Tsega in the Kitchen

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Tsega in the Kitchen

Posted 10 months ago in Food & Drink

King Asa 10 months ago

Some talents can't be hidden, holding a cooking stick like she's holding it 🤔, I mean this absolutely good for a starter.😂🤸🤸

Choolwe Mweemba 10 months ago

Awww 😍😍it's good that he is teaching her... Instead of looking for a side chick to cook for him

Max William 10 months ago

Some skills are better taught when someone is still young charity begins at home

Zewelanji Nachamba Ntalasha 10 months ago

Imwee it's not easy to just speak English throughout in the house everyday u can crush if u rush,because even gate crushers crush when they rush inside the wedding to crush the food meant to be crushed by the invited. Mwandi Tayali tell her to crush it everywhere!!!!!

Jessy B Hims 10 months ago

I like the way she is holding th cooking stick.
So tender

Jonathan Jonahs Temboh 10 months ago

You have to crush it, ichigayo didn't do enough with the maize. The nshima has to be crushed too because it's too stiff😩

Nchimunya C-chase 10 months ago

I think he needs a good music system while at work,
Just watching tyakula nshima, too much kusabaila

Lungu James Chilokotwe 10 months ago

We understand. In Ethiopia they Eat Rice and not Nsima so she is leaning here

Shombe Ema Sakala 10 months ago

When you love someone, you will definitely teach them, you will definitely send them to school if they are not educated, you will definitely empower them.
Away from tayali's behavior towards Mr HH, this is recommendable. I don't like tayali in my life but for this one, u are right to teach her.

Mable Mus 10 months ago

Ati push. She's made my hands itch. This is painful to watch. I just feel like grabbing the chi pot and stick and cooking the hell out of it.