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Poverty is a political choice.

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Leon Bees
Leon Bees4 months ago

Great speech. Perhaps she should grab her leader by his tender bits and get him to listen. All Starmer wants to do is destroy the left and any remaining socialist principles and turn Labour into a “Tory Lite” party.

Even faced with the catastrophic mess we have currently, Starmer’s main concern is changing the voting system within the Labour Party. Now we wait for Party Conference which will probably be so carefully stage managed it will resemble a Nuremberg Rally.

Catherine Browning
Catherine Browning4 months ago

No nation can call itself Great or world leading when it has children living in poverty. Everyone should be united in wanting to erradicate that shame. It is too awful a thought that maybe the majority of this nation simply don’t care. What a monster that would be, carefully and consistently created by the tories from their country piles. Shame on them.

Dianne Drew
Dianne Drew4 months ago

Political theatre that's all. Behind closed doors a much different story is playing out. Triple lock....these neoliberal nutters are destroying Britain from the inside...

Nicola Wa
Nicola Wa4 months ago

our society is already driven by charity, as so many things which should be provided, veterans services, cancer care, mental health, to name a teeny few, are again all funded by the people. Bet the tories dont do charity, unless there's dinner involved. Germans dont have charities- they have properly funded services

David S Hemmings
David S Hemmings4 months ago

Doesn't help when the leader of, and other members of, the opposition barely oppose anything and are ejecting socialist members from the party. #starmerout #jc4pm #CorbynWasRight

Lesley McFarland
Lesley McFarland4 months ago

Well said but it won’t change their minds. As an MP you have joined a club who think they are superior to the rest of us.

Paul Wilkie
Paul Wilkie4 months ago

Seriously sort yourselves out guys stop infighting and bring the fight to the political chamber I honestly foresee a further decade at least of Tory rule and further inequality and poverty.

Claudia Ferriday
Claudia Ferriday4 months ago

We are back to Dickensian times... The government has abdicated responsibility and passed a lot of it onto the charity sector, which is again funded by the general tax paying population. A complete overhaul of the system is needed, not just "Elastoplast" Solutions like £20 here or there, more or less on universal credit.

Frankjames Harrison
Frankjames Harrison4 months ago

Greatbdebate well put across but unttill Labour ditch the open door migration policy and talk of rejoicing the e.u I am afraid they will not be relying on my vote .voted Labour for 45year last election was the first time I never voted for them.

Geoff Straw
Geoff Straw4 months ago

It is not enough to cancel the cut. The UC payment must be permanently incorporated into the payment.