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BREAKING: YES! Nancy Pelosi just outsmarted Trump with a brilliant move amid news that Trump will declare a national emergency. She has his number like...
Yes ma' am the President just said that he will declare a National emergency when he signed this bill so frantic file a legal challenge if and when he does that and how quickly did I say I was finally a legal challenge he said Democrats I may that's an option I will review our options but it's important to know that when the President declares an emergency first of all it's not an emergency what's happening at the border to monitor Iran challenge to us the President has Good putting that aside just in terms of the President making any run around Congress here he said I just respect what the Committee will do and then walks away from it President is doing and run about Congress about the power of the purse you've heard me say over and over again article one the legislative branch the power of the purse the power to declare war many other powers listed in the constitution and of course the Responsibility to have oversight so the President is doing an end run around that we will review our options will be prepared to respond appropriately to it I know the Republicans had some unease about it no matter what they say because if the President can declare an emergency on it something that he has created as an emergency and an illusion that he wants to convey just think of what a President with different values can present to the American people want to talk about a National emergency let's talk about today the one year anniversary of a Manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America that's a National emergency why don't you declare that emergency mister President I wish you would put a Democratic President can do this Democratic commit President can declare emergencies as well so the President that the President is setting here something that should be met with great unease and dismay by the Republicans and of course we will respond according of review our options first we have to see what the President actually says with today's development that trump has reportedly decided to sign a funding bill to keep the government open as he simultaneously signs a National emergency declaration to siphon funds for his border Wall pelosi showed once again that he isn't playing in the same Gets her clearly it couldn't be much more obvious that there is no National emergency at the southern border apprehensions have been declining steadily for decades and almost a year ago to the day trump himself tweeted that illegal border crossings are at a 45 year low Republicans have falsely claimed that terrorists have been flooding in through Mexico but the truth is that the southern border is by no means our most vulnerable point of entry in the first half of 2018 only six people who's names match those on the terror watch list were stopped on the southern border and recent record setting drug busts are proof that the security measures we put in place are actually working so no terrorists are not poor Into the southern border in fact even those responsible for 911 came in through Canada and like pelosi said this move will not only be challenged in court by the Democrats and frankly the emergency declaration hasn't got much of a leg to stand on what with there being no emergency but the President will be set for the next Democrat to also declare National emergencies of his or her own if they run into issues in Congress and these are emergencies that actually hold water like gun violence which claimed the lives of 40000 Americans last year including 17 people in parkland Florida one year ago Day or climate change which is not only costing us billions of dollars but will permanently alter the landscape of this planet if we fail to act immediately trump's declaration shows us a few things it shows that trump doesn't care about the future of the Republican party that he's willing to put the P in a dismal negotiating position with regards to future National emergencies also that he can get his vanity Wall and see a monument with his name on it it shows that trump takes his orders not from advisers and National security experts but from hannity and the rest of his far right sick of fans at Fox news but the important third step needs to happen simultaneously And that would be the President would need to declare a National emergency this is the time that is a necessity at least the leader of the free world is deferring to a credential journalists though well I don't claim to be a journalist oh and then there's mitch mcconnell who gave trump his blessing for the emergency declaration today despite reports of unease by his caucus I've just had an opportunity to speak with President trump and he I would say to all my colleagues indicated he's prepared to sign the bill he will also be During a National emergency declaration at the same time and I've indicated to him that I'm going to prepare I'm going to support the National emergency declaration now keep in mind that mitch mcconnell is the single most shameless man in politics that he stands for exactly nothing and that his moral floors somewhere between death Valley and the depths of hell so the likelihood that he'll turn around during the next Democratic administration and grandstand against the Democratic National emergency is somewhere North of a hundred percent But more likely is that trump knows this emergency declaration won't survive the courts but he'll at least be able to tell his keepers and his fans that it wasn't for lack of trying that the Democrats rig the judicial system too and then investigation should be open on everyone everyone except him that is but remember this day because it's gonna come back to haunt the Republican party

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