Unbreakable Code

U.S. Marine Corps • 5 months ago   45.7K     1.9K  •  471.6K Views
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Unbreakable Code

#OTD, we share this 2017 video of Pfc. Joe Hosteen Kellwood singing the Marines’ Hymn in Navajo as tribute to the brave Marines of the...

Frank Farron
Frank Farron5 months ago

Brave men .....boys at the time..... thanks marines SEMPERFI.

Nancy Turpin Shaffer
Nancy Turpin Shaffer5 months ago

Thanks to the brave men who did this remarkable mission that helped win the war. SEMPER FI!

Barbara Lanier
Barbara Lanier5 months ago

Thank you for your service sacrifice and protection. Great job. We appreciate you.

Neil Leslie
Neil Leslie5 months ago

Enormous respect for these brave men who served our country in a time of great danger. Thank you for your courageous service.

Barrett Lee Smith Shin
Barrett Lee Smith Shin5 months ago

A gratitude to the Navajo Nation & their sons that can never be forgotten. May they be honored as true hero’s.

Doug Paulsen
Doug Paulsen5 months ago

Great Marines. Saved so many lives. Hats off to them

Cubby Inoue
Cubby Inoue5 months ago

Always faithful. Thank you for your service. cubby Teall

Allen Urkowitz
Allen Urkowitz5 months ago

Thank you !!! I join many Americans who didn’t ignore contributions of First Nations, Nisei and other Japanese-Americans, and African-Americans in defeating The Axis Powers during WWII.

Patricia Miller
Patricia Miller5 months ago

Love this. signed a daughter and niece of Marines WW II

Carol Landes-Baker
Carol Landes-Baker5 months ago

Ooh Rah!
Semper Fi!
Honoring Navajo Code Talkers and the Navajo Nation today for their ingenious contributions in WWII and beyond.
I Salute You!!