Blunt Reviews: How to Get High AF in Alaska

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Yes, weed is legal in Alaska. Here are the best tourist spots to visit while you're stoned.

Posted 3 years ago in Travel & Leisure Activities

VICE 3 years ago

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Seriou Shotta 9 months ago

Haley Pearce 3 years ago

This is why I love my home馃槏 there is NEVER a dull moment in Alaska

Kevin Burgess 3 years ago

Sandra Burgess oh my god, his demeanour reminds me of a few people I know. But also, just a cool video of Alaska!

Kaden Hansen 3 years ago

Bruh Alaska lit Hunter watch the whole thing

Rory Paterson 3 years ago

Ryan Martin Told you Alaska is the place to be. CERTI!!!!!

Karie Renae 3 years ago

Shirley , I knew there was a more rooted reason you wanted to go there. Haha, I鈥檓 kidding though. I鈥檒l go instead. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

Kyrsten Kyzer 3 years ago

Weed friendly B&B...

Shannon , I have found the answer to our problem... jk馃槈

Maybe if I didn't have kids lol

Bobby Espinosa 3 years ago

If I do go to Alaska it's not going to be for the weed .

Jessica Mustar 3 years ago

Get stoned and go to Snow City Cafe in Anchorage. As someone who lived there for a couple of years, this is my recommendation.