Let Me Heal Your Heart | A Moment Of Light with Roma Downey

Son Of God • 12 months ago   4.3K     548  •  65.1K Views
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Whatever pain or suffering you encounter, God will restore you. Let your walls crumble and give in to the healing powers of the Lord. He comes to you...

Posted 12 months ago in Religion & Spirituality
Donna Noble
Donna Noble12 months ago

Please heal myself and all people who have a illness Amen

Matt Arellano
Matt Arellano12 months ago

God is good. Don't burden yourselves. Watch and see the glory of GOD.

Jitendra Sanchala
Jitendra Sanchala12 months ago


Eleanor Cousineau
Eleanor Cousineau12 months ago

Thank you Lord, yes,you helped me when I needed Thee. Amen.

Michelle Sutari
Michelle Sutari12 months ago

Yes Lord show me the right path to follow in ur righteous footsteps. Yes Lord i want to be healed

Brian Tirbovich
Brian Tirbovich12 months ago

A very, very big amen to the beautiful video shown above. Soon, very soon , I hope soon , jesus Christ , the son of god, will come again with gods angels in their spectacular glory which the who!e world will see, the believers and non- believers sill see jesus and gods angels in their spectacular glory and they will kneel and cry out to Jesus and god angels in their spectacular glory but no one knows, not gods angels and not Jesus when this spectacular glorious event will happen. The sun will darken , the moon will turn to blood and the stars will Fall.out of the heavens and Jesus will take his Christian children to heaven. God loves us so much he gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. The guards beat up Jesus so bad he was unrecognizable. The guards made Jesus a crown out of extremely painful.Thorns and put the crown on top of Jesus head. The guards made Jesus carry his extremely heavy and wooden cross to where he will be crucified. the guards used extremely sharp and painful nails in Jesus hands and feet then the guards raised the cross. There was a thief beside Jesus and the thief asked Jesus if he could go to heaven with him and Jesus told the thief " you will be with me when I go to heaven. " jesus was in extreme pain but he told his father " forgive them they know not what they do".Jesus asked his father " father, why have you forsaken me?" jesus told the guards " I thirst" The guards gave Jesus vinegar instead of cold water on a extremely dirty sponge . Jesus said " it is finished " then Jesus died and the sky darkened and the earth rumbled. . Jesus rose from his grave and the believers and non- believers saw that Jesus Christ was indeed the son of god. In Bethlehem in a barn, in a stall , because there was no room in the inn, baby Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph . god put baby Jesus in Mary's womb. There were 3 kings who saw a extremely bright star pointing to where baby Jesus was and the 3 kings followed the star until they found baby Jesus and gave gifts.

Anzar Vicki
Anzar Vicki12 months ago

Heal my heart and save my life to care on to live on God amen 馃檹馃従 thank you

Flory Moraes
Flory Moraes12 months ago

Thank 锕癥ou 锕癎od for all 锕癥our help 锕癥ou have given me n protected me from many dangerous thing's that came on my way.Protect my 锕帮拱FAMILY.

Marry Ann Villarin Fabiano
Marry Ann Villarin Fabiano12 months ago

Heal my heart,my minds..and my soul oh LORD!
Come in into my life again..
Help me to live according to Your will..
Please help me not to allow evil to lead my way..

Raveesh K Malik
Raveesh K Malik12 months ago

Lord Jesus Thank you for this Day I pray that Watch Over Whole Jerusalem and Israel. I give both the nation's in your hands. Protect both the nation's from Satan and his evil works, and every Obstacles and Hindrances. Everyone should accept you as their lord. Bring Peace and Stability in both the nation's. In Jesus name I pray Amen