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Watch Live: Crowds gather in Asheville to hear Democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders
Blake on Guitar Dennis from back on guitar Cu Glass That's Ryan Crabtree on the base And Daniel comes on the T My name is Ashley. Thanks so much for having us today we're gonna. Do a little justone tune called Free Me Yes S Y'all can feel free to get your hoodie Yes S S S S Don't S S S S S S S S S S S S S S Good If S S Josh So or sophomore album is called I Wanna Live Where hope Never dies Alright Hopefully totally here Yeah S S T S S S Thanks Josh thank you guys so much for having us today we're looking for Some Bernie S Change S 12 Check 12 check 12 I'm Talking about We Watch Me S I'm Talking about Let's, give a big, big, warm welcome to salvage station and thanks for for hosting us here Is Asheville feeling the burn So I'm gonna need you got y'all's help here I wrote a song for burning and It's It's, called Bernie Bernie for the U S and I'm Gonna. Need you all to help clap and to help sing along with me, too So, can you guys say this after me Bernie for the US? A awesome You guys ready Four years later he still fine They know we're going to win this time Rose about said it wouldn't. Be that long until somebody out Down on Wall Street He said the revolution will come Sunday Small town Asheville UC If we stand together Bernie's going to win S In North Carolina Loud You gotta schedule It's fine. Just fucking get out He just told me to set it. I don't need to set S Check 121212 check 12. Hey, hey hey, hey hey hey check one? Check two Hey, hey hey S S Watch Me Adopt the same S S I am S S Oh, we say it all S S A I don't know S S S S S S S C S S S S S Months S Don't You know talking about S Crying at the door S S Get there Yeah People gonna right, Big loss there Doesn't Matter Talking about it S Standing in the world Crying S Talking about S S S S Stars Now seven years in this factory the payments in the solitary life but who cares Story Hope you all enjoyed the Blues Rock of Ashley Heath Band and Dylan Morris singing birdie in the U S A For seven years in a row our first Speaker was tapped as the best local politician in the Mountain Express Please give a warm welcome to city councilman's czar both well Hello Nashville What a crowd we really turn out here as you all know in fact, You're lucky you all arrived early, even though You've been hot, because I think there's as many people who couldn't get through the gate and Bernie will be addressing that crowd outside before he comes in here But we show up thousands of showed up for the any war marches in 2003 and Jim High Towers Rolling Thunder event for the Women's marches and for Net Doyles Southern Energy and Environment Expos Attendance at our day, breakfast is the largest in the United States and has been for years And we activists show up to vote Dennis Kucinich won the 2004 primary County When Buncombe County's votes reached Raleigh and flip the state for Obama in 2000 eight By the same 10000 or so votes that he won the state by and Bernie won the primary here in 2016 With 68 percent of the vote Matters It's. No wonder the Republicans in the General Assembly are afraid of Asheville, and they are We are home to the campaign for Southern equality, providing legal and moral support for L G B T people across the South We have noise astro centro working to support Latin next people in the culture across the region Buncombe County sheriff's Quinton Miller says he will not participate in Isis 287 G program We have building bridges working to erase racism by engendering interracial understanding We have the Canary Coalition which is successfully worked to clean up smoke stacks around the region We have the Dogwood Alliance, which is successfully gotten staples another office supplies to carry more recycled paper and getting big burger chains to use less paper waste We have mountain true That's worked for decades to protect our environment and the Southern Appalachians And now we have Blue horizons with which is already transforming our energy future We are home base for just economics, which we certified hundreds of businesses living wage employers including the city of Asheville And I'm Gonna Sleep, where the headquarters of the National Centers for Environmental Information, which is struggling to release climate data in spite of the person in the White House Perhaps worst of all for this state is that Bunkum has the highest per capita ownership of hybrid and electric vehicles in the state It's gotten so scary that they just passed or tried to pass a bill to raise a tax on electric vehicles because we aren't buying enough gasoline out here Biltmore Estate is as emblematic as symbol of inherited wealth is exists in this country But if I asked you what Biltmore has in common with New Belgium Brewery worker owned cooperative or Sierra Nevada a family owned business or the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association or the Buncombe County Government. You might be stumped but they have all made very substantial investments in solar power Whether it's the solar roofs on those breweries the solar farm at built more, the one that the country is about to build or the solar hot water heaters on locally owned restaurants It's clear that Asheville is dedicated to a zero carbon future Speaking of breweries we recognize his beer city essay, but we're also the founding city of B City C A program is in listing municipalities across the country to protect pollinators between the beer and the bees if you can't, catch a bus in Asheville York trying But you in this crowd have caught the buzz All of the issues that activist in Asheville had been fighting for part of Bernie's platform He spent his political career fighting for us and It's time for us to fight for Bernie I have no doubt that Justice Bunkum voters tip the balance for Obama. In 2008 bumpkin voters can lead the way when Bernie wins the 2020 primary in North Carolina And the general election that fall This time we win thank you The the owner of the Blue Dream Curry House is a Progressive businessman deeply committed to livable wages let's, give it up for James Allen Sutherland What's up Nashville How's. Everybody feeling Right we're ready for Bernie So my name is James Sutherland I'm, one of the owners of Blue Dream Curry House in downtown Asheville Sorry Anyway there, we go just a little background about Blue Dream you know I I grew up in Atlanta and I worked in restaurants for a long time and I saw a lot of people that were working 60 hour weeks or 80 hour weeks to be able to pay their bills just to put a roof over their head and feed themselves and their families and a lot of people are getting paid eight or $9 an hour and they're working really hard for that so when we came up to Asheville we started Blue Dream We wanted to make sure that a living wage was was the base wage for our restaurant from the beginning And thanks to organizations like just Economics they do living wage certification for businesses and it makes it really easy for businesses to be able to make that transition They also do a lot of research to try to figure out what a living wage is in in North Carolina in Western North Carolina so you know That's, one of the core tenants of of Blue Dream and there's been so many benefits to our business. We've established a brand that I think can last and That's something that a lot of businesses need to take into consideration that It's not just about shortterm gain It's also about To build something for the future and if you wanna have a successful business you need to have a base that is built from and another issue that I think is really important. you know cuz good wages are one thing. But if you can't get to and from your job, then it doesn't matter how much you're getting paid and transportation infrastructure and especially in Asheville with this service economy here everybody needs more transportation options especially late night buses need walking and bike paths We need to have regional transportation, some kind of train system in the future You know It's a shame that people have to take an Uber or lift after their shift and spend $10 out of the $50 that they made on their shift so it's time for a change So the question is how are we gonna create this change How are we gonna have fair wages for everybody in this country And also how are we gonna create transportation infrastructure in this country Well, step one is we elect Bernie Sanders, President of the United States Sunrise is a movement to address the climate crisis through the Green new deal and create millions of good jobs in the process Please welcome local hub organizer Ashley Mcdermott What's up Nashville My name is Ashley Mcdermott. Thank you so much to the Bernie campaign for inviting me to speak a little bit about the work that we're doing and I just have to say It's amazing that Bernie is the first presidential candidate to visit us this cycle Clearly, he recognizes the force that we are in Appalachia What do Y'all think Not to mention that he smoked Buncombe County, but he won 15 out of 18 of Western North Carolina counties last time around, which is also Mark Meadows District. So we're gonna. Do it again I am an activist, volunteer campaign staffer overall worker of the gig economy and most recently, I've had the honor to become the hub coordinator for the Asheville Chapter of the Sunrise Movement In 2018, the world's top scientists warn we only have 12 years to transform our economy to avoid catastrophic environmental breakdown quote within our lifetimes So the sunrise movement is building an army of young people to fight climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. You all know her She brought a plan to Congress that matches the urgency and scale of the climate crisis that we face the only one on the table that matches the urgency and that is the Green new deal So with Ancy sunrise has created has put the Green new deal on the National political agenda and permanently change the conversation on climate policy in this country even when pundits said it was impossible even when we know that corrupt politicians and fossil fuel billionaires are spreading lies about it because it threatens their profits So so over the past two months, sunrises held hundreds of town halls across the country, taking the greeny deal to every corner of it just last week at the town Hall Bernie Sanders himself with a a C join them on stage at the end of the Green new Deal tour Sunrise Asheville just a few weeks ago held our town Hall and not only that we hear from some of our powerful high school sunrise members about the moral urgency of the climate crisis that we face. But we also reach out to local organizers who are doing the work of the Green new deal in town right now those that are fighting for fully equitable, accessible, functional public transit like better buses together Like he loved Asheville Who's, creating Community gardens in our poor marginalized communities For the local 128 18 transit Union who are fighting for fair workplace treatment and living wages And we're doing this because we know that we need to lay the ground work locally in order for this to pass nationally that we need to work together. We need to build coalitions in order to get where we need to be in order to accomplish our federal scale So as a hub we will be making sure that climate Justice is talked about in terms of both equity as well as renewable energy that if elected officials and candidates from the bottom up City County legislative federal and presidential if they want our support They don't have to take the no fossil fuel money pledge just like Bernie Sanders already has And stop letting fossil few money influence our elections And we will make sure that all of these elected officials and candidates know that yes, youth do vote and they will enforce this election So my ask for you all here today is to just get involved. This is the time come to our next sunrise meeting on May 20. Ninth Sunrise movement via on Facebook and Instagram get involved with the local campaign get involved with Bernie campaign step outside your computers and go knock on some doors and make some phone calls because I know that if all Y'all hear pitch in we can elect leaders like Bernie all the way down the ballot to lead us to the change that we need to see in 2020 Thank you S Chris Robin describes herself as a teacher and a mother She was just invited by Senator Bernie Sanders to speak to us today So I just met Bernie and he just asked me after talking be gentle with me wasn't planning on this We had a small meeting community meeting was Bernie and I was telling Bernie that I grew up poor working poor My mom had three kids She worked from Seven AM to Seven PM no car She works 12 hours a day We never had enough anything especially health care If we needed to go to the doctor, we went to the emergency room When my mom became ill first cancer heart failure diabetes there was no money to pay for her medication Every single month we made choices Do we pay the electric bill or do we buy my mom's medicine We lived two weeks, one time with no electricity We would go to the pharmacist and by one pill five pills whatever we could get like addicts whatever we had enough that day to keep my mom going it was shameful on all fronts When I'm I cannot understand how working class people cannot support universal health care because I can tell you that when we had to go to the emergency room for basic health care it was standing room only even in the halls and they were not all Democrats We are all in this together we all need universal health care And I truly believe we need Bernie Bernie and He's even nicer than you think everybody I got two hugs It is my privilege to announce the Co chair of the 2020 campaign Senator Nina Turner S S Where you at Asheville My goodness It is such a pleasure to be back here I was here last year. It's good to be back here with you this year I love you too baby Oh, my goodness can we just have Can we just download for about five minutes? Is that all right We are in a moment of transcendence And all of you understand from your experiences from your family's experiences. Just from life experiences that there comes a point in time when we gotta make a decision and we as a country can no longer continue on a path that breeds hate and division We gotta do some things and the reason why I say we because even when we get Senator Bernard Sanders elected as next President of United States of America He is still going to need our help to push an agenda that is for the majority and not just for the few Senator Sanders feels this thing deeply and we got the receipts so I need you all to hashtag receipts He is not new to this His commitment to social Justice and racial Justice and economic Justice Environmental Justice did not just start in his run for President He has lived those values We got the receipts And can I say some Asheville I'm excited to compare his record to anybody running in this race in 2020 Oh yeah I am we got the receipts Senator Sand, his father was an immigrant from Poland. Many of you may know that and his father came to this country, escaping the Holocaust and I want you to wrap your mind around that Some of his family he never got a chance to get to know So when a senator talks about his understanding about needing a humane immigration system he understands that from experience They grew up in Brooklyn We got some Brooklyn nights in the House And rent controlled housing his mother died at the young age of 46 years old One of the things that she always wanted for her family was for them to own their own home And it was something that she never lived to realize So when Senator Sanders stands up and he says that we need a government that understands that the working poor and barely Middle class in this family Don't desire to be in those conditions that they desire to live a good life He understands that from lived experience S We got the receipts And although some folks, Don't want to talk about history I as a history professor just believe that history matters So when he was an angel a lot of the millennials that are here right now he was the President of Core at the University of at University of Chicago He stood up against segregation housing segregation We got the receipts He spoke out against policies that would take away opportunities for returning returning citizens to have access to Pell grants he voted against that He stood up and talked about how a trocitos the crime bill would be for generations against African Americans And poor communities, we got the receipts And when it was not popular Senator Sanders stood up for the working class people of this country. Some of you may remember that in 2010 he fell a busted for over eight hours against the extension of the Bush tax cuts Senator Sanders work to enhance the C by working side by side with Congressman Jim Clyburn to get 11 billion dollars put into that bill for community health centers Last year I mean 2016, you all may recall that the senator was talking about Medicare. For all it wasn't his first time talking about Medicare for all, because he just believes that in the wealthiest country on the face of the Earth that people shouldn't have to grovel for health care We got the receipts And when he talks about College for all This is the brothers. It is the same commitment that at once upon a time in this country that we made to have K to 12 education we need to make that same commitment for higher education And I can tell you as a first generation College graduate and somebody that was able to become a cycle breaker I understand personally what a College education can do Personally Congresswoman Barbara Jordan once said that what the people want is very simple They want an America as good as his promise That is what Senator Sanders is working for an America as good as its promise for all people President Teddy Roosevelt once said, I gotta bring in Teddy And away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing Isn't by all of us, have a role to play. This is not just about Senator Bernie Sanders one of the things that the senator always says is that it is not about me It is about us S We all have a story to tell we all have endured some things but what we can do get let me just said titles are good They get your phone calls return. They get you in the room Sometimes folks get in the room, sisters and brothers, and they forget why they there Titles are good but purpose is better Need more purpose driven people from all over this world over this country to gather together and to say that enough is enough we will no longer stand for the ultra wealthy making their profit on our backs and our neck And to my teachers in the House you deserve better than what you did in the state of North Carolina How the profession that most in the minds of carpenters and doctors and lawyers and future presidents can be treated the way that teachers are being treated in this country We not gonna stand for it If by the working poor in this country, that is a sin and a shame that we have a system that is so rigged that not only does it criminalize poverty But you got folks in the upper echelon of this society who pretend like they are the only ones that dissolve to live a good life Well, I got a news flash for them We are about to change all of that Nobody Nobody says that they wanna be poor when they grow up. Nobody everybody has a hope and a Dream but sometimes life throws us curve balls and it takes some folks longer to be able to get to the peak of that mountain And that is why collectively we ought to give some kids we alter care About what happens to our sisters and brothers because what happens to one happens to all And I'm about to close this thing up I'm feeling all types of ways Pamela Turner is on my mind I don't know how many of you watched that video that sister being gunned down shot five times She's. Not the only one. We can name a whole bunch of names What are you saying sister? Turning? I am saying this that we must reform and criminal Justice system that sees black men and black women as less than anybody else in this country We not standing for it we're just not Do it anymore We said Justice for all That's exactly what we mean Justice If you are black and White or Latina Asian American or an Indian American the rainbow mosaic. If humanity we cannot stand for systems that encourage racism sexism ageism bigotry We not standing for it Justice That's. What we mean now. Sisters and brothers. Also what that means is that we gotta put some sweat equity on this thing We gotta bring something and so in order for us to have the transcendence that I started my talk with you off with It means that all of you have to get involved. You gotta be engaged because even when we get to the sand is elected, he cannot. Do it by himself. This system is going to resist but there is nothing sisters and brothers and I want you to hear me. Clearly there is nothing greater stronger, more beautiful than a conscious minded People on the move aspect we all We're on the move So I need you to go to Bernie Sanders dot com. If you have not already signed up to be one in a million I need you to sign up go to Bernie Sanders dot com and sign up because we need you now Can you do something for a system Can you raise one hand for yourself and the other hand for somebody else with these hands? We will have Medicare for all With these hands, we will have College Women will get their whole damn dollar Have comprehensive humane immigration reform with these hands? We will take care of Mother Earth we only shore ladies and everybody has opportunities in this country Hands we will elect Senator Bernie Sander President of the United States of America S Thank you North Carolina Now, I was told that coming in North Carolina, Wouldn't make much sense. It was a Republican State Doesn't look like that today Let me thank the thousands of people who came out today Let me thank the Ashley he bend Let me thank Sea salt Boswell James Sutherland Ashley Mcdermott I wanna thank Chris Rollin I just I just met Chris an hour or so ago we had a little meeting and she talked about the experience that her family had in poverty and without health care And it seems to me that Chris story and our family story is the story of millions and millions of Americans and I thank her so much for having the courage to come up here and speak And let me thank my fellow political revolutionary Nina Turner Nino has been running all over this country doing the most important work that any of us can do, and that is bringing people into the political process, getting people to stand up and fight for Justice. Nina thank you North Carolina and all of you who are out here today, let me thank you for being part of a campaign which is not only going to win the Democratic nomination Which is not only going to defeat Donald Trump The most dangerous President in modern American history But with your help is going to transform this country and finally create an economy and a government which works for all people not just for one percent The working people of this country, whether they're in North Carolina or in Vermont on sick and tired of a government that bends over backwards for the rich and the powerful And we want a government that speaks to the needs of all people not just wealthy campaign contributors And today, I come before you and welcome you to a campaign which says with confidence with optimism and with love that the underlying principles of our government, your government and my government will not be greed will not be hatred and will not be lies The underlying principles of our government will not be racism It will not be sexism It will not be zenophobia It will not be homophobia and it will not be religious bigotry Rose ugly and pie American sentiments of the Trump administration are going to end and we are gotta end it for them The principles of our government will be based on a time honored American tradition and that is Justice for all And that means economic Justice it means social Justice It means racial Justice and it means environmental Justice And in that regard, let me just say a few words about some very recent and disturbing developments that are taking place right now Across this country, at this very moment there is a wellfunded attack coordinated by right wing extremists to deny women the right to control their own bodies As all of you know just this week Alabama pass the most restrictive law in the country How boring all abortions even if a woman was raped Or if a 13 year old girl was the victim of incest The Alabama Legislature and governor actually belief that it is appropriate to force a woman to have the baby of her rapist How grow tesk is that and that law, even criminalizes abortion punishing both women and doctors who could face years in prison if they were found guilty And last week, It's, not just Alabama, the governor of Georgia signed a law that would outlaw abortion before many women even know if they're pregnant The goals of these laws is nothing less than overturning road The Wade the Supreme Court decision guaranteeing a woman the right to control her own body Make no mistake about it These laws are incredibly dangerous They are regressive and they are blatantly unconstitutional And together we are going to fight those was in every way possible Because if they are implemented the consequences will be absolutely disastrous and threaten the very lives of women It is not an exaggeration to say that banning legal medically assisted abortion and forcing women back into the arms of quacks will quite literally kill women That is what happened before Roe v Wade and we will not go back And so today we say to the governments of Alabama Georgia and all of those States who are trying to take away a woman's right to control her own body We are not going backwards We are going forwards And let me be quite clear. The Republicans who support these laws a total and absolute hypocrites Day after day, and I say this is a member of the US Senate Day after day, I hear my colleagues Republican colleagues coming to the floor of the Senate and they say we are conservatives We believe in small government we wanna get the government out of the lives of the American people except when it comes to half of the population and the ride Women to make their own personal decisions A woman's right to control her own body is a constitutional right and we will not stop fighting until that right is absolutely secure in every state in this country And let me say something to the men who are here today. This is not just a woman's issue This is an issue that impacts all of us And the man must stand with the women in their moment of the Alright guys you in this storm as well And when we talk about some of the dangerous situations we're facing today it is not just the attack on Roe v Wade It is also the growing discussions in the Trump administration about the possibility of the US attack on Iran As someone who did as much as I possibly could in trying to prevent the United States from getting involved in the horrific war in Iraq Which one of the turns out to be one of the great and worst foreign policy blunders in the history of this country let me tell you that a war with Iran would be even worse It would result in increased the stabilization in a part of the world, which is already destabilized It would mean more deaths and injuries for American soldiers and more death and misery for the people in that region, who have already suffered so much in fact, and this is what I believe a war with Iran could unleash dark forces and unintended consequences which could lead to never Ending will have in that region for perpetual warfare with your kids and your grandchildren would be experiencing As former general Anthony Zinny stated about the possibility of such a war quote if you like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan you were involved Iran End Quote Now, the reason that we should be concerned about the possibility of a war with Iran is that President Trump has installed as his National security adviser John Bolton You know John Bolton Bolton has you may know was one of the Prime architects of the war in Iraq as President as an adviser to President Bush and he is one of the very few people in this world will still believes that the war in Iraq was a good idea Now, some of you may know for the first time in 45 years we managed in this help lead that up in the Senate We worked in a bipartisan way. We manage to win in the House a resolution for the first time in 45 years under the War Powers Act to get the US out of the Saudi led intervention in Yemen Alright and we're gonna work as hard as we can in a bipartisan way to make sure there are 51 members of the Senate Rotel Trump Not only that a war in Iran would be a disaster but it is unconstitutional Somebody somebody in his staff should share with the President something that he's very unfamiliar with obviously and that is the constitution of the United States It is the Congress that has the power to declare war not the President Brothers and sisters Donald Trump thinks he's gonna win reelection By being extremely cynical and that is by trying to divide the American people up based on the color of their skin based on the country, they came from based on their sexual orientation based on their agenda based on their religion Well, I got news for Trump That is a strategy that is going to fail And together we are gonna do exactly the opposite of what Trump is trying to do He is trying to divide us up and we're gonna bring our people together Black Black and White and Latino Asian American Native American Gay and straight nativeborn and immigrants And that will be our path toward victory standing together as one people fighting for Justice we will not be stopped And when we stand together and we fight for Justice it means that we are gonna end the drift toward oligarchy in America We are gonna end the obscene situation where three families in America on wealth than the bottom half of the country When the top one percent owns more wealth than the bottom 92 percent and when people in north carolina or in the month of work in two three jobs to pay the bills fourty-nine percent of all new income is going to the top one percent Together they're gonna create an economy that works for working people not just the billionaire class Justice means that at the time, when half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck we are not going to give massive tax breaks to profitable corporations and the wealthiest people in this country And Justice means that we will no longer accept the greed of corporate America where the Ceos at the top of these corporations are earning over 300 times what their employees make And today we say to corporate America Stop the greed Pay attention to the needs of your workers Not just your stockholders And when we talk about injustice in this country we are also talking about racial injustice At a time of massive levels of disparity in our country the situation is much worse for African American families It is not acceptable that black families own one tenth of the wealth of White families that the infant mortality rate in black communities is two and a half times what it is in White communities That Red lining in housing continues to exist that black businesses cannot get the loans They need, so let us be clear when we fight for Justice That means ending institutional racism in every aspect of our life What it is not just economic Justice we are fighting for It is ending a corrupt political system We hold the radical view that American democracy means one person one vote not billionaires spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy elections And that is why together we will overturn that disastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United I'll tell you a lot of things holding a lot of things, get me angry but there's one thing that upsets me almost more than anything else. And that is you have cowardly Republican governors who do not have the guts to participate in free fair and open elections because they know when large numbers of people vote they lose So they are working overtime to try to suppress the boat Then I poor people people of color and young people the right to participate in our political system and I stated those cowardly Republican governors If you don't, have the guts to participate in free elections get the hell out of politics and get a new job I wanna thank you, I wanna I wanna say something to you which is in the midst of a lot of bad news that some girly good news And that is in the last four years since I last campaign here in North Carolina on major issue after major issue ideas, which four years ago seem radical and extreme on now the ideas that the overwhelming majority of the American people support And I thank you for helping to make that happen Four years ago when we talked about raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour we were told it was a radical idea Not anymore Seven States have already done that And let me tell you your minimum wage here in North Carolina is what 725 an hour I don't know how anybody thinks that anybody can live on seven or the corridor, eight or nine bucks an hour Four years ago when we said that health care is a human rights we were sold. That was a radical idea that the American people would accept. It Poll just came out the other day consistent with other polls 70 percent of the American people support a Medicare Single payer Program Four years ago, we were told that when we said we need to come back our broken criminal Justice system and legalize or decriminalize marijuana We were told was a radical idea ain't such a radical idea today State after state of storing exactly that Four years ago, I was in a National debate and the moderator, said Senator Sanders. What do you consider to be the major foreign policy and National security crisis that we face and I think they expected me to say okay to Isis which are very serious threats to the country But I responded, I said you know what the major National security crisis we thinks is climate change And the moderator actually left well. They are not laughing today So we have made progress in a number of areas and what this campaign is about are taking our ideas. The ideas that are accepted now by not only the overwhelming majority of Americans but almost every Democratic candidate from dog catcher to President of the United States And our job now is to bring our people together and to take that agenda and to make it the law of the land That's. What this campaign is about Well, let me tell you something that I don't know that any other candidate will tell you and that is in my view no President not the most honest and well intentioned can do it around and the reasons for that, and we don't You're, not gonna. See this on TV very much But the reasons for that is that the powers that be in the establishment today have so much money and so much Influence that the only way we make the change we need is not just by having a good President. It's by millions of people standing up fighting back at the church So when the when the message of our campaign says It's, not me it's us this is not just a bumper sticker Although it may be a bumper sticker this is the essence of what the political revolution is about You have to appreciate and I'm in Washington all the time. The power of Wall Street where you have six financial institutions that have assets equivalent to 54 percent of the of America a handful of banks control the flow of trillions of dollars The power of the insurance companies are the pharmaceutical industry Of the military industrial Complex Fuel industry So our job together is to stand up to them because at the end of the day you know the one percent has a lot of money and a lot of power But at the end of the day, if my arithmetic is correct 99 percent as a hell of a big number compared to one percent so let me very briefly tell you what we and underline the world we are gonna do when we get to the white house we are finally going to join every other major country on earth currency had their Last year the top 10 drug companies made 69 billion dollars in profit And they charge us the highest prices in the world we're gonna cut prescription drug costs in this country by 50 percent this is the various country in the history of the world we should not have an infrastructure which is growing A trillion dollar investment will put 15 million people into good paying jobs In America, when you turn on the faucet you should be able to get clean drinking water And today, we say what is increasingly obvious to governors and mayors all over this country and that is in a competitive global economy We need the best educated workforce in the world So we are gonna do a number of things number one in the year 2019 we're gonna be making public colleges and universities tuition free The before we gonna end the absurdity of millions of people being crushed by outrageous levels of student debt If the Congress can give a trillion and a half dollars in tax breaks to the one percent and large corporations we damn well can forgive student debt for millions of Americans Today we say to Trump and the fossil fuel industry that climate change is not a hoax It is an existential threat to this country in the world It is beyond belief that we have a fossil fuel industry which continues to lie and lie and lie They are trying to die the reality of climate change and what causes climate change and unbelievably They are willing to threaten the longterm health of our planet for short term profits So today, we say to Trump and the fossil fuel industry whether you like it or not we are going to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy And by the way when we do that we're gonna, create millions of goodpaying jobs And today we say to the prison industrial complex That whether they like it or not we are going to bring about real criminal Justice reform in this country I am sick and tired I am sick and tired as you are a being in a nation today, which has more people in jail disproportionately. Africanamerican Latino and Native American more people in jail than any other country on Earth Now, instead of spending 80 billion dollars a year to lock up fellow Americans, we are going to invest in our young people in jobs and education Not in jail and incarceration It was keeping a sense somebody to the University of North Carolina at the send them to jail let's. Get our priorities right when we talk about criminal justice for bone it means that we got in five four present in this country Corporations should not be making money locking up fellow Americans It means we're gonna end the disastrous will on drugs so many wife have been was through very is people have seen terrible damage to their future because of our dress processing now one of and we are going to begin the process of expanding the wickets of those west of opposition Now, you may not know this Not a lot of people do but today in America, there are some 400000 people in jail This moment and they are crime. Is they are poor and cannot afford bail In other words we're going back to the debt of prisons of a hundred and 50 years ago This is unconscionable we're gonna end the cash bail system Today we say loudly that we will no longer accept the demonization of undocumented people in this country And we are going to do what the American people want us to do and that is bringing about comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship We're gonna provide legal Scotus One point, eight million young people in the Daca program And we are going to develop a humane border policy for those who seek asylum America is not and must never be a country where babies a snatched from the arms of their mothers And today, we say to the military industrial complex that we will not continue to spend more money on defense than the next 10 Nations combined We are going to invest in affordable housing we're going to invest in public education We are not going to invest in endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq Yemen Iran or any place else Our foreign policy is to bring people together and try to diplomatically workout differences not bomb them into the Sportage And today, we say to the top one percent and to private corporations who have never had it so good You are not gonna. Keep that one and a half trillion dollars in tax breaks that Trump gave you we're taking it back We will no longer ups accept an absurd situation where large profitable corporations pay zero in taxes anybody here know how much Amazon paid in taxes last year It's, a smart group of People zero this is a company made 11 billion in profits owned by the wealthiest guy in America paid nothing in taxes together we're gonna, come up and develop a tax Progressive tax system which demands that the wealthiest people in this country and the large corporations start paying their fair share Let me tell you some of the other things we're gonna. Do when we are in the White House we are finally going to develop a federal jobs guarantee You want a job in America you're able to work There will be a job because It's more than enough work to be done We need workers to rebuild our infrastructure to combat climate change to teach our kids to do childcare There is more than enough work to be done Let's put our people to work Don't. We get a good wages And when we are in the White House together we're gonna ends will move aggressively to end the epidemic of gun violence in this country And pass the common sense gun legislation that the overwhelming majority of Americans, gun owners and not want to see happen We will not be intimidated by the R Here is the story The story is that on issue after issue virtually every issue that I touched upon today and some important ones that I didn't the American people are with us The American people know there is something insane and wrong about a Middle class which has been shrinking for 40 years where we have 40 million people living in poverty. While the very richest people are becoming even Richard That's. What the American people understand they know that there's something absurd when we are The only major country on Earth not to guarantee healthcare to all that a radical idea I live 50 miles away from the Canadian border. They do it The UK Does it? Scandinavia? Does it Germany? Does it every country major country on Earth? Does it Don't tell me that the United States of America cannot guarantee health care to all people And I want you to think about a world in which we have a President who does not deny the reality of climate change But a President who will lead the world together in combatting climate change Think about a world in which we are not spending well over a trillion dollars a year on weapons designed to kill people but a world in which we are investing in sustainable energy and energy efficiency So here's, where we are today, and I wanna say a special word to the folks in North Carolina, who voted for Donald Trump probably not many of them here But many in the state. This is what I wanna say I do understand why people voted for Trump in North Carolina in Vermont and around this country. And that is that people felt that they were ignored people cannot afford health care they're earning starvation wages they're seeing their jobs going to Mexico and China They Can't afford to send their kids to College. I understand that I wanna tell the people in North Carolina who voted for Trump, but I say this without any joy in my heart he is a pathological liar and he lied to you during the campaign He told the people of North Carolina that he would provide healthcare for everybody. Remember that and then he tried to throw 32 million people off the health care they already had Trump said Trump said he would not cut Medicare Medicaid or social Security take a look at his budget trillion and a half dollar cut in Medicaid eight hundred billion dollar cut in Medicare billions in social Security Trump told the people of North Carolina that his tax proposal would not benefit the wealthy ho 83 percent of the benefits over a tenyear period go to the top One percent bottom line is Trump said he would be a friend and supporter of the working class of this country He betrayed them Alright here's, where we are where we are right now he said. If we stand together and we don't allow Trump and his allies to divide us up by the color of our skin, or where we were born or our sexual orientation If we stand together and keep our eyes on the prize which is a Progressive agenda that works for all and not just wealthy campaign contributors If we do that we're not only gonna win in November 2020 we're gonna win in big numbers let's go forward together Very much Hey, folks we'd like to invite you to stick around. We've got another special guest coming right up here We've got all the way from Colorado. They definitely feel the burn The salvage station is proud to present to you, the sweet lilies in just a few minutes stick around

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