Funny Security Camera Fails

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Someone call SECURITY!!!!!! 不不

Posted 2 months ago

Chris Hooson 28 days ago

That cow must have lived there in a previous life Lol

Jamie Stookey 29 days ago

I want one of those anti-cat and scare them the heck away, spider thingies.

David Johnson 1 month ago

Legend has it that cat is still running from the spider.

Lorraine Tavares 1 month ago

Hahaha!!! We have a saying here in England: "ONLY in America"!!! No offence meant though: all in fun!! God BLESS America, amen!!

Deb McCool 1 month ago

All of it was funny but the cow was the best 不

Umar Ibrahim 1 month ago

不不 The owl probably delivered letter from Hogwarts

Patsy Caines 1 month ago

That cow reminded me of the first episode of "The walking dead" when Morgan's wife was trying to get into the house.

Saowakon Kakhong 1 month ago

This funny video clip really helps me relax. I love watching it.

Barry McKenzie 1 month ago

The COW was GOLD不不不不不不不不

Kelly Maybin 1 month ago

Omg the cow!! She turns around like "I know this is the right address"