Hogwarts Legacy Will Have a Morality System

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Who else wants to play this? 😍

Posted 10 months ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Earl F. Young 10 months ago

Hopefully this is as good as they say. Don’t want to overhype anything.

Sean Robert Michaels 10 months ago

Shows some actual game play first

Jonathan Szto 10 months ago

The Gameboy Harry Potter turn based games are still the best in my books.

Conrad Cornelius 10 months ago

I'm buying this game as soon as it comes in the game store

Jaclyn Eagle 10 months ago

I have always loved Harry Potter but lately I’ve started to hate it

Andrew Hobson 10 months ago

I guess they cant hype Cyberpunk anymore. Time to overhype another game into the ground.

ĀMjãd Ahmed 10 months ago

I hope it will multiplayer

Mar Steezy 10 months ago

Hopefully it has kingdom hearts or final fantasy type of gameplay mechanics

Mark Kendrick 10 months ago

I dont want this released to soon

Kieran Lockwood 10 months ago

Ryan Walton hope you’re ready to be team slytherin