Woman Betrayed By Best Friend, Watch What Happens Next

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Falling in love should be a positive experience for both you and your future partner. An experience that is founded on an honest, open connection.

Posted 7 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Sandra Vose 7 months ago

I thought it was interesting. Especially when he identified the infatuation she had but was confusing with reciprocal feelings.

Infatuation can turn into obsession when feelings aren’t mutual.

Eric Kowal 7 months ago

These videos are dopy. Do we really need someone to explain what's wrong with Aubrey? Might as well show a video about a murderer and explain why that's wrong.

Carol Lb Castro 7 months ago

Ok for adolescents....

Theresa Wojtasiewicz 7 months ago

Stop promoting Jay Shetty videos. They suck.

Nana Bee 7 months ago

I'm glad they both saw right through what she did and she dumped a good guy that was willing to marry her and she lost everything. What comes around goes around

Anna Marie 7 months ago

They’re not blinded by love. Stop mixing that term up with infatuation.

The two are inherently different.

But the whole video made sense the minute Jay popped up on the screen.


Vernon Oliver 7 months ago

Find a bear, settle down, if you want you can marry; look at me, I am old but Im happy.

Paula Barker 5 months ago


Sintia Sintia 6 months ago


Mary Kate Frank 7 months ago