WSB-TV - You don't see this everyday! Emergency crews...

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You don't see this everyday! Emergency crews rescued the pilot from this plane as it dangled from power lines this morning in south Georgia. STORY >> (VIDEO: Luke Rudolph)

Matt Gregory
Matt Gregory4 months ago

That looks like a perfect place for a barbecue joint!!!

Joyce Council
Joyce Council4 months ago

What are they waiting for, it to fall?

Eric Crouch
Eric Crouch4 months ago

Whoever recorded this video needs to stay away from caffeine.

Hope Taylor Douglas
Hope Taylor Douglas4 months ago

Hats off to the folks that installed that pole!

Brenda Crumley
Brenda Crumley4 months ago

God sure had a hand in this, the outcome could have been much worse...very thankful the pilot is ok.....

Duane Kilgus
Duane Kilgus4 months ago

Thats not where that goes.

Todd Young
Todd Young4 months ago

Debbie Va
Debbie Va4 months ago

Needs to go back to Pilot School

FeeFee Beck
FeeFee Beck4 months ago

May God 😱😱👀 ohhh god 🙏 survivor praying Jesus Christ 🙌 Lord