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Shocking police footage shows a police officer on the hood of a car firing at least 15 times into the windshield, killing the driver....
The Fbi is now investigating the deadly encounter unfolding police say it all began when a license plate reader alerted detectives that this black ultimate was stolen watches the nissan pulls into this parking lot following right behind him officer Charles starks he demands that the driver gets out get out of car and you can go like get out of the car Investigators say the driver bradley black cher died at the scene prosecutors are now reviewing the deadly incident the Fbi called to investigate if there was a civil rights violation among the issues whether the police officer should have stepped out of the way of that moving vehicle that's what police protocol in little rock dictate they are only supposed to be shooting at a car if death or danger is eminent It rained so much your ground saturation and powerful winds likely caused this massive tree to come crashing down on this House splitting it in half a mother and daughter were here at the time the daughter in this room she escaped her mother had to be rescued out of this living room window I was in my room I can't hear is something like a branch was falling I thought that's what it was come to find out it was the whole Street it beer both of them are okay and thankful to be alive this morning but check out what's going on across the country A path of destruction after 10 reported tornadoes devastated parts of the South the twisters crushing parts of Louisiana arkansas and Mississippi in Louisiana one confirmed F one tornado tearing off the roof of a building the debris snapping power lines three reported tornadoes touching down in arkansas all of this just one week after a tornado outbreak killed 23 people in Alabama Colorado just keeps getting pounded by these major snowstorms that in some cases are dropping a foot or two feet at a time now that's great news for the ski resorts here but a real headache when it comes to getting around on some of these mountain roads and you've seen these avalanches over the last few days coming down on two major highways like interstate 70 actually coming on to the road and enveloping all of these cars trapping some cars in some cases there was one avalanche near copper mountain that trapped for Right before the impact I basically said guys there's nothing I can do just hold on to something first responders got in there and were able to get everybody out just gives you the idea of the kind of season they're having here they've recorded more than two thousand avalanches here in Colorado this season so it's been pretty crazy and more storms are on the way so that avalanche danger is gonna continue Hey I'm out here about tia that flipped over please send a coaster okay please it was a 65 year old fisherman's desperate plea for survival after his kayak capsized into rough waters off the Gulf of Mexico Michael bach nears legs tangled in the kayaks rope at the current pushed him further and further away from land at a whistle but I was so cold I can't even blow my whistle back new yards used voice activation to call 911 on his cell phone as a 911 operator of mckenzie and Michael spoke the 911 supervisor deployed a new technology called rapid sos which can pinpoint an exact Location for wireless callers if you hang up on me I will lose your gps connection we're not to be able to find you the sheriff's office immediately dispatch a chopper and rescue boats first responders finally converging on bach ni ours and bringing him back safely took thank you it's very easy for me to hug him and hold his hand because he is a member of my family now I'm still lucky and blessed to be here today Happy birthday barbie even though she's now 60 urban never agents she's had over 200 career several make overs and multiple films over the years and now she has a huge social media presence and there are generations of girls who still project all of their hopes and dreams on to this iconic doll's now in 20 19 barbie has a new body type featuring a smaller bust less define waste and more defined arms adding to fashion uses already expanded line of curvy tall and petite shapes literally everybody could be barbie Really a humans it's yard here and I am quite honored to be considered a barbie she wrote I hope me and the rest of the incredible humans in this collection continues to inspire my generation and my peers to be whatever you want to be traveling with us and get the news you need right now

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