I've never seen ice cream this mesmerizing

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Have you ever seen anything more perfect than this? 🍦

Posted 5 months ago in Food & Drink

Peter Emanuel 5 months ago

I bought a perfect lemon a while back. So yeah.

Mary Hayes Ickert 5 months ago

Thanks to that potty commercial this is the only thing I see.

Michael Chilton 5 months ago

One of the dipped cones didn’t come down all the way to the cone. Rookie mistake.

Zanel Courteille 5 months ago

My favorite thing in the world to eat is caramel dipped vanilla soft serve, but haven’t found a good one maybe 10 years.....

Leisa Ann Arnett 5 months ago

Pretty sure I gained a few pounds just watching this.

Minnie Trusser 5 months ago

After watching this..... think I have a toothache now.... but where can I get one or three?? 😂

Marlena Beck-O'Brien 5 months ago

My pregnant ass is gonna need to send my husband out for ice cream now.

Sue Smith 5 months ago

I got fatter just watching this video

Patti Brees 5 months ago

great …. it’s 5 a.m. and i want a hot fudge sundae ….. sigh

Gigi Alvarez Jocom 5 months ago

I love ice cream! I'm drooling!😛