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Posted 5 months ago in Politics

Bro Chola 5 months ago

Watching you from Zambia's only port....

Tomlee Matomola Linyama Brian 5 months ago

If ECZ failed to reach there target for the electorates in Zambia, how can these politicians manage to reach everyone do to do? I mean is this possible? When are they going to finish? How safe and secure are they? Is police going to be escorting each and every campaign team? This is a total joke of the year!

CIVIC Zambia 5 months ago

If anyone is afraid of dialogue just because We the people have them power they can exert on us citizens, they need to relinquish that power and let us choose our leaders again!

CIVIC Zambia 5 months ago

Cheswa you are shoving a lockdown under Mr Milupis throat! He is talking about dialogue on what is workable under the circumstances!

Chileshe Ellis 5 months ago

Rallies would have been better because they are not conducted daily and you have a choice not to attend. When hoards of people come to your house or place of business it’s a greater risk to you.

Lazarus Mwale 5 months ago

That guys is probably on bail already. In Zambia that’s treason

Namuluba Buchy Chipunza 5 months ago

Too much interference from the interviewer

Lawrence Chimukwaya 5 months ago

Cheswa is a pure upnd cadre and is completely failing to evidence based questions

Nalisa Brian 5 months ago

Iwe ka malama it's you the some people condemning the president of not superving Government projects.

He just have to go anywhere within Zambia.

Andy MrWonderful 5 months ago

Interviewer is both amature and dull. This is an interview centered around serious issues that are being followed by the entire world.