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JON OSSOFF RALLIES IN AUGUSTA: Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate Jon Ossoff holds a drive-in campaign rally in Augusta, Georgia. Both Senate seats in...

Posted 11 months ago in Politics

Dawn Scott 11 months ago

Wish you good luck.

Why don't you tell the people of some of Perdue Corruption.
Perdue and the Republicans are in court trying to take Healthcare away in this pandemic.

Dawn Scott 11 months ago

VOTE Jon Ossoff, for hospital reopening. Healthcare for Pre-existing conditions, $15.00 minimum wage.

Leslie Maldonado- Webb 11 months ago

Yes Jon, Trump is leaving with his grifter family. Change is coming. Trump got the whole 2020 experience, he got Covid, lost his job and is being evicted from the people’s house.

Roberta Reindorf 11 months ago

Biden Harris all the way! Case closed , done. Trump Foreve disgraceful

Julie Powers 11 months ago

Western Kentucky is wishing y’all well! We gotta these two seats or else Mitch will continually block any bill that would help all of America! Vote blue Georgia

Mike Mcmillen 11 months ago

Right gutting the USPS and changing the rules to favor Dumpty's party along with the closing polling places ought to have won an election .. But it didn't .

Linda Mills 11 months ago

Donate and vote I'm from NY and I'm doing my part. Can't vote but I can donate, please Georgia get out the Vote

Jane H Robinson 11 months ago

Turn the Senate. Shut down Mitch Mcconnell a career politician who is a despicable man.

Lyric Serendipity 11 months ago

Republicans are firing up the base...the Democratic base!! We're sick of the lies, the obstruction, and the hunger for money and greed! FLIP THE STATE! 💙💙💙

Renee Gurza 11 months ago

Lucky Georgians that you have a terrific guy like this running — and you all get to vote for him!