The Deen Show - TheDeenshow #744

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TheDeenshow #744

Hashimah Basri
Hashimah Basri4 months ago

MashaAllah. She look much much better than before.

Sameena Qaazi
Sameena Qaazi4 months ago

<3 Extremely beautiful Surah Faatihah, Surah Zumar & extremely beautiful tilaawat alhamdulillaah. I just love it ..
Absolutely high quality & extraordinary performance by Shaykh Mishary Al Afasy (h).
May Allaah reward Imaam Mishary the highest in both the worlds,
May Allaah bless our Prophet, his family and his companions,
Aameen yaa Rabbal aalameen..

Ben Chua
Ben Chua4 months ago


Akmal Aqmal Pinye
Akmal Aqmal Pinye4 months ago

Alhamdulillah. Sinead O'Connor still remember your song 'nothing compare to you'

Liz Mendez
Liz Mendez4 months ago

She looks great and happy
Alhamdudillah for her !!!

Shafiuddin Ahmed
Shafiuddin Ahmed4 months ago

MashaAllah, she is been muslimah for long time. She grew up from very painful childhood. Love her snogs.

Luskareni Sumarsudi
Luskareni Sumarsudi4 months ago

Maa syaa allah .. Sinead O'Connor muslimah.. Subhaanallah tabarakallaah... Haven't seen her for so long, she was my fave in my childhood...

Muhammad Kamran Asghar Qureshi
Muhammad Kamran Asghar Qureshi4 months ago

بسم اللہ☝️

Karen Imes
Karen Imes4 months ago

Asa, her in Atlanta Georgia racism is here in the foreign masjid, so much so the women won't touch elbows.. That was before covid..

Sameena Qaazi
Sameena Qaazi4 months ago