Fleeing California

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Californians pay the highest marginal tax rate in the country, and yet the state's reckless left-wing policies have created a staggering $54 billion...

Posted 9 months ago in Politics

Kelly Bernard 9 months ago

While there is this exodus from California, how many of those leaving contributed to the current status quo of the state because of measures and figures they approved of? If their voting was consistently in support of the politicians and the policies which brought California to this point, and this correlation is not recognized, their support will likely be given to similar measures in the locations being relocated to. Hopefully, many moving out of California recognize this and are working towards not repeating the process in their new homes.

Bob O'Neil 9 months ago

They are fleeing California but carrying California politics around in there baggage

Christine Bontempo 9 months ago

We did leave a Democratic stronghold that suffocated its people with taxes and high living costs. We left NJ in 2009 and came down to SC. My taxes are a fraction of what they were in Jersey. Enabling us to have a bigger home and double the amount of property and great schools. Plus, we have school choice here.... I would never go back.

Heidi Bartholomew Bucholz 9 months ago

Here in conservative leaning SW Michigan we see people fleeing Chicago for our beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline, but the problem is that they bring their failed democrat politics with them. I hate to see that happening here or anywhere!

Carl Bailey 9 months ago

The number one mess in the United States that needs to be cleaned up. It's been under Democrat control for quite some time, they are the poison that will kill this great nation if allowed to continue their failing governing policies as it spreads across America.

Melissa Beezley Harris 9 months ago

Note from native Texan: welcome Californians, please leave your liberal thinking and politics in Cali when you move. Buy some guns and vote red

Ellen B Hedrick 9 months ago

The need to stay and change the policies! At this rate people will leave all the red places and ruin all the blue places. You know what I mean

Willa Hoffman 9 months ago

I live in northern Arizona. Californians are flooding here. Just leave your politics in California please!

Joann River Burnich 9 months ago

They need to STAY there and FIX their problem. Yet, they INSIST on electing these DEMOCRAP mismanagers. So, now they want to FLEE and bring their Democrap-propensities with them and will continue to bring ruin to wherever they go. There ARE some conservatives in California, and yet of all that I know, they are the ones that are staying; I can't imagine why.

Chuck Jones 9 months ago

The policies of the far left have ruined California and other States. Unfortunately, some of those same policies are being promoted by the President. Hang on to your money because it's about to be a bumpy ride.