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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calls for President Donald Trump to fire Labor Secretary Alex Acosta if Acosta doesn't resign amid the Jeffrey...
Second I am calling on the Department of Justices of Office of Professional Responsibility to make public The results of its review of a cost is handling of the Epstein case Senators Marion Cane have called for these findings but the Justice Department so far has stonewalled has refused to make them public This review. Cannot be kept in the dark, particularly given the new revelations and there should be And third the President needs to answer for his statements. He has made about his relationship with Mister Epstein in 2002 he said he'd known abstain for 15 years and he was quote a terrific guy who enjoyed women quote on the younger side Unquote Epstein was also reportedly a regular at the Mara Lago Club for years The President needs to answer for this and I don't recall Is not an acceptable answer in this case particularly since President Trump appointed Mister Acosta to such a powerful position

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