MP Didmus Baraza: DP Ruto has never disobeyed President Uhuru Kenyatta

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MP Didmus Baraza: DP Ruto has never disobeyed President Uhuru Kenyatta

Posted 2 months ago in Politics

Sylvester Musumba 2 months ago

Hawa majangili wakichukuwa serikali iko shida.

Joseph Moturi Onyoni 2 months ago

Mr. Baraza,kindly sack your PA for misinterpreting for you the President's English on Citizen TV interview. You Tangatanganganga were misleading innocent Kenyans that BBI was about RAO n UHunye that's why the President said openly that with or without BBI RAO had interest on leadership of the country. Acha ujinga you are a national leader or rather Ruro's left hand man. Don't tell us kizungu ni ngumu. Btw ulilipa contractor? Pole nlikua nmesahau

Rodgers Matifari 2 months ago

Didmus We are not strangers from Jerusalem.Even a stranger from Jerusalem knows that there's bad blood between the president and his DP. Let me remind you that DP has demonstrated alot of insurbodination to his boss for far too long.Ruto recruited young MPs from Mt Kenya who insult and bad-mouth his boss on daily basis.
Ruto challenged the changes to Jubilee party leadership that were sanctioned by his boss.
Ruto disobeyed Uhuru after handshake with Raila.The handshake brought peace after 2017 polarized polls.
Ruto is criticising uhuru government he participated in forming.Ruto fielded a candidate in the Kiambaa bye election which is the bedroom of his boss.

Nemwel Maragia 2 months ago

Just another lost sheep almost getting finished!

Onesmus Mwavita 2 months ago

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Evans Obuya 2 months ago

This one should be ignored I don't find substance in what he says

Shon McAjulo 2 months ago

Just like you never slapped a contractor. Isorait tumuachie Mungu. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

Samwel Ongeri Moranga 2 months ago

Umenyonya sahii umeshiba umeanza kutupigia kelele....hebu tuletee huyo Ruto nazi tumkamue ...
I tot ulikua leave and ur not aware of what has been going on!!!!

Oluamba Bolton 2 months ago

Have you paid the contractor you slapped a few days ago?

Alb Alberto 2 months ago

Kwani kimeanza kuumana!!!!!!