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You're probably eating sushi the wrong way.

(via Munchies)

David A Denis
David A Denis4 months ago

I put it in my pie-hole. That's all that's required.

Scott Skinner
Scott Skinner4 months ago

You should cook it first lol

Dennis Cronin
Dennis Cronin4 months ago

I "marinate" my sushi in a soy sauce/wasabi mixture and eat with chop sticks

Benito Musso El Santo
Benito Musso El Santo4 months ago

As long as I am paying I eat whatever way I want there isn’t right or wrong

Jeffrey Tivane
Jeffrey Tivane4 months ago

Did he wash his hands though…hygiene at stake 🤮should wear some gloves of somethin

Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez3 months ago

Looks like the guy isn't enjoying the sushi at all

Josh Estes
Josh Estes4 months ago

Where is this guy’s restaurant?

Ziyad Haouchar
Ziyad Haouchar4 months ago

Looks as good as it taste's

Sky Tripp-Schaefer
Sky Tripp-Schaefer4 months ago

Naaaa I'll keep eating it the way I do at the buffet.

Nylorac Renmus
Nylorac Renmus4 months ago

This is just for men in the men's room 😂