Sheikh Mansoor Al Salmi

Sheikh Mansoor Al Salmi • 12 months ago   839     22
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Raheel Mushtaq
Raheel Mushtaq11 months ago

اسلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہ۔ brother i am from pakistan . masha Allah you are great speaker. i am so much confused about some of arabic words translated in urdu are quite different from english or arabic. e.g ذالک mostlly used for that but we asian why use it for this. i need your help because i am trying to learn quran how Allah teach us. thank you if you may help to get any arabic scholars contact please

Ihtesham Ul Haq
Ihtesham Ul Haq12 months ago

Beautiful recitation, Masha'ALLAH mansoor brother ♥ Jazak'ALLAH

Abdul Manan
Abdul Manan12 months ago


Faizel Khan
Faizel Khan12 months ago

alhumdulillah Allah swt protect us

Abdul Manan
Abdul Manan12 months ago

اللہ ھو اکبر

Šüľêqö Bîñťü Möáĺïm Ïśãçk
Šüľêqö Bîñťü Möáĺïm Ïśãçk9 months ago

MashA allah so beautiful sound

Swaleh Jumaa
Swaleh Jumaa12 months ago


Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam12 months ago

mashalla great voice 😍

Faiza Khanam Muhammad
Faiza Khanam Muhammad12 months ago


Tariq Jan Muhammadzai
Tariq Jan Muhammadzai12 months ago

سبحان اللہ۔۔