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Holley LS Fest
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It's safe to say David's neighborhood won't have to worry about the mail being on time!
Some guy pulls up kid younger guy He's like that's it and then he gets out of his car is like come up shook my hand I was like that's the L S Postal truck. I've seen it on Facebook and everywhere I'm like oh okay I'm David Stacey I'm from La Porte Indiana two years ago I was like I come to Hollywood 10 years now and I wanted something different Two years ago We were driving us in the Middle front of us and said I think we should do a post office truck for our last best Alright let's start looking for one to two years to find it It was in a hometown where I was at and it was sitting in the garage and I was like my uncle helped me get it and it was pretty much And then all of a sudden we gotta build it and when you start building it's like cheese. You gotta get all these parts and then there's a lot of people help me You guys help me just getting things going Summit Jags Started it was running in four solar mode in July and with September now and I had it done two days ago and it was running two days ago today. I finally got all the bugs mostly out of it and some little things done but we're tryna know two years in my head and then less than three months making as they view at where else LSU that's 10 year anniversary That was my goal Something stuck out something my goal was I like I wonder if I can get on a T shirt There's so many people I was 60 miles out My trailer broke its axle and we had a driver here Stop at the gas station Some guy pulls up kid the younger guy and his girlfriend or whatever and he's like That's it and then he gets out of his car is like come up and shake my hand I was like this is the L S Postal truck. I've seen it on Facebook and everywhere I'm like oh okay Up like I didn't think it was gonna do and I've gone pull all my life I've been working on cars with my uncles and since I was probably 1413 years old working on semi and I started working on my own stuff I got a 30 - two by 40 shop got a highly mid-rise intake. I got your Holly 40 -. Two CC injectors would like to help a lot more just not right now I just don't have the funds right now but Other stuff on there as well I couldn't find nothing for a cold introduction so I took an S S 2012 colder inductions kit Cut it up and put it on there and I had to do to modify the steering on it it's running the 690 Transmission L Y six six liter in it Custom driveshafts got a eight point eight explorer room nine cut four -wheel disc brakes If you get a lot of the GM parts you see on there. They all came from local dealership sours. I buy my stuff from and he hooked me up over there. It's always nice to GM dealership they can help you out Absolutely. It's a big collaborative effort. Always yes and a lot of people is rallies AutoZone and take a few rows. I got that from Autozone I was like wow they they told me that I was like alright so we heard you're gonna enter the burnout contest Let's say I'm gonna try but yes I am awesome Justin Tires, we can destroy brand new ones let's see how that works out and everybody else will probably go up right I'll be going there cuz the other way around the truck this little top heavy. I think a little bit but we're gonna try to get through that That's coming out here David Thank you very much

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