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Final week folks! What’s it going to be?

Posted 2 months ago

Les N Barb Hansson 2 months ago

Pretty easy decision for most. HQ will be heading to a new home.

Darren Peachey 2 months ago


Kelvin Bruckner 2 months ago

I’ll have to test drive them all first

Sue Dunemann 2 months ago

Little Hot Rod ....(Roadster)

Paul Davies 2 months ago

The big beautiful Golden HQ, I have it's new rego plates waiting for him. "QCOUP"

MJ Choaty 2 months ago

mmmmm anyone of them is a great option not many Jav's in TMBA and its fresh mmmmmm spin my ticket and I will let all know 🙂

Greg Stewart 2 months ago

Love them all but the HQ is what would sit in the garage here

Damien Beattie 2 months ago

I have a Hornet I’m working on so I’d love the Javelin, but the HQ is also hard to pass up