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Posted 9 months ago in Children & Parenting

Melanie Mileham Campbell 7 months ago

Addiction is the root of all trauma.

We need to start supporting survivors of abuse and believing them when they muster up the courage to share their story.

He accused his father Kirk of abuse and molestation. He clearly is suffering as an adult today and many adult survivors of childhood trauma live troubled lives and numb their pain with drugs and alcohol.

I wish more people would start listening to victims and survivors of abuse.

We need to end the cycle of childhood abuse.

Toshi Williams 9 months ago

I don't think he should be explaining his self if he said something he wasn't suppose too oh well his son needs to grow up! Praying for peace for your family

Yoruba Harris 9 months ago

Here are some melodies from heaven for you... How do you so easily garrison, rally around, embrace, bestow mercy and forgiveness to a man you have never met just because of his notariety yet refuse to do the same for those who run or once ran in your own circles or your own family members for that matter. Make it make sense...

Monique Teia Makle 9 months ago

Free Krk Franklin, he has done nothing wrong in my eyes. A child should respect their parents. Just because he is who he is doesn't mean he isn't human. Everybody gets in their kids butts a few times throughout life. Leave that man alone.

Shirley Hatley Thomason 9 months ago

Mr Franklin stop apologizing to people who you don’t owe anything. That man disrespected you and your family and tried to embarrass you among your followers. If anyone thinks you are sooo wrong block them and go on with your life.

Gwendolyn Davis 9 months ago

Would they just stop with this situation with Kirk. Tell me how many parents have not cussed they’re children out.........and Kirk Franklin is just that,...Kirk Franklin. He wasn’t born to be our example. I’m not getting religious on you but just because he’s an icon doesn’t make him Jesus. This was a private matter made public. Let him deal with this privately, oh and for you who were offended, take a minute and think about those crazy things you’ve done.

Dayna Worthy 9 months ago

This is NOT going to stop my love of Kirk’s music nor will I think of him any differently! He is human, he got mad, sometimes your children will test your inner gangster & you have to remind them what time it is. No apologies needed, nor do we need any explanation. Keep being your authentic self!

Torrie Davis 9 months ago

I wouldn’t be on television or social media apologizing about anything!!! I said what I said and meant it!!! Dude is grown... this is sad

Jamie Williams 9 months ago

This is so sad! We as the people expect him to be held at a higher standard due to who he is. He’s still a human, a man, a father. He’s no different then us. We all have family problems and we all handle them differently. I don’t feel like he needs to apologize to anyone.

Commecia Thomas 9 months ago

That grown ass man could have played that tape for GOD and I still wouldn't apologize. I'm the mother of a 31 year old daughter & 29 year old son and they know NOT to come at me sideways. They don't EXPECT me to provide them with anything but love and support.