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LIVE: 750K Renters Face Eviction in 2021: Goldman; Consumer Confidence Falls To 6-Month Low | NTD Business

Posted 2 months ago in Business, Finance, & Economics

Marisol Valderrama 2 months ago

People needed to use the money the government give then and at least pay rent to have a roof food you can eat at church or organizations help them just paid your own rent

Mitzi Stevens 2 months ago

Too bad they blew through that taxpayer money they received. Get a freaking Job

T.Hank Cook 2 months ago

Mercy & compassion? What’s your address so you can take those people in your home to help them

Lori Smith McLain 2 months ago

Patients pay own bills?!?! Right. Patience have less money now due to Covid!

Irita Scott 2 months ago

This administration thinks they can break our constitution any time they choose. It’s about time they were called out.

Lisa Bohl 2 months ago

I think all these people who are getting these hundreds of dollars every month for child tax credit and any other money that people are just getting I think that they should take it and save it because a lot of people are going to have to pay that money back next year or the year after they should be taking that money and putting it into having a roof over their head and food in their tummy and make sure that their children are clothed instead of going out and buying all these toys and getting their hair dyed two different colors and spending money at amusement parks.

Carolyn Fugate 2 months ago

My friend owns apartments in Arkansas. People working have not paid their rent all year. They are expecting the gov. To pay it . Or they will move out snd leave owing it!!!

Barbara Hampton 2 months ago

Not all R trying to get over on the land lords and business owners, some are just victims of certain circumstances

Barbara Hampton 2 months ago

That’s right , and if you never been a Business owner then U would understand that owners have bills to pay, i use to be a business owner and i know what it’s like when people try to get over on ya

Diane Funk 2 months ago

I am in that boat. Homeless soon