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WATCH LIVE NOW: Baltimore Welcoming Committee talks about protesting President Donald Trump's Thursday visit to Baltimore
They can take responsibility by acknowledging that their wealth privilege comes directly from their ancestors being willing to steal the future of the descendants of the slaves that they own and being willing to nearly eradicate an entire race of people for fertile land They can choose to act honorably and equitably now and give their wealth back to everyone. It was stolen from stolen from from Descendants of slaves to our native brothers and sisters to modern workers whose labor is still exploited We demand that the Republican members of Congress and all members of Congress start acting in a way that The best interest of all those who reside on American soil not just themselves and people like them We demand that the Republican members of Congress and all members of Congress stop using profit as a motivator stop thinking about ways to use public policy to line their pockets and stop being afraid to stand up for all people out of concern for their reelection campaigns and donations We demand that the Republican members of Congress and all members of Congress move immediately to reduce the impact of climate change by ending their financial relationships with the fossil fuel industry We demand that the Republican Congress and all members of Congress Act to immediately secure the liberty Freedom and civil rights of asylum seekers on our southern border Demand that the Republican members of Congress and all members of Congress move to significantly reduce gun violence by severing their donor relationships with the NRA We demand that the Republican members of Congress and all members of Congress Act immediately to secure the constitutionally protected rights of gay lesbian and transgender individuals and use their influence to stop the Trump White House from any further attacks We demand that the Republican members of Congress and all members of Congress acknowledge the wealth inequality that exist in this country and create policy that helps share our our countries More equitably and we request all those who reside on American soil and agree with these demands to come together and support in solidary for the cooperative pursuit of life liberty and Justice. For all If you believe in these demands and live in the Baltimore area please join us this weekend as we present them to the House Republicans and the world through our numerous events and actions We have an action plan for Thursday through Sunday which my colleagues and Co organizers organizers. We're now talking about in more detail and we will share the list at the end Thank you Next step is gonna be Opal from Baltimore's with border Justice Good afternoon my name is Abby we're here representing Baltimore for Border Justice which is a brand-new Organization We are a multi racial group focusing on the plight of immigrants and refugees abolitionism and particularly supporting victims of the system and intersections of marginalized identities The idea for this group came from a trip. We took to El Paso and Clint Texas on the fourth of July of this year where we visited the infamous Child Attention Center in Clinton and witnessed five children being brought in before our eyes our Are to provide tangible material support through mutual aid efforts to address the crisis of inhumanity at our southern border as well as borders here at home in terms of prisons and divides based on things like class ability race gender and sexuality to bring people of different backgrounds together in this struggle to better understand each other's experiences and build solidarity and to support other organizations and people doing this work such as Casa Jews United for Justice the JHU sit in the West Coalition Fighting for Justice for Tyrone West who was murdered by the Baltimore Police Department during a traffic stop in 2013 and team Keith which is fighting for freedom for Keith Davis, Junior who was shot by BPD in 2015 and then framed for murder to cover it up one exam Oh sorry you're busy One example, we want Sorry One example, we wanna lift up in particular is a story of Hannah Medina Leon She was a registered nurse but couldn't practice in Salvador because of prejudice is related to our identity as a transwoman She came here for a better life ice detainer and refused refused her access to health care for a month. Despite her please that she knew how to save her own life if they would just listen She died that day that she died the day They released her She was 20 In the short term we're seeking broad based community input on our goals and strategies for now please reach out to us on the Baltimore for Border Justice Facebook page which just went live We are planning to return to the border and aim to bring a larger group of people with us and organize humanitarian aid volunteer opportunities in terms of the Republican delegation being in town It's hard to choose where to start when they're doing so many destructive racist and violent things but we've chosen to focus on gender and sexuality issues to fit with the theme of our LGBTQ plus an allies dance party that we're holding right here at the Inner Harbor Promenade next to the hotel where they're gonna be on Friday night at Seven PM Come out and party with us in that context our demands include one closing the border camps and prisons and particularly ending solitary confinement for trends and gay prisoners Two ending legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ plus community under the guys of religious freedom and putting anti-discrimination Protections in place nationwide for employment housing schooling and including institutions of higher education like Bob Jones University which benefits from public funds while expelling trends, engage students and also doing harmful practices like conversion therapy three out long, they deduct and deeply harmful practices of conversion therapy nationwide Next is Miranda Batman with youth Against Racism and Justice I'm sorry used against racism and more youth against war and racism and the ice out of Baltimore Coalition Hi everybody My name is Miranda Bachman I'm an organizer from Isaiah Baltimore which was initiated by youth against Warren Racism which is an Anti-war Anti-racist grassroots Organization led by working in four young people The ice out of Baltimore Coalition constitutes a number of Progressive community students and migrant Justice organizations here in Baltimore and in Maryland the coalition was To oppose the building of any new migrant and refugee detention centers and to demand shutting down all existing detention centers we are organizing a major protest tomorrow Thursday at Four PM to say no to racism White supremacy war bigotry and climate change We are defending immigrants and workers rights and our demanding the closings of refugee detention The protest will be held at the intersection of Eastern Avenue and South President Street next to the Columbus statue which is a monument to White supremacy The people of Baltimore especially young people are deeply opposed to Trump's policies of racism and division whether it be his attacks on immigrants and refugees or his not so veiled to tax on black and Brown people Trump's policies are any people any worker in absolutely pro banks and big business He is ramping up hatred to divide people in order to weaken any movement that opposes the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer While Trump may not have pulled the trigger and paso he loaded the gun when he called on its supporters to take things into their own hands Trump's base of soup Includes not only big oil bankers and business interests It also includes neo-Nazis and White supremacists We need unity and solidarity which is one of the major reasons that were protesting The protest will confront all of Trump's policies including the climate crisis and the threat of war and sanctions whether it's Venezuela Iran Oregon Other country we firmly believe what Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior said that every bomb dropped abroad explodes at home in our cities money spent on the Pentagon could be used to House educate and feed the people right here in Baltimore The real rat is Trump himself We are coming together to say loudly and clearly racist Trump Is not welcome here The protest at Four PM tomorrow was initiated by Isadora Baltimore Coalition People's Power Assembly youth against Warren racism and other local community students and anti-war groups We hope to see you there Thank you Next is Andrea Powell with People People's Power Assembly Good afternoon Power Assembly is one of the Co initiators up tomorrow's rally Trump get out of Baltimore The rally was called when we first heard of the convenient of the Republican retreat here in Baltimore and it is only right that we organize Bring out the citizens of Baltimore to say to the Republicans and Trump They're not wanted in our city the GOP Wants to eliminate programs like community development block grants which are flexible funding that allows local governments to deliver housing renovations economic development and recreational facilities to low income neighborhoods which is severely needed here in Baltimore Mayor of the State of Maryland ranks 20 first on the list of most federally dependent States but Trump's major budget cuts will hurt us These proposing environmental protection agency cuts of 30 - one percent transportation Department cuts of 20 -, two percent and teary Department cuts of 15 percent and health and human services guts of 12 percent, the GOP and Donald Programs such as Medicaid housing subsidies, food, stamp programs and federal employee retirement programs Counter this with the defense budget which has already been given its largest hike in years regards to 750 billions while he cuts funding for cities Proposals continue to include a request for eight point six billion for multi-agency programs to build a border Wall on the Mexican border GOP and Trump proposed regulatory changes one change after another that alter the way the government determines which families are impoverished which would cut millions off of Medicaid housing assistance and food stamps and make more than one half a million kids in eligible for free school meals The GOP continues to press with continued efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act which brought health insurance for so many people in this country Trumps remarks Elijah Cummings or a continuation of Trump's racist attacks on Congress people Han o Mar and the other three newly-elected women of color to Congress Not one Democrat has truly put up a fight and called him out for what he is Trump is a racist pure and simple His attacks on Baltimore City are indicative of his attitude toward all the cities in this country And he promotes the GOP promotion increase of militarization funds to continue militarization of Baltimore City Police Force We call on all people in Baltimore to come out It's stand up to the GOP We don't want you in Baltimore We don't want your policies in this country You do nothing but you push big business interests while for working people all over the country suffer and we say to them and we add And we join the campaign for Isis out of Baltimore to say no money for detention centers around the country Already three detention centers here in the state of Maryland Howard County Jail Frederick County Jail Moisture County Jail that are already housing immigrants that have been arrested and detained by Ice We want these detention camps close and we say no new detention centers in the Baltimore Metropolitan area ice out of Baltimore shutdown ice Thank you Next is Don Serena with Extinction Rebellion Baltimore Hello I'm Don Sereno I'm here with Morgan Tampa and we're representing Extinction Rebellion a global movement committed to radical nonviolence and civil disobedience against climate change Saturday September fourteenth at 1:30 PM here in front of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Extinction Rebellion, Baltimore will assemble to me to demand an end to the GOP lies and denial of the climate crisis The climate apocalypse is coming We will not allow those will not allow the GOP and those in power to drag us into extinction Baltimore is on the front lines of the climate catastrophe Sea levels in the chest Arising more rapidly than anywhere else on the US Atlantic Coast Baltimore is predicted to experience a four -foot Sea level rise by the end of this century in 17 years. Baltimore City is expected to experience 30 - seven days each year with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees which is six times more And like in many cities the deadly threat of climate change and other environmental injustices impact, Baltimore's communities of color and low-income neighborhoods most immediately and most severely The GOP is actively driving us towards civilization collapse and the sixth Mass extinction through their greed bad faith, denial and obedience to the oil industry and military industrial complex While the Democratic Party proves itself to be equally negligent we are Demanding immediate action to minimize the deadly effects of climate change including binding policies to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2020 - Five We are also demanding a just transition led by and prioritizing the most vulnerable people who have been the most Decades of environmental injustices and join us here on Saturday at 1:30 PM to sent into a climate catastrophe Thank you And we have one more Speaker Phil from the backbone campaign Thanks Hi, my name is Philip Tino I volunteer with and work for the background campaign we're a grassroots network of activists around the country that specialize in High-visibility tactics I joined the Baltimore Welcoming Committee to help lift up and amplify the local voices and empower people that wanna take action during the summit but I'm up here to encourage those who agree with what we're doing to join us in solidarity to get out from behind the screens a phone screens computer screens or Park your car after giving us a hunk or a thumbs up and join us in solidarity for Long or short, you can even if you may not agree with everybody's tactics or tone likes are great but people in the streets is divine you may see many of us in America has fallen asleep Kinda been like distracted drivers at the wheel at best as the ones who are supposed to be in charge of this country democracy or self-government is not a spectator sport and it only works with an engaged populous I believe in which they've been showing us how it's done for a while now in Europe in Latin America and recently in Hong Kong And we're surely wondering why we are in the streets here more given everything going on in these times, there's no more Middle ground. You can't remain neutral as doing so means you're passively taking the side of the oppressor as one or torch song tweeted You're waking up as Germany once did to the awareness that one third of your people would kill another third while one -third watches. So if you're not an anti-fascist, there's only one other thing you can be the song which side are you on? It comes to mind. You don't have to be in the streets to participate. Whatever you like to do your skills are needed if we Address the root problems in our society so whether you like to manage spreadsheets, make art crunch numbers, send postcards or help dance the pain away we need you as a recent recently heard. An allies say protest is the new brunch Except this brunch Cannot be gentrified Many hands make light work and I hope to see numbers of the local community in Metropolitan area Verl suburban and urban come together in solidarity as we all face similar challenges and blaming ashamed Isn't gonna solve them as IMO KC said Either we will live together as brothers or perish together as fools for if we all do what we can do when we can do it together in solidarity you'll be able to build the country and world we envision Thank you all for coming out again this is the Baltimore Welcome Committee which is made up of individuals and organizations throughout Baltimore and the Metropolitan area and we have actions planned from tomorrow Thursday, September twelfth through Sunday September fifteenth The actions include rallies a labor a musical labor protest on Friday at Five PM the LGBTQ Dance Party at Seven PM on Friday the Extinction Rebellion climate demonstration at 130 on on Saturday and there is a no blacksmith demonstration in response to Candace Owens be here in Baltimore on Sunday at Two PM If you have any questions or want to follow or join us please follow our Facebook page at Baltimore Welcoming Committee you can also Email us. There's an email listed on that page and we are a hundred percent volunteer so if anybody's feeling generous please chip in through the donations that are listed on that page as well Thank you all and then if any press has questions for individuals, we'll do that now Thank you Alright you guys have You wanna get your name I'm gonna send you all

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