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Dahlia Flowers

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Posted 1 year ago in Home & Garden
Myrl Kelly
Myrl Kelly1 year ago

My Mum loved dahlias & these are beautiful

Estaline Watson Pledger
Estaline Watson Pledger1 year ago

Beautiful, my Mother had so many varieties. We would visit a dahlia farm in NGa mountains

Angie Fitzharris
Angie Fitzharris1 year ago

Love these flowers, my grandad use to grow them many years ago always big and beautiful. Wish I could grow my own

Jim Lang
Jim Lang1 year ago

They are such beautiful flowers. Robina

Snow Chansamone
Snow Chansamone1 year ago

Wow looks very beautiful flowers and all the color so beautiful i love them

Dahlia Ocsera
Dahlia Ocsera1 year ago

Amazing ..dahlias....as if they're dancing with the music

Wai Kin Susan Renda
Wai Kin Susan Renda1 year ago

WoW! It鈥檚 extremely beautiful. I just started mine. Unfortunately, I live in a zone 6b area which means I have to dig it up to replant for next year. It鈥檚 a lot of work. Limiting myself to dahlia. Want something that鈥檚 less hectic and come back early year.

Trixie Halmich
Trixie Halmich1 year ago

These Dahlias are exquisite! I have seen lots of different colored and variety of Dahlias over my lifetime but nothing as beautiful as what is displayed in these pictures. I would have a very difficult time trying to decide which of these Dahlias I would like to plant in my flower garden. No doubt, they would definitely stand out among my other flowers. I have always loved Dahlias and they bring back memories of my childhood when I would often stop and admire the Dahlias in other people鈥檚 flower gardens.

Norma Hurson
Norma Hurson1 year ago

My mother had an amazing display of Dahlias every year. So beautiful.

Margit Safrany
Margit Safrany1 year ago

Dahlia is so beautiful and the variety鈥檚 are endless. They are flowering even in the end of October