kingdom they match on Shaking their hands full competitors Stuff Singapore Well-played toilet They're looking like they're gonna be a real handful One song when repeated Oasis Here we go, then just two matches left today for the woman Japan heavyweights against Kazakhstan They met in the Cup semifinal in Korea two weeks ago Kazakhstan beaten 20 - two points to five Here's our Japanese side brimming with superstars like Nakamura but also bench players like number 11 Hara now here to stay in a lot of the land like we all do go also at the top try score along with hundreds so to me and they are team on fire by beating up early and fifty-four nine cause extend what i will do not to travel and one more in a shocker to say that we don't twelve five listen coaching but the entire experience khushi by over ya could never get over and some new class alina ask her over Number three as well so this is an interesting match to see where Kazakhstan are after that defeat to tile and earlier today In Japan, while the Japanese machine trundle on Batavia, Colo had a particularly big game earlier against Singapore it's called 50 - try fast कैसे extend bye finish the series last year so it's for there is on a case to see me and they were colorful japan are referring to work on is more in white A young up and coming referees It's the final women's match today and then we go back to the mid side of the draw eight games today for the woman They'll be back for the third and final round of pool play tomorrow morning That's a good kick out stand but it's been handled by Japan He rode up He's got hit with it Colo Relatively quiet game saving yourself for bigger games he goes Hanukkah just got stripe between two of the players that they're not there The smallest player on the pitch Nakamura sizes up the situation pops it up to This camera

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