Marco is MAD at me 😑😑😑

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Marco is MAD at me 😑😑😑

Marco "Marc" Gray

Posted 10 months ago in Children & Parenting

Malcolm "MJ" Harris 10 months ago


Sheila Reed Dancy 10 months ago

MJ, give poor Marco his hot fries! πŸ˜‚

Corrine Hunt 10 months ago

Regardless of the reason eating his hot fries was foul. That's not how you give someone a lesson on good eating, I'd been pissed too.

Christine Bush 10 months ago

Awww, Marco is such a sweet boy! He reminds me of my own nephews!
MJ! How are you on him about his food? Weren't you on the latter side of some fried chicken wings? Hmmm. But seeing Max loving on him? ❀❀❀, ALL the feels!!!!

Lin Law 10 months ago

You are right Mj he needs to start young. Marco don’t get mad so easily at Unk....he changed the entire trajectory of your life. You know anything he does is 99% for your good. Be a little less frustrated with uncle. I saw it in your eyes nephew. Love you both

AV Scott 10 months ago

Let him have some junk food as long as it's only once in a while. He's still a kid. He seems to have very good common sense and knows not to over do it. Be thankful he's at home looking for junk food and not running the streets looking for something else.

Melanie Paul 10 months ago

If I ever did that to my 17 year old son...!!! Luckily he tries to eat healthy and is always on me!!

Lorraine Chang 6 months ago

Marco may just need some space for now. He will be fine. Just don’t push it. You are trying to be a good Uncle and really do love and care about him.

Genevieve Kenol Laurent 10 months ago

You really need to eat healthy even at your age. My son is slim and fit, but had bad cholesterol since 19 because he used to eat to much fast food in college.

Donice Stewart 10 months ago

I just hope he doesn't start looking at you differently. I'm sure he will remain respectful. But stuff like this will just make him wonder if things will change or get worse. Just like you say in your videos, you have to look at a person's actions and why they do little things, because those will add up to bigger things. And it's not just about junk food. You don't know what source of comfort that brings him and you took that comfort away. He literally went on the floor and got into a fetal position and the dog had to provide him comfort. And filmed him being uncomfortable. That is embarrassing. How would you truly feel if he or others (grown people) played with you like that? Like I said, be careful of how he will view you.