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7.26.21 Tribune Unscripted: We're talking to First Baptist Church Trussville today about a recent spike in coronavirus cases. Plus, Trussville City...

Posted 3 months ago in Social Issues

Kristy White 3 months ago

I am one of those vaccinated people who tested positive and am recovering. Thankfully, I was able to recover at home and was not hospitalized. I believe the vaccine helped keep my symptoms from escalating to a dangerous place.

Julie Gowdy Shannon 3 months ago

That’s great advice and very wise for young people!! Be kind regardless!!

Nance Wynn 3 months ago

I think it’s a good idea to look at hospital admission but it would also be helpful to know what % of those hospitalized did not get a COVID vaccination.

Lee Ann Tyler McAnnally 3 months ago

Lee Ann Tyler Mcannally is watching.

Bonny Huddleston 3 months ago

I love you on this side too

Bonny Huddleston 3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!!! Gives me chills

Bonny Huddleston 3 months ago


Bonny Huddleston 3 months ago

Love you guys

June Harrell Murray 3 months ago


Kathryn Smith 3 months ago