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Ethan Morgan is the gift that keeps on giving... 😂

Posted 11 months ago in Sports
Sawyer Brown
Sawyer Brown11 months ago

My back and knees hurt from watching this.

Andy Platt
Andy Platt11 months ago


Justice Alan Stouch
Justice Alan Stouch11 months ago

Ahahaha water yu doing? Theres a cat there? Friggin gnar gnar dood

Will Ford
Will Ford11 months ago

Rob Joe got arthritis just watching this

Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott11 months ago

Haha fuck yes

Thomas Macklan
Thomas Macklan11 months ago

Nothing worse then flat landing.

Cameron Ray Mackie
Cameron Ray Mackie11 months ago

Legit snowboarders need to step it up
I saw a road barrier with plexiglass on it at bear last week
Your not street
Watch jaws skate a few drops and this video becomes a huge 100% yoke

Lu Ke Gheza
Lu Ke Gheza11 months ago

Maria Joao Matos