Alcohol masked my depression and almost killed me

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Megan shares her struggles with alcohol, and the harrowing effect it had on her mental health - she's completely turned her life around now, we love to...

Posted 7 months ago in Health & Medical

Tyla 7 months ago

If you have been affected by anything you've seen in this video or you would like more information and support, please visit:

Tyla 7 months ago

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Melody Woods 7 months ago

Megan Loader You are an absolute inspiration and a dream to know. It's been beyond a pleasure to be your soul sister for the last year xx

Anita J V Franco 7 months ago

I understand a dislike of the term and all its connotations but this is the definition of being an alcoholic. I've never known any alcoholic that didn't do it for emotional reasons. Usually someone's using it to mask some kind of unpleasant feelings like she's explained or trauma. People and their circumstances are different but the condition is the same. It's purely the dependency on it (for any reason) that makes a person an alcoholic. Anyway, glad to see she's come through this and is helping others. Many don't manage to achieve this or live to tell their story. I wouldn't judge and alcoholic. They just need help. Many have addictions that are seen as more acceptable like bingeing on snacks at the end of a day, bingeing on the internet, TV, porn, online shopping etc everything is harmful to your health and well-being without moderation but some people decide that some addictions are worse than others and are judgemental (unnecessarily).

Tara Hales 7 months ago

Wow. I can completely relate to this. My dad passed away when I was 17 and alcohol was my go to, the only way I could be a happy (albeit fake) version of myself. I wasn't an alcoholic but to be fun at weekends, I needed it. My mental health suffered massively as I masked the real issue, which was that I needed to deal with my emotions.
Thank you for sharing this story 鉂わ笍 I've followed on insta! X

Joanne Manganiello 7 months ago

You go girl, whatever works for you to be healthier, happier and more mentally happy

Reen Noble 7 months ago

Well done Megan.

I used to drink like you too, I stopped 14 years ago and just love life now. Every morning that I wake up without that awful hangover, dreading to know what i did last night, is such a blessing

May you continue on your path of honestly :)

Barbara Pittman 7 months ago

I used to drink but I never thought I was drunk..I stopped drinking and I feel 200 percent better..I stopped drinking March ,13..2018..I haven't had the desire to drink ever again...It was my depression that led me to drink and it was my depression that led me to stop...I love your story...

Lauren Widdowson 7 months ago

Thank you for being so brave and sharing this, it鈥檚 really inspirational. You鈥檝e achieved amazing things and turned your life around. 馃檶馃徏馃敟馃憦馃徏

Enlighten The Shadows men get sad too. Mental health awareness for men struggling with mental health and depression. 馃А馃А

Rebecca Blakeston 7 months ago

Well done you are amazing,im helping my best friend who has the issues that were once your enemy ...can you give me any advice please as its so hard to see him this way - many thanks xx