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I wanna hear the secrets that only the employees know that okay. I worked at McDonald's and I learned so much so much McDonald's. you think that they're just fast food and but they have so much science behind every so, for example, your straw at Mcdonald's is larger. Do you know why it's larger because it lets more carbonation hit your tongue and makes the soda taste better. That's why it's better at McDonald's. That's why 711 little straws suck. Grilled chicken is injected with a salt water mixture to keep it moist, but also flavorful McDonald's actually commissions Coke for their own recipe of syrup. That's why their Coke has a little bit more sugar and a lot more flavor. Their ice cream machine is made from whole whipping cream and it's cleaned once a week Did you know that Tyson actually makes the chicken nuggets? They're actually not that processed and they're made by Tyson and they're privately labeled Alright. So I work the best. For the better part of a decade, ironically, wearing a blue and yellow hat not on purpose. so the big one is you don't have to buy their protection plan. If you go back in the store and your product isn't working within a year, they can actually take it back right then and there and give you a gift card for credit and if they tell you they can't honor a manufacturer warranty. They're full of shit as for a manager. If you're gonna buy a cellphone from them just know that it's more expensive to buy it from best buy than it is at a carrier store, the carrier store. It's gonna be about 150 bucks off if you're ever gonna buy an open. Tv or a big ticket item try to get it on a Saturday night because they need to hit their numbers for the week and they'll be more willing to work with you to get a deal done if they try to sell you HD Cable just say no, you can get the exact same thing on Amazon for like four bucks. The last thing is they actually lose money on computer sales. so when they try to give you a bundle deal with whatever accessories they have, you're actually not getting that great of a deal. I used to be a cashier at Marshalls and I always thought this was the weirdest thing um one time. I was working you know and register and some woman comes up to me and she's like Hey I just saw this girl steal a whole bunch of makeup put it in her bag. da she's over there. Da and I literally had to be like thank you but we cannot do anything about it and she looked at me like and um take like home goods. You know, Marshalls TJ Maxx your trading post. If you go to any of those TJ companies, we literally legally cannot go up to someone and like accuse them or even keep a record of them stealing let me explain by their logic we could be. The whole rest of the store in danger if we go up and confront them granted, we could still go up and be like. did you find everything Alright, but that's about. That's about it. I worked at Hollister and I think it's different now. but back in the day it was kinda messed up. There were two positions. One was called back stock and one was called model and the model was like the customer service people who actually were on the floor and deal with customers in order to be a model you had to be attractive and in the interview process, they rate you from a scale of one to ten you had to keep your hair and make. Natural, you couldn't paint your nails and you could only wear their clothes that were Navy blue and white, including shoes. So when I worked there, they only had the flimsy little flip flops and I just had to wear those on my shifts and the reason they're called models is because apparently hollister like all of their ad models. all of the models and the pictures were pulled from the employees and on black Friday. they always picked the funniest girl and paid her more than everyone else to stand in the front with the shirtless guys, it was so messed up. It was always just on looks.

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