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Inside Look: Giving Back
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Always make a positive impact. See how Mayans M.C. gave back to the community of Tecate, Mexico.
We're here in Mexico,
in El Tecate, Mexico. When I was young, we
used to sell tamales door to door every Saturday. [MUSIC PLAYING] Gracias. Hey, I know I'm the real
Mexican, but on this side, that doesn't mean
I do all the work. [CHUCKLES] The scene that we shot in
Tecate where we are handing out gift bags to the
locals, you know, we actually ended up
doing that afterwards, these extras and people that
were just watching the scene from afar in the neighborhood. For me, it really
made me appreciate, obviously, what I have. That was so great. We love giving back
to the communities that are helping us. Tecate, this is where
we're filming today. And the people have
been so gracious to us. It feels good to give a
little something back. VINCENT VARGAS: I 100%
agree with what he said. It felt good, and kind
of almost overwhelming. I'm very humbled to be
in the position I am and very grateful. And so we have an
opportunity to do something like that
to hopefully provide food for the next month. [SCOFFS] I'd go out of my
way any day to do that. For that part of northern
Mexico near Tecate, when you go about
an hour outside, there was truly a shantytown. And for an American, I thought,
this is poverty poverty. Later on, our Mexican DP
was standing there with me and said, you understand, in
Mexico, this is not poverty. This is working class. CARLA BARATTA: I'll never
forget those smiles. And I just want to, like, hug
everyone, and to go back there, and to give more. DAN COOLEY: We filmed
at a local school where the kids needed shelter from the
sun out in the playground area. And we were able to
provide that for them and pay for construction to
come in and put that shelter up. It's not just about
getting what we need. It's about being in that
rare situation where we're able to give back too. It was really important for
us to actually try to make a positive impact in Tecate. But we just also wanted to
actually make a connection with the people there. It's just beautiful. Because it's basically like
thanking them for embracing us and letting us come,
and bring our trucks, and make a lot of noise,
and do everything else, and thanking them for being
part of our story and letting us be part of theirs. So the lady's passing
by right now with an ice chest full of tamales. You know, when we were
kids, me and my brothers sold tamales door
to door that my mom would make every Saturday. That was our-- that's
how we made ends meet. But you know, man, anywhere
I'm at, if somebody's selling tamales, whether I'm hungry or
not or if I'm going to eat them or not, I buy them, man. Because I know what the
struggle was for us, you know? So I know what it
is, a struggle. Gracias, senora,
for the tamales, OK? We buy them all the time. [SPEAKING SPANISH] WOMAN: [SPEAKING SPANISH]

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