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Why under 40s in the UK won't be offered AstraZeneca Covid jab.

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Posted 6 months ago in Health & Medical

Amanda-Jane Lee 6 months ago

To say that 3 hospital admissions due to covid, versus 1 admission or death due to vaccine is 'worth the risk,' is 'Cold Comfort' if your child is the '1' who dies from a vaccine when alternatives were available. Is there an alternative jab on offer for those whose first dose was AZ? Not enough people have had second dose for them to say so confidently, that it is only the first dose which causes this reaction.

Elle Bolton 6 months ago

I didn't get AZ I got one that's in early ish trials & I'm fine 🤷‍♀️
Everything has risks but they're very low with vaccines, even the covid ones

Mel Godditt 5 months ago

Well I’m 34 had my Astra Zeneca back in March I’ve refused my second one as I heard about this but they are still giving it to under 40s I have health problems as it is and I really can’t be bothered to put myself through the state of what ifs family have practically said if I don’t have my second jab I won’t be able to see my Nan who is 92 well I’d like to see them stop me

Pat Hillier 6 months ago

Both my daughters had first AstraZeneca both under 40 well ones 40 the end of this year there next vaccine is in 2 weeks it’s worrying

Claire Strong 6 months ago

Thousands of under 40 already had it though , isn’t it their choice

James Matthew 6 months ago

I got my text message inviting me to book my appointment. Didn't give me the option to chose even though I was will to except the 0.00017% chance of getting a blood clot.

Fin Ward 6 months ago

ITV and bbc with totally different figures someone isn’t telling the truth 😮

Paul Liddy 6 months ago

Oh but it's completely safe says Dr crippen

Paul Warwick 6 months ago

No need to take the risk considering the position we're in, just common sense really

Ryan Parker 6 months ago

I won't be taking any of these vaccines
An i urge anyone to spend a few hours from different view points
Before they make the decision to have theirs too