Disneyland's Evil Queen proves she’s 'fairest of them all' in viral video | Facebook

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We're living for the Evil Queen hamming it up for the magic mirror at Disneyland! https://gma.abc/2lBfhMk
You may come here and meet you have a gift for you. Oh what a plastic minute? Let me see. You know what's even better than the mirror the reflection I see it. I would let you look but step with my. Fixing nails of your No. they're still burn to orange. I tried to make them. Yeah Apple. They keep fading like snow White beauty, My was a lovely covered. Yeah, I have that on your meat, Yes, she'll give them out. Grab your bringing up Yes, let's see what signatures you've applied. Peter Pan. You don't have standards like this. Have you ever seen anything more flawless. No give me compliments. you are just so beautiful. I never seen anyone as beautiful look at them. They don't compare to me anything. No not tell me what do you think of snowball? This is a very important question The answer wise. Beautiful too, But I think you're much more beautiful. very, how should I thought? that's what you meant right? Just agree with me, that's what everyone else. Oh, thank you. No, it's fine. Is mine for a moment as I get to sign easy cheese. No no. Now give me more compliments I've never seen such beautiful eyes in my life. They're piercing on. yes, it looks could kill all the You know. Yes, they see Mary Poppins. I'm still waiting for her to bring that chimney sweep to clean my password. Pull out the mirror. Oh yes. this is nice. I remember little crooked. With a still a hard, do you like it? Yes gorgeous just mine. you won't get your hands upgrade come. Slowly. We must wear going back to my floor. The way down. I turn. Imagine Yeah, that's almost worse than snow White.

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