Welcome to Quincy's Tavern

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Looks like you've stumbled into Quincy's Tavern.

Posted 11 months ago in Food & Drink
Erin MK
Erin MK11 months ago

Some of you people are an absolute mess. goooooooooooood lord. 🙄 lmfao. I absolutely adore Quincy and his tavern. <3

Sandy Westrand
Sandy Westrand11 months ago

Yes! There are various designs. My grandmother had one. My mother had it and used it twice, said it was too much work, and I have no idea what she did with it. Making coffee in it was interesting!

Honey Marvel
Honey Marvel11 months ago

Love this guy so much ❤️ His energy is pure and his videos transport me to a kinder better world..

Alana Graham
Alana Graham11 months ago

Lol wait. You advertise coffee in that over dramatic pot but you use canned soup to make menu food? It should be the other way around. I can make shit with canned soup at home. I don’t go to places serving food for fancy coffee and basic dumpster meals.

Sierra Guitron
Sierra Guitron11 months ago

Everyone needs to stop complaining about the complex coffee. YES it's complex for the reason that he does this for show and for the aesthetic. It's supposed to be like a fantasy world where he creates these delicious foods for you, the adventurer between your journeys. He puts in the time and love to these meals/drinks because he cares for you and wants to see you succeed💕

Jon Jon
Jon Jon11 months ago

I guess this is not the coffee for me. I require coffee quickly in the morning and get grumpy if I have to wait for it.

Mark Spooner
Mark Spooner11 months ago

Reminds me of the scene in Love Actually where Rowan Atkinson is wrapping the jewelry. Here's hoping you never arrive there behind a family of four!

John Tossa
John Tossa11 months ago

Yes, it’s all very impressive looks marvellous if you’re willing to wait that amount of time for a coffee, but for something a lot quicker and easier and still impressive to show try THE ROK.

Lisa Regan Logan Gasho
Lisa Regan Logan Gasho11 months ago

As a huge coffee drinker that coffee maker was REMARKABLE I would love to have a cup from that WOW

Bry Janeice
Bry Janeice11 months ago

Was that a Little Debbie Star Crunch at the end? 😂