This is how COVID-19 contact tracing works

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COVID-19 continues to spread around the 🌎🌍🌏.

You can help stop COVID-19 by participating in contact tracing. Check out this video and learn how contact...

Posted 8 months ago in Health & Medical

Bruce Fraser 8 months ago

The USA is way behind schedule to try to reach herd immunity this year using vaccines - which means more Covid mutations!

Geraldine Joan Leones 8 months ago

So the use of QR codes really necessary? What about data shared to unknown third parties . I would say there is already a breach in our celohones.

Russell Osborne 8 months ago

A mate of mine in Bali is creating an incredible display for displaying the message of wear a mask.
He’s very quickly getting the attention of the Balinese authorities and they are supporting this campaign all of the way.
Well worth checking out.
Very Inspirational!
John Logan is his name.

Zalika Nure 8 months ago

We just need to have faith in the Almighty ALLAH and repent too much cuz this disease isn't only Chinese food it's our sin that's way GOD curse us 😥

Ananta Virgamwar 8 months ago

Nice , Jay Shri Krishna . Best message to youth group in lndian culture life style in winter season with healthy life style for everyone . Thank you , God bless you . 🙏🙏🙏

Rosemary Quartermaine 8 months ago

Sorry some people are not happy with what ever you do. We love them anyway!!

Juma Solomon Okoth 8 months ago

Paradoxically world Health organisation should hest without hesitation for circumspect line of Corona pandemic vaccines for circumvent towards infection spread in the whole world!!!!,& the authorized physician consultant should be much more vitality on the vaccines taken for success in viruses cure of Corona pandemic infectious as we target to stop stigmatisation & obtained zero zone of viruses in percentage analysis in the whole world.

Denise Godwin 8 months ago

I just got over COVID. I am quite sure the most likely place was a meal I had in a restaurant while my mask was off. I only left home 2 days last month and wore a mask except while eating. Nobody did contact tracing with me. I just happened to drop by a COVID testing site for a test. Only symptom was a worsening headache and a little nausea in the days prior to testing positive. If I had not gotten the urge to test, I wouldn't have known I had it. My mother's care giver was very sick with respiratory symptoms and her MD gave antibiotics for a cold and sent her out (without a COVID test!!), she took care of my 89 year old mother and she got it. They went for a test a week later and both of them had COVID. No one did contact tracing with them either! Malpractice?

Terence Tan 8 months ago

You said it was nothing for concern till one month later... now your team in Wuhan can’t find anything... what a joke!!! Stop cheating humans around the world!!!!!

Neety Shroff 8 months ago

I don’t trust you anymore sorry. But would do my best to stop the virus and follow the guidelines ☝🏻