What you get for a Christmas... - 영국남자 Korean Englishman

영국남자 Korean Englishman • 2 years ago   524     58  •  20K Views

What you get for a Christmas present when Ollie is your best friend...

Teoh Song Yu
Teoh Song Yu2 years ago

ollie should deepfake his face onto gabie's in the wedding video

Ariane Ramsdale
Ariane Ramsdale2 years ago

Josh great present for the twins get them both a shirt and on Charles have it say commando Mary poppins and Chris have on it turtle neck / boy

Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson2 years ago

Dare I ask how much brain bleach, everyone needed to unsee the whole digital present? As well as who amoung your wife, family and friends has seen it?? 😅

Nicky Partridge
Nicky Partridge2 years ago

That's... Surprisingly seemless as a deepfake...

C.M. Leinbach
C.M. Leinbach1 year ago

This is so wonderful and disturbing all at once...

Misheel Bilegee
Misheel Bilegee6 months ago

As always Josh said this is legit😂

Mihee  Kim
Mihee Kim2 years ago

항상 재밋게 보고있습니다.
한국인이면서도 모르는곳도 알게되고 늘 애청합니다.

Michelle Fontenot
Michelle Fontenot2 years ago

Do you not have a Jolly fan page?

박윤성2 years ago

영국남자모두건강 많으셨습니다!!!!!!

Kay Kim
Kay Kim10 months ago