WION reports from inside Kabul airport

WION • 5 months ago   1.8K     30  •  32.3K Views
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Scenes of chaos and disorder continue in and around the #Kabul airport as thousands of Afghans are being evacuated from #Afghanistan. At least 18,000...

Posted 5 months ago in Vehicles & Transportation
Sanam Jan
Sanam Jan5 months ago

هیچ ده میدان اجازه ورود را نمیدهند مچم از کجا برویم داخل

Ahmadkhan Mushwani
Ahmadkhan Mushwani5 months ago

If you guys wanna get help please go to President Joe Biden page and comment this!!!
اگر‌ میخواهید فراموش نشوید و کمک شوید در صفحه جو بایدن رفته متن ذیل را کاپی و کمنت کنید.

Attention: President Biden:
What arrangements have you made to immediately rescue and evacuate our loyal Afghan allies, interpreters and others who worked faithfully with the US troops in Afghanistan? They are now hiding out in Kabul waiting for your order , please honor your promise!!!

Abhay Chand
Abhay Chand5 months ago

May be some Taliban are also going to America.

محمد مونیس فرخاری
محمد مونیس فرخاری5 months ago

The United States made a historic mistake in entering Afghanistan. He now repeats this mistake because he has not made any reforms in favor of Afghanistan. It has ruined the situation in Afghanistan. Afghanistan sacrificed its people for 20 years to eliminate terrorists Afghanistan is now expanding. They fled on their own. I hope December 11 is not repeated. Walker, not the United States. This city will be severely damaged due to the lack of trust in the al-Qaeda Taliban

Sadar Ud Din
Sadar Ud Din5 months ago

Hasty withdrawal will have the horrible consequences for this modern world xx

Sultan Tawhid
Sultan Tawhid5 months ago

President Joe Biden sell Has

Sabwoon Haqyar
Sabwoon Haqyar5 months ago

Fake news

نیازبا الدین فریادی
نیازبا الدین فریادی5 months ago

افغانستان مو غرک کړو

Pradeep Nishshanka
Pradeep Nishshanka5 months ago

God bless them

Pradeep Nishshanka
Pradeep Nishshanka5 months ago

Very sad