WSB-TV - New video presented in court shows the moments...

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New video presented in court shows the moments before police said 2 inmates attacked and killed 2 corrections officers on a transport bus in Georgia in 2017.


Gerald Thomas Schubert
Gerald Thomas Schubert4 months ago

Once you're an inmate in the correctional system and you injure or kill one of the guards there, the prison staff should administer whatever justice they see fit.

Terri Bey
Terri Bey4 months ago

You know what else is criminal? This young man has been missing for a month with no news coverage #FindJelaniDay

Anne Chapin
Anne Chapin4 months ago

Soooo….. what? They opened a gate. I must be missing something.

Mark Black
Mark Black4 months ago

Wsb. Why show 21 seconds of a video that really didn't explain anything ?

Josh Winans
Josh Winans4 months ago

I don’t care profit per prisons are evil and if you work there you’re evil

Ricky Baker
Ricky Baker4 months ago

Cons of profit prisons
Merica 🇺🇸

Carol Brownlee Halbert
Carol Brownlee Halbert4 months ago

That is certainly horrible but it's old news why bring it back

Dede Rider
Dede Rider4 months ago

The amount of tax dollars wasted on this POS is astounding. Why can't we go back in time and institute punishments that actually deter crime.